Freeway II: Confessions of a Trickbaby (1999) Poster

María Celedonio: Cyclona



  • White Girl : She's a nun? Fuckin' A!

    Cyclona : You know she used to call me when I was little? "Her lil' movie star".

    White Girl : Yeah, now your an all grown up convicted killer. You think she's just gonna greet you with open arms?

  • Cyclona : You want me to shoot you up? Just pull them panties down for Cyclona and I'll stick ya real good!

  • Cyclona : Rise and shine ya dirty slut! What do ya think of my new look?

    White Girl : I think you look like a big dyke.

    Cyclona : They're lookin' for two girls. Now if anyone asks, you can tell 'em I'm your little brother.

  • Cyclona : If they don't go away, I'm gonna piss my pants.

    White : [relieved]  Crack me another one of those beers, will ya? What the hell's the matter with you?

    Cyclona : I pissed my pants, okay!

  • Cyclona : Don't be such a pussy, White Girl!

    White Girl : That's it! I'm gonna kill you for that!

    [White girl begins beating Cyclona with a stick] 


  • White Girl : [after White Girl and Cyclona have had sex for the first time]  Hey, what's so funny?

    Cyclona : I was just thinkin' how glad I was you didn't barf in my pussy.

    White Girl : No, it was alright.

    Cyclona : I told you pussy's better, looks better, is better. Pussy rocks!

  • Cyclona : [masturbating]  I love you, Sporty Spice!

  • White Girl : You was right to kill your family, Cyclona.

    Cyclona : Nobody ever told me that before!

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