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I really liked it
Matt-11513 August 2000
This movie has many weaknesses, but there is something really superior about it nonetheless. On the negative side, everything people are saying is true; the dialogue is clunky, the plot is predictable, and the chemistry is weak. On the other hand, the charisma of both the leads is amazing and I really fell in love with Winona Ryder's character. I think the makers of this film were resigned to the the fact that as far as writing was concerned, they weren't breaking any new ground. What they did instead was dress up the standard love story with great actors, nice clothes, and pretty settings. Despite the gloss, there is a story here that everyone can identify with at some level. The result, in my opinion, is something magical that I can't pin down. I think it's a success.
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Something to redress the balance !!
nicholas.rhodes30 March 2001
Whilst everyone is naturally entitled to their own opinion, I was rather shocked to read the large number of negative comments about this film on the site. A redress is therefore more than necessary ! Compared to a lot of the violent rubbish we get in the cinema today, here is a film without violence, beautifully made, and concentrating on "L O V E ! " Naturally the story is all the more intense as we know that one of the protagonists's days are numbered, and why not indeed ? A parallel may be drawn with the film LOVE STORY but in AUTUMN IN NY, the dialogues are much less crude and closer to reality. The film is technically, plastically, very beautiful ( I m very sensitive to Autumn leaves ) and this film ranks with the best in the autumn ' genre ', ie, "All that Heaven allows", featuring Rock Hudson & Jane Wyman, and "The Trouble with Harry" by Alfred Hitchcock. Rarely is autumn sunlight put to such good use as in this film. The subtle autumn light of New York accompanies the autumn of Charlotte's own short life towards the winter's snow and her voyage into eternity. Too much emphasis is placed on the difference in age between the two protagonists as well as supposed flaws in their characters. Who cares ? Love is Love ! Why should't a play-boy discover true love ? I think it is wonderful. Let's face it, true love is the only thing in the whole wide world that all peoples can agree on ! This film is reminiscent of the great American weepies of the 40's such as Waterloo Bridge or Random Harvest, but with present-day film quality as an extra a bonus. Unfortunately, these kind of romantic melodramas seem to have lost favour with the public today, which is a great great shame, as romance and love are eternal themes which will never die. I think the film will stand the test of time and hopefully at a future time when violence and evil sentiment on the cinema screen will be less sought after than today will come onto its own. Indeed a second viewing of the film allowed me to appreciate even more the plastic beauty of the film which I missed the first time round as I was worried how it was going to end. In addition to that I was even more impresses the second time round by the performance to the two actors. So long live beauty and romance as portrayed in this film and let's hope there'll be more to come in the cinema of the future.
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A nice surprise
bsinc31 January 2003
Although a little boring at some points "Autumn In New York" managed to truly emotionally entertain and interest me. Even after seeing it I am still discovering the hidden meanings it tries to give us. Ironically despite being a romantic drama the romance between the main actors is the biggest downer of this movie. I must have missed the part when Winona Ryder's character's age is revealed, but she just doesn't pass as a 21 year old. I thought she was supposed to be like 26 or something. Not that there's a big difference in age, but she was a bit misscast, despite her child like face. On the other side she was really attractive in this movie and constantly reminded me of this cute girl I know. Gere looks and feels pretty old, but he's a believable 48 year old playboy. The movie is hence held together by good dialogues and nice and memorable scenes. There's also a great line Gere says to Winona after he cheats on her and realizes he screwed up: "Can you let me love you?" I've read some pretty different explanations of this movie, but basically I think it's about Gere's character slowly discovering he's been missing a great deal of life, he's never loved. So after "accidentally" falling in love with Charlotte he can't bear the though of her dying and tries everything in his power to prevent her death(this might have something to do with his previous life where he was always the one with power, whilst the women weren't). But he has to realize that in Charlotte's case he's completely powerless and there's where the point of the movie lies. He chose true love (despite knowing that Charlotte was going to die soon) over the life he thought he was happy with. It might sound ridiculous but I kind o envy the guy. I too would rather truly love a woman, if only for a short period of time, than spend a life with a woman I didn't love. I would be a happier man, even after that true love would, for some reason or another, leave me, because I'd know I loved, even if it didn't last. I was pretty surprised at most of the bad reviews and comments, but on the other side I couldn't help but to agree with most of them. It is a crude love story and it is somewhat predictable and boring, but it was overlooked for the most important reason it tries to tell us. Despite being an unconventional and hardly believable love story "Autumn In New York" is a movie that in the end managed to show me you have to take even the biggest sacrifices to find true love. Sad and Beautiful. 7/10
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Not as bad as I heard, but not good
preppy-330 August 2000
This film has been savaged by critics and it's easy to see why. The story is oooollllllddddd (young girl dying of an incurable disease) and some of the dialogue is beyond belief. But it is well-acted (Ryder and Gere give two of their best performances) and it looks beautiful. Basically the acting and photography kept me in my seat. Take those things away and it would probably be unwatchable. So, not too bad but not good either.
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For those who like adore tear-generating love stories, this one is perfect for an Autumn evening in front of the fire
inkblot1129 May 2007
Will (Richard Gere) is a New York City restaurateur and ladies man, in his middle forties. His life's motto is definitely love 'em and leave 'em and have fun in between. So, when he meets Charlotte (Winona Ryder), a beautiful young lady half his age, he is surprised at how smitten he is with her. Wanting to make a connection, he hires her to make a hat for his date to a charity function. When she shows up at his apartment on the evening of the affair, he informs her that his date is sick. Would she, Charlotte, take her place? She agrees and they have a lovely evening together, one that lasts all night. Love is in the air, all right. But, Charlotte confides in Will that she has a dire medical condition, one that is threatening her life. What will their future hold? This is really a nice film for those who like to sigh and cry over a set of star-crossed lovers. Gere is great as the aging lothario and Ryder positively enchanting as the spunky and lovely young lady in his life. The rest of the cast members, including Anthony LaPaglia, Sherry Stringfield, and Elaine Stritch, are great. Then, too, the film is replete with lovely costumes, sets and scenery, making for a very beautiful watch. If you have a hankering for romances, even and especially ones that elicit tears, you should get this film without delay. On an autumn evening, with a fire blazing and mugs of hot chocolate on hand, you will feel very satisfied when the story is spent.
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Drink a pot of coffee first....
jennifer-9929 January 2001
Warning: Spoilers
...and you MAY be able to stay awake during this one. While not exactly an original concept, this movie had the potential to at least elicit some heartfelt tears from the female portion of the audience. Unfortunately the only thing sad about this movie was the terribly written script, the paper-thin characters and the unbelievably SLOW pace at which the story moved along. (Possible spoilers)

I am personally a fan of both the "tear-jerker" genre of movies and of the handsome Richard Gere. Not only could Mr. Gere's presence not save this one for me, but he was one of the reasons that I strongly disliked the film. His character was completely dispicable, he had absolutely no chemistry with his leading lady and his performance was so wooden that one wondered if he was being held on the set against his will.

I can't possibly be the only one who just didn't buy into their whole romance. One second, Will was telling Charlotte that their relationship had absolutely no future. The next second she was telling him she was terminally ill....then, magically, he decides he can't live without her. How's that for brilliant screen writing? Let's not forget the fact the he sleeps with someone else while the love of his life is down stairs in the very same house. My heart just leaps at the thought of their true love. Yeah, right. I found myself hoping that whatever Charlotte had was contageous so she could take Will with her when she died and put him out of his misery.

The movie had 2 chances to redeem itself, by exploring the possibility that Will's feelings for Charlotte were a product of deep feelings he had for her dead mother, and by delving into Will's desire to forge a relationship with his long absent daughter. These elements were either ignored or poorly explored and added absolutely nothing to the final product.

With the exception of the cinematographers, every one involved in this snoozer should be ashamed...especially Mr. Gere and Ms. Ryder, both talented performers. What were they thinking when they picked this script?

Keep "Autumn in New York" in mind for those sleepless nights...this one will send you to dreamland in minutes.
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A bad movie is the only beautiful thing that truly nourishes.
spielfan-216 August 2000
THE non-stop laugh-out-loud smash comedy of the summer. MGM really botched the advertising campaign on this one. I didn't realize that a screenwriter with the delightfully demented sense of humor of the creators of "Airplane" was making a spoof of romantic weepers. The lines were truly inspired comic gags. A small sampling: "Food is the only beautiful thing that truly nourishes." "I can smell the rain. When did I learn to do that?" "What About Love?!?" "You are my family!! you are my family (incoherent sobbing)" "What do we do, Will, with this moment that we're in?" Again, I state that this is just a small sampling of the plethora of howlers that exist in this film. Add to this the nonsensical secondary characters, the beautiful cinematography and two romantic leads that have all of the sexual chemistry of a drawer full of office supplies and you have the greatest gift to aficionados of bad movies everywhere. Believe me, a screenwriter has to work very hard to make Winona Ryder look bad. I do believe that she is one of the greatest actresses of her generation, however her abilities are not shown here. Aside from looking great she is given little to do, but deliver unintentionally hilarious lines with as much sincerity as she can muster. Truly a must-see in the pantheons of cinematic mis-steps.
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Great movie. Winona and Gere are excellent.
mjdd112 August 2000
I just saw the movie and I liked it. Both Gere and Winona gave excellent performances. The actors and cinematography are beautiful. Nice shots of NYC. Chen uses shadings and reflections beautifully.

I don't care what the critics say, I thought it was a great movie. Winona is as beautiful as ever and gives one of her best performances. Her face is so radiant and hauntingly beautiful. I can't get her out of my mind. Too bad her nude scene was cut from the film. It would have been her first.

Go see it if you like Winona or Gere. I give it 3 stars.
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Who cares, just DIE already.
pzilliox1 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Let me sum up what I learned from this movie: If you're an aging, philandering jerk, you can restore your relationship with the daughter you abandoned by seducing a terminally-ill girl half your age, cheating on her, then grieving over her unavoidable death. If that sounds like "real life" to you, you're gonna LOVE this movie.

Ryder plays an early-20-something girl who falls for a 48-year-old restaurant owner. The lead characters "fall in love," but their relationship is strictly 2-dimensional. We're never given any clue about what is actually attracting these two people to each other. Her terminal illness is also totally unbelievable; Ryder's character has quite normal capabilities for the most part, until she suddenly gasps or unexpectedly falls over unconscious at crucial moments. The plot is totally disjointed, with very little understandable cause and effect established between various actions and reactions.

Gere is a decent actor, at least when he plays his usual stock character (the rich, self-centered playboy). He has some stupid lines to deliver, but he manages to be the only believable thing in the movie. But that only allowed me to hate his character with a passion. He's not just a womanizer, he's a big enough jerk to --now, try to get all this-- have quickie sex with an old girlfriend at his best friend's house, during a children's Halloween party, which he is attending with his current, dying girlfriend, whom he says he loves more deeply than anyone else he has ever known. After lying about the tryst, Gere finally tells Ryder that he HAD to have sex with another woman because he was "scared." Oh please! The screenwriter must be equally a jerk, because he obviously thinks we will actually LIKE this creep. After that kind of behavior, not only do I fail to like him, I can't care at all what happens to him.

Of course, Ryder's poor little sick girl quickly melts and forgives him, and believes him when he whispers to her he loves her. Frankly, at that point in the film I was thinking, "She deserves whatever she gets. Neither one of these people have a clue what love is." For some reason, by the end of the film, Ryder's sickness and death makes things okay between the restaurateur and his estranged daughter. Why? How? Who knows! Who CARES; I was just grateful the film was over!
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Warning!! To All Men out There!
longislandlloyd15 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Don't say that I didn't warn you....but if you have anything better to do like go for a root canal or a vasectomy, then do that! But don't go anywhere near the video store today. Even if your wife or girlfriend promises you that "Special Treat" if you bring home "Autumn in New York", don't do it. It's one of those rare films that every man in this world fears he has to watch to show his girl that he has some sensitivity. I am not against those typical "chick flicks". There have been many enjoyable ones over the years - most starring Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, or Dustin Hoffman. But this piece of garbage is totally unwatchable. How tired are us guys watching aged, over-the hill rich guys making it with cutesy pubescent "teens"? This story has been done and redone so many times on the screen, it's not original, funny, identifiable, sympathetic, or emotional. There is no surprise or even happy ending. And as for the chemistry between Richard Gere and Wynona Ryder....a big fat ZERO. The dialogue between the two was so lame as to be embarrassing. It appeared that both characters were reading from the teleprompter and couldn't wait to get the thing over with and collect their paycheck. I was at least hoping that the character, Charlotte, would get arrested for shop-lifting at Bloomingdale's just to add some spice to the movie. And speaking of spice...the "love" scenes were as bland and cold as re-frozen ice cream. And the scene with Will cheating on his babe Charlotte made no sense at all and was just a useless distraction. Somebody here wrote that the movie at least had some great scenes of N.Y. From what I can tell, it appeared that the movie was filmed in Hollywood and used phony N.Y. backdrop shots behind the actors. I just got no feel for the City or it's people. And one last criticism, is there helicopter service between Cleveland and New York? This whole story seemed like a big fraud to me. At least it's out of the theaters and not cheating any of us guys out of $18.00 for 2 tickets.
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Trite, clichéd and looooong
hpyphntm1 September 2000
Should be called Walking in New York. Scene after scene, Gere walks and walks and walks, probably working in the "Damn, he's sexy" angle.

Even the actors couldn't save this movie (not to say that Gere is a shining example of acting prowess). It was full of one-liners that one would only expect in cheap, tawdry romance novels, but never on-screen in a major motion picture release. "Unless..." Gere says with an expectant look on his face when he explains to Charlotte (Ryder) that his date for a benefit party had canceled on him and he's not going because he doesn't want to go alone. The line is delivered with the same stinted, cookie-cutter way it was written. So perhaps I should be singing kudos to the actors for delivering exactly what the script dictated: empty emotions and lost, plaintively hollow words. The story was lacking and clichéd to the point that I couldn't even have any sympathy for the plight of the characters. Charlotte was a caricature of a fey faerie, not a stretch for Ryder, and Will was a caricature of a rags to riches playboy, not a stretch for Gere.

The *only* thing that kept me sitting in the theatre were the air conditioning and comfortable seats and the occasional bit of lovely cinematography. There weren't many images that were "Wow," but there were a few, and that somehow made the $4.50 I spent on the movie *almost* worthwhile.
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"The stench of truth--ewww!"
moonspinner558 December 2001
"Autumn In New York" has delectable shots of brown and golden leaves fluttering down in the winds from craggy old tree branches, covering wet sidewalks and surrounding two movie stars staring into each other's eyes. But these stars (Richard Gere and Winona Ryder) are distinctly un-New York, and the filmmakers keep everything mushy, flip and coy. Ryder looks lovely, but she giggles too much in between her incredulous comments: "REALLY?!"..."WOW!"..."AM-MAAZING!" Gere, laughing with his mouth closed, gives a bloated performance, scrunching his face while tearing up at his black, beady eyes. Anthony LaPaglia is much better in a smallish role as Gere's best friend, Elaine Strich is amusingly jaded as Ryder's disapproving grandmother (although her line about only being able to afford pistachio nuts is ludicrous when she lives in such beautiful New York digs), but this romance cops a corny plea from "Love Story", and how long ago was that? The fact that some reviewers actually fell for this is, like, AM-MAAZING! *1/2 from ****
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Beautiful, but not for the critics...
nymets_6914 August 2000
The critics may trash "Autumn In New York" because of the fact that MGM decided not to screen the movie to those who make career of tarnishing other people's works. However, "Autumn..." is a 'good' romantic drama with terrific performances by Richard Gere and Winona Ryder. Some people may criticize the film due to its abundance of cliches throughout the movie, but it would be almost impossible to not have any cliches in a romantic drama such as "Autumn...". This one certainly is a winner in my heart.

The film is wonderfully directed by Joan Chen and it was beautifully shot by the cinematographer, Changwei Gu.

New York never looked so beautiful!
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From a couple of seventy somethings
George-6413 August 2000
My wife and I are 70 plus, and we enjoyed the movie very much. It is disappointing to read the poor reviews this movie is receiving. The photography was magnificent and New York is shown as it can be, beautiful. One thought we had while viewing it was "Paris, eat your heart out". The story line was not bad either. We recommend it to older folks like us who are tired of movies sprinkled with the F word.
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is it so bad it's good?
martha_mathews23 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
oh my gosh. i wonder if the glowing reviews of this film have been posted by people taking the pee eye s s.

this film is a shocker, however, if you can enjoy watching truly awful, clichéd, fantastical films, you can probably have a good laugh at the expense of the misguided team who put it together. one wonders if they genuinely believed in what they were doing or whether it was merely a cynical attempt to exploit their chosen market.

it's a while since i've seen it, but its awfulness lives on.

particularly the awfulness of the young woman's 'hat' creations and the ridiculousness of those around her declaiming her 'talent'. she also makes the healthiest looking corpse i've ever seen.
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edpierce200112 August 2000
Gere shows a vulnerability I have never seen him portray before. Ryder is perfect for this role and plays it wonderfully with a wide-eyed innocence and childlike sensitivity.

I would highly recommend this film to couples and mature adults.
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LeRoyMarko3 April 2001
Slow moving romantic comedy/drama featuring Winona Ryder as Charlotte Fielding, a beautiful young women who falls for an older and richer man played by guess who, Richard Gere. It's actually what you could call a typical Gere movie! But Charlotte is sick and we don't know if she'll live much longer.

About the acting. Richard Gere is Richard Gere in this movie. I don't know about other reviewers, but it seems to me that he always delivers the same kind of performance. Beautiful Winona is good but not excellent in this one. After seeing her superb performance in «Girl, Interrupted», I was a little bit disappointed.

6 out of 10.
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Not Perfect But Worth Seeing
stephenslater10014 August 2000
Though the script of "Autumn in New York" as written has a few cliches and could have used a good revision or two, the film is a beautifully photographed romance which succeeds through the efforts of a fine cast. Winona Ryder is particularly good as the vulnerable Charlotte and Gere is fine as the lothario who finds redemption through the real love. This film is rather like a "period romance" without the "period". I would have liked to have seen a little more character development but the film moved me, nonetheless. In general, I recommend seeing it for those who like this type of romance. Be sure to bring a supply of handkerchiefs.
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Who could not love Charlotte?
rlbrewer2 January 2001
Winona Ryder is awesome. Who could not love her or her character Charlotte in this movie? The movie is mostly a slow-to-medium paced drama, but the last few scenes, when her life is in limbo, it is very suspenseful. I'd read mixed or negative reviews, but I was extremely surprised at how good the movie is. But then again, my bias towards Winona may have played a big part. If you don't particularly care for her (and who couldn't), the movie may not seem as good. 8 out of 10.
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Not a complete disaster and a let down for the integrity of critics
emmyobinna14 March 2007
It seems these days that most critics will do anything to a movie just for the sake of appearing all-knowing, echelonistic and fastidious. Indeed, if it was not for my growing dislike for the absolute quixotic nature of critics (most of my friends don't even bother reading taglines anymore. They go by word of mouth), I would not feel compelled to defend this movie. In my honest opinion this movie is not half bad. I would not buy it or even recommend it but I most certainly would not lambast it. Let us take a tiny dissection of some of the criticisms leveled towards this movie.

The chemistry is terrible: Well NO not really. What is being mistaken for lack of chemistry is a detachment which is perfect for the tone of the movie. Both main characters have mental asides. Winona's character is hiding something and Gere's character feels this. Add this to his emotional dilemma (he has never really given a rat's ass about anyone before and you could see why the characters are not doing cartwheels in bed.

The movie is cheesy: What do you call titanic? City of Angels? Do you think these bodies of work are original. This may come as a shock to you but there is no such thing as an absolutely original idea. Every idea or concept borrows ingredients from another avenue. Look at the matrix.

The script is redundant: The dialogue is horrible but then again, so was the dialogue in Mission Impossible.

I don't expect this mediocre movie to change the world or even make a serious impact on culture or what have you. I just don't appreciate a regular old run of the mill cheesy Hollywood flick such as this one being crucified when others are left to fly and are called "the best movie of the year". Something is wrong. I do not like this. It does not make any sense.
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Breakfast in Autumn
Jim Mallos24 August 2000
A lovely brunette is dying young..."Love Story!" you shout. But no, the film that "Autumn in New York" tells us it is interested in is "Breakfast at Tiffany's" a 1961 romance also set in New York, for which the Mancini/Mercer classic "Moon River" was written. "Breakfast" bent Truman Capote's great modern novella fairly out of shape, but the references here are to things invented for the film--there's no doubt it is the film that is referenced.

Perhaps the earliest allusion is a view of Bow Bridge which crosses a creek-like section of the Lake in Central Park (recall the imagery of the song.) I won't kill the thrill of the hunt by mentioning more than one more allusion. Some are fairly obvious and undeniable, they all are visual--you can't just watch this movie with your ears!!!

Both movies are about the man being rescued from loveless intimacy, and the woman learning not to fear. Their love is across a great divide--wealth and education in "Breakfast", age in "Autumn in New York."

Perhaps the deepest allusion is the bird imagery associated with the heroines (which did in fact originate with Capote.) Audrey's bird image is afraid of being caged, Winona's is afraid of being held to earth.

This film is being derided as poorly-written when in fact anyone who watches it with eyes wide open--do film critics wear dark glasses?--will discover that it is a beautiful thing as intricate as one of its heroine's creations. Its greatest appeal is that the most mundane scenes--like an introduction at a dinner table--are raised to the level of art with great cleverness and originality (Who has seen a lovers' first meeting like this?) and sealed in an even fragrant ambiance from which they can never be separated in memory. Indeed it is the great Capote's characters and situations that are strange and implausible, Allison Burnett's are everyday and all of us.

One curious thing about the writing: the words of this work don't sound right unless you are "getting" what is happening visually. Visual people experience the effect when they just close their eyes during this film. It's a strange thing to stumble onto, but not inexplicable: the more sense and nuance communicated through the eyes the less demanded from the words. Ultimately the words should only need to ring true. That Burnett's words do ring true is evidenced by the fact that people walk out of the film having accidentally memorized verbatim the crucial moments of dialog.

If anyone should be interested in learning the visual language of art, it's a natural thing, and you are built for it like a fish for swimming. I say from personal experience the best thing is to have an art museum or a library of art books that you can visit frequently. Don't spend a second looking at anything that doesn't interest you, but always leave by revisiting what you liked. You will soon be broadband-ready and learning from all you see.
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BEST ROMANCE MOVIE I ever seen besides Titanic
fateworld8 October 2000
Warning: Spoilers
Autumn in New York is one of my favorite movies. During the movie, from the beginning to end, I didn't eat anything, didn't use the restroom, and I didn't even make any noise because the movie was so interesting. I didn't want to miss a moment of it. Whoever dislike the movie or give a very low score to this movie, I can tell that he or she is so immature and never fall in love before. The following will explain why I love Autumn in New York so much.

At first we know that Gere is a playboy and Ryder is a terminally ill young lady. Of course, the ages between these two really doesn't match, but love doesn't mean age. Love is something that you can't compare with age, race, or nationality. You may fall in love at any second when the fate comes no matter how old he or she is.

Gere is a playboy and playboys usually won't ask someone to give him a chance to love you and that's what I like about the movie when he realized that he had finally found someone who he loves. When Gere realized that he had hurt Ryder's heart by having sex with another woman, he went to her house to apologize and express how regret he is. You can see and tell how Gere really cares about Ryder when he tries to find a doctor by asking his daughter (which he never care about and never take a responsibility as being a father) if she can help him. It is so embarrassing to ask someone to help you after you hurt that one's feeling, but Gere doesn't care about it because he loves Ryder so much and he would do anything to save her life. I cried during the last part of the movie .

Ryder is a young lady and she knew how long her life would last so that's why she wants to have an experience about love before she die. Ryder really loves Gere too because she's really jealous on Gere after he had sex with other woman. The last part of the movie really makes me cry.

Autumn in New York expressed how people will regret after they made their mistake and it also expressed how people should cherish their lovers. I guaranteed that I would buy a DVD of Autumn in New York and keep it as part of my treasure too. I loved both actor and actress, Richard Gere and Winona Ryder.

What a great art work!
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Worst movie I ever paid to see
chuckdoc12 August 2000
Having 2 small children, my wife and I get to see 1-2 movies per year, and to think I wasted one of them on this trash! Love butt. If you are the type of woman that believes that you can change a man with 49 years of womanizing, this is for you. If you can forgive a man, for cheating on you AND your mother, in the span of a 3 minute conversation, go see it. If you enjoy a story about this incredibly rare disease that lets you live a normal life, except for a few predictably placed fainting spells, then let me hold the door for you. If you want suspense, they even crammed in a useless character, with a predictable tie to the main character, to appease you.

However, if you want to actually like the characters in the film, and feel sorry for them when bad things happen, stay away. After the first 40 minutes, I was hoping someone would die, to make it interesting.

I can't say enough bad things about this movie. Richard and Winona must have needed the cash, because this was just plain awful.
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Ineffective drama (spoilers)
alainenglish18 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Set in New York pre-9/11, and featuring some brighter imagery of New York than might appear today, "Autumn In New York" has plenty of potential as a story and in many ways appears well edited and constructed. The specific problem with this is an uninteresting script and a crippling lack of chemistry between the principal characters.

Will Keane (Richard Gere) is an aging, womanizing Manhattan restauranteur who falls in love with Charlotte(Winona Ryder), an outgoing beautiful twenty-something who is the daughter of a woman he once knew. She inspires him to get in touch with his neglected daughter (Vera Farmiga), but the relationship falters when it's reveals Charlotte has a terminal heart condition and has not got very long to live...

The script uses the terminal illness hook as a means to explore the true nature of sex and romantic love. Although it is continually implied that Will sleeps around, it is never actually seen on-screen until he declares his love for Charlotte. Charlotte's illness and the fact she could pass away at any time, encourages the couple to enjoy every minute they have together. Unfortunately this part of the film is never really sustained with any real momentum.

The initial problem is the script, which does not really offer the characters any strong, emotive or memorable lines that would make the story come to life. The second problem is the lack of chemistry between the two leads. Richard Gere is well suited to his role, and has demonstrated he can play a romantic lead with dramatic dimensions ("An Officer and A Gentleman"). However, a lackluster performance means he disappoints here. Similarly with Winona Ryder, whose ethereal beauty cannot disguise her limited acting ability. Because of this, we have no empathy with her character and the film loses much of it's power as a result. Decent supporting actors Anthony LaPaglia, Elaine Stritch and J.K Simmons are wasted in one-note parts.

At least the film gets the setting right. New York is wonderfully shot around, capturing the autumnal beauty of Central Park and the softly sweeping grandeur of the massive skyscrapers.

That aside, however, this picture is a lifeless waste of time.
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