The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue (Video 1998) Poster

Arthur Malet: Mr. Ages


  • 10 Year Old Timmy : [Timmy runs up to Mr. Ages]  Mr. Ages! Did you see it Mr. Ages? That old snake won't be hunting us for breakfast anymore.

    Mr. Ages : Hmm no. I suppose he won't. Well at least I know what happened to the weather balloon I asked you to get for me.

    10 Year Old Timmy : Oh, I'm sorry. I was just trying to help make the valley safe.

    Mr. Ages : The valley is safe enough as long as it remains unknown to the outside world. My boy what have I've been trying to teach you all these months?

    10 Year Old Timmy : Um that it's OK for guys to wear the same underwear three days in a row.

    [Mr. Ages puts his hand on Timmy's shoulder] 

    Mr. Ages : Well that was just between us. Now what else?

    [Mr. Ages and Timmy go on a walk] 

    10 Year Old Timmy : I've got to think things all the way through.

    Mr. Ages : And if snakes go flying through the air, humans might find out about Thorn Valley. And then we might be in real danger.

    10 Year Old Timmy : From who?

    Mr. Ages : From NIMH.

    10 Year Old Timmy : What's NIMH?

    Mr. Ages : Let's hope you never find out. Your father saved us from NIMH. We wouldn't be in Thorn Valley if it weren't for him. Jonathan Brisby was a great mouse. And you're his son. You can be every bit remarkable as he was if you think things through. Always see the big picture.

    [Shows Timmy a statue of Jonathan Brisby in the fountain] 

    10 Year Old Timmy : I'll never be you.

  • Justin : [Timmy and Jenny are in the Courtroom on trial]  Tim you left your post, you put us all in danger.

    17 Year Old Tim : But I...

    Justin : You've got to learn to listen, you always think you know better than everyone else.

    17 Year Old Tim : I know and I'm sorry. But that doesn't change the fact that Jenny can read.

    Mr. Ages : Is that true young lady? Can you really read?

    Jenny McBride : Yes. Look, I've been sent here to find you.

    Mr. Ages : To find us? We don't want to be found. Who would know about us?

    Jenny McBride : My parents to start with.

    Mr. Ages : And who might your parents be?

    Jenny McBride : The McBrides.

    Mr. Ages : What! Well I'll be. Two of the lost six.

    Justin : That's impossible, they were lost when they escaped from NIMH.

    [a flashback comes up showing the lost rats escape from NIMH through the ventilation. The rats landed in the basement and took care of each other. Then the rats were recaptured by Dr. Valentine and his scientist assistants getting caught in a net and being caged up, Dr. Valentine laughs] 

    Jenny McBride : No, they were swept away into the ventilation system but they ended up in the basement. They stayed there until the injured got better. Just when they tried again to escape, that's when it happened. They were recaptured by Dr. Valentine.

    [the flashback ends and it shows Timmy and Jenny back in the courtroom] 

    Jenny McBride : Everything has changed in the labs. Dr Valentine is crazier than ever. My parents and the others sent me to find you, you've just got to help.

    Mr. Ages : I'm afraid you asked too much of us Ms. McBride.

    Jenny McBride : But something terrible is about to happen at NIMH. No one knows what it is. But it has something to do with the next full moon.

    Mr. Ages : The full moon?

  • Jenny McBride : What's taking them so long to decide?

    17 Year Old Tim : Don't worry Jenny. Mr. Ages says good things comes to those who wait.

    Jenny McBride : I can't wait! Do you have any idea what it's like at NIMH? They're living in cages waiting for the scientist to do, who knows what to them. How could you know. I mean, just look at this place. But no one here ever worries about their family.

    [Jenny looks over the balcony and watches the mice playing in town] 

    17 Year Old Tim : Well I do? I haven't seen them since I came to Thorn Valley.

    Jenny McBride : Gasp! They're here.

    [Justin and Mr. Ages walks in the room] 

    Jenny McBride : The answer's no, isn't it.

    Mr. Ages : We're very sorry.

    Justin : The council decided that the risk to Thorn Valley was just too great. We can't go.

    Jenny McBride : I guess I'm going to have to do it myself. I'm not going to let anything happen to my mother and father and that's that!

    [Jenny tries to walk out but then, Brutus blocks Jenny's path] 

    Brutus : I can't let you leave.

  • Jenny McBride : There are guards everywhere. Watching our every move. We're trapped. And I thought NIMH was a prison!

    [the door opens and Mr. Ages walks in the room] 

    Mr. Ages : Um... Ms. McBride. I've made a bed for you in the observatory. I hope you'll be comfortable. Good night children. Sorry to keep you a prisoner.

    [Mr. Ages walks out of the room and closes the door] 

    Jenny McBride : I've got to get out of here somehow. Of course it would be a lot easier with some help.

    17 Year Old Tim : Oh well. They just don't want you telling anyone on the outside about us. Wait a second? How did you know about Thorn Valley?

    [Jenny gathers clothes and ties each one into a rope] 

    Jenny McBride : When I was little, I remember a mouse in the cage next to ours telling my parents how the rats that escaped from NIMH settled in a place called Thorn Valley. And if any of us ever escaped we should promise to go there and ask the rats for help. Yeah right!

    17 Year Old Tim : But how did you ever find it?

    Jenny McBride : I remember him saying, it was south, by south, by south.

    17 Year Old Tim : Martin, said that.

    Jenny McBride : You know I've forgotten, but I think that was his name. How did you know?

    17 Year Old Tim : [Tim pulls up a letter and reads it]  Martin's my brother. My moms letter said he disappeared. She had no idea what happened to him.

    Jenny McBride : Well, he's at NIMH.

    17 Year Old Tim : No! Martins at NIMH? They captured him! Is he alright?

    [Jenny ties off a rope of clothes to the balcony] 

    Jenny McBride : I hope so. Besides, they just took him away right after that.

    17 Year Old Tim : Wait! Maybe if I tell Justin about Martin I mean... I could try to.

    Jenny McBride : Tim. You've got to have the courage to follow your heart. I'll say hi for you when I get back to NIMH.

    [Jenny begins to climb down the clothes rope] 

    17 Year Old Tim : You mean when we get there. I have to save my brother.

    [Jenny smiles] 

  • Mr. Ages : Sound the alarm! Sound the alarm!

    [Mr. Ages runs out of the door and Brutus wakes up] 

    Brutus : Yow! What in the name of Nicodemus?

    Mr. Ages : She's gone into the canal! And Tim is with her.

    Brutus : Doh! Get the others! I'll catch them at the bridge!

    [Brutus runs over to the bridge and sees the saltshakers floating and grabs both of them] 

    Brutus : Okay! Party's over! What? Huh, What the... Well what do you know.

    Justin : We've got to stop them! For Thorn Valleys sake! Spread out along the canal, they wont get far!

    [Justin and the mice run around, meanwhile up in the tree, Tim and Jenny in the basket open the trash can with three helium balloons floating their basket into the sky. And Justin looks at the trash can] 

    Justin : What? Well I'll be.

    Jenny McBride : Um... You sure you've flown one of these things before?

    17 Year Old Tim : Ah hundreds of times. From the ground.

    Jenny McBride : If we die, I'm going to kill you.

    17 Year Old Tim : We're not gonna die. We're on a mission.

    [They fly high up in the sky] 

    Jenny McBride : Don't worry mom and dad! I'll save you! Even Dr. Valentine can't stop us!

    17 Year Old Tim : NIMH, here we come!

    Jenny McBride : I gotta admit. The view is not too shabby.

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