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The Dark Eye
tangowi518 March 2007
I had this game for a few years before I played it. I had not bothered to read any reviews or ask any forums about it. I bought the game because of Edgar Allen Poe, but did not believe that it would be that big a deal. Boy! was I wrong. I think now of all the time the game just set in the shelf gathering dust and I become upset with myself all over again. There has never been a game a wonderful as The Dark Eye and I do not believe there ever will be. I have played the game over more times than I can count and I still get goosebumps. The characters and the stories are done so well. The voices are mysterious, sad and evil. You feel that you are there. I will keep this game and continue to play it for years to come.
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TotallyIgnorant1 January 2003
This game is uniquely creepy. It consists of 6 sub-parts + a main part. those 6 sup-parts turn into 3 horror stories, where you play a role, two times. Either as the victim, or as the killer. The only thing that many may find out. Is that this is no real game. its more of an interactive novel. and it is very linear. All the stories, are true stories, made by Edgar Allan Poe, the first true detective story writer. So, are you a fan of the mystery\horror genre. You're gonna like this game. if you really want it, truly bad. the game itself is very big though. 300 meg. for all the sound editing. Two thumbs up
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