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16 Oct. 1961
Heat in Town
A crooked police chief enlists Vail's aid to track down an escaped prisoner who had been arrested for loitering. Vail learns from a newspaper reporter that the charge was trumped up and the escapee chances of surviving another arrest are slim.
23 Oct. 1961
Greed of the Glades
An escaped, wounded robber holds a young man and wife prisoner in their isolated swamp home, but when he succumbs to the injury, the couple are left with a moral conflict over returning the stolen loot.
30 Oct. 1961
Primer for Pioneers
After a truant officer is seriously wounded by a backwoods squatter while trying to force his children to attend school, Linc decides to try gentle persuasion instead.
6 Nov. 1961
Angry Town
An ex-con returns to the everglades, but the townsfolk plot to have him killed.
13 Nov. 1961
The Photographer
Linc becomes suspicious of a wildlife photographer who has frequent contact with a helicopter and a seaplane in the middle of the Everglades.
20 Nov. 1961
Clay Island Murder
Vail comes to a large landowner's home seeking to force him to pay back taxes or move out. Instead he finds the old man's been murdered, so he then tries to investigate the suspicious, but hostile family members.
27 Nov. 1961
Lie Detector
Although Mary Webster has flunked a lie detector test, Linc's instinct tells him that the woman did not murder her abusive husband and investigates other suspects.
4 Dec. 1961
Flight at Boca Chico
Teenager Piney Danning shows up telling Vail that her neighbor, who lives in an isolated area, is seriously hurt. But Vail needs assistance reaching the injured person because he's unfamiliar with that section of the Everglades.
11 Dec. 1961
The Experts
A number of Glades County businesses have been victimized by a safecracker and Captain Benson is on the hot seat. The safe company sends a pair of private detectives to assist the local police with their investigation. While the detectives use the latest scientific equipment to arrest a suspect, Linc uses good old-fashioned legwork and a network of informants to track down the real perpetrator.
18 Dec. 1961
Good Boy
When Linc arrests a youth for reckless driving and assaulting a police officer, his father, the owner of a notorious gambling club, does everything possible to get the charges thrown out.
26 Dec. 1961
The Long Walk
Lincoln Vail enters the trackless Everglades pursuing a no-account swamp rat robs a general store and fractures the skull of its proprietor. Linc is forced to drag his prisoner back to town through the marshes on foot after the his airboat breaks down. To make matters worse, the crook's brother chases the pair with the intent on rescuing Linc's prisoner.
1 Jan. 1962
The Brand
A trail from a break-in a general store leads Link to an illegal gambling operation where the proprietor is fleecing the county's inhabitants while their children go hungry and without proper clothing.
8 Jan. 1962
Young Osceola
Coley Jarrett, an up-and-coming boxer, returns to the Everglades after defeating a leading contender. He becomes the target for every would-be tough guy in the 'Glades, as well as mobsters who are angry that he wouldn't take a dive when ordered to do so. When Coley refuses to testify against the racketeers, Linc uses the fighter's girlfriend to change his mind.
15 Jan. 1962
Force Ten
During a hurricane, Linc's airboat sinks and he forced to take refuge in an old hotel with a disparate group of castaways - one of whom is a murderous escaped mental patient.
22 Jan. 1962
The Running Target
Captain Andy Benson gets word that a deported mobster plans to return to Miami via the Everglades and rounds up Linc to help him make the arrest. In the ensuing gun battle, Benson is shot and Linc vows to avenge his boss even though he's been suspended from duty.
29 Jan. 1962
The Hostage
A backwoods family hold Linc responsible when one of their kin is bitten by a rattlesnake when the constable was chasing the fugitive. They capture the lawman and drag him into the heart of the Everglades and leave him without food or water to die of exposure..
5 Feb. 1962
Black Honeymoon
A bride is horrified when her husband changes their honeymoon plans at the last minute and takes them into the Everglades to camp. The groom's jealously and desire for secrecy makes her worry about his secretive past. Clues lead her to believe he's the infamous "Bluebeard killer" who murders his new brides in out of the way locations.
26 Feb. 1962
Final Hours
Following his wife's death, a man abducts his young daughter after being served papers regarding the child's custody. Linc must find the pair immediately because the girl has been bitten by a rabid dog.
5 Mar. 1962
River of No Return
When Linc captures a husband and wife whom he suspects of beating and robbing a pretty Seminole girl. When the young woman refuses to identify her assailants, Linc suspects that her fiancé plans to exact his own revenge without involving the authorities.
12 Mar. 1962
Friday's Children
A pair of escaped convicts take a boatload of schoolchildren hostage and force the teacher to hide them from the police who are combing the Everglades in search of them.
19 Mar. 1962
Rowboat Teacher
A pretty schoolteacher meets with resistance when she tries to open a school in the heart of the Everglades. A trio of crooks fear that, by teaching the local inhabitants to read, they'll realize that they're being cheated by the gang.
27 Mar. 1962
Curtains for Kocomo
When Cappy Royal claims he was bitten by a performing chimpanzee, his father gets a court order to kill the animal and Linc is ordered to carry out the execution. Linc believes that the animal has been falsely accused and sets about finding out why the boy lied.
3 Apr. 1962
Fatal Information
Linc and a pretty ornithologist become targets for the mob when the dying witness to a gangland killing tells a pair of hitmen that he told the lawman and scientist who the mob boss's killers were.
10 Apr. 1962
Killer in Calico
A nightclub dancer double-crosses a killer and flees to her aunt's home in the Everglades with $20,000 in stolen money. The crook tracks her down and tries to reclaim his share of the loot.
17 Apr. 1962
Keene's Choice
When a Veteran's Administration official travels to the Everglades to meet with Willie Keene about additional benefits, gets driven off by his shotgun wielding relatives, he turns to Linc Vail for assistance. Linc learns that the signatures on recent government checks that had been cashed in Willie's name were inconsistent with earlier ones and decides to investigate.
24 Apr. 1962
The Perfect Crime
Will Moody is out of prison after an armed robbery and returns to the area. Odella Burns, who scarred Moody during the crime, is fearful and asks Vail for protection against any revenge from the felon.
1 May 1962
Unwanted: Dead or Alive
An ex-convict out on parole after twenty years in prison has only one desire in life - to get back behind bars.
8 May 1962
The Stranger
A dying conflict hires a hunter to kill Lincoln Vail, the man who sent him to prison by promising to reveal where the stolen loot from the heist is hidden once the contract killing is completed.
22 May 1962
Price of Evil
Linc's attempts to break up a drug smuggling ring are hampered by his mentor, a police officer who is accepting bribes from the gang.
29 May 1962
A Day's Occupation
Two bank robbers capture Linc and plan to force him to guide them around the police patrols closing in to capture them.
5 Jun. 1962
The Rookie
While he's trying to break up a smuggler's ring, Linc is saddled with a college football star who's more interested in chasing women than crooks.
12 Jun. 1962
The Four Day Weekend
Linc's plans for a long weekend in the Bahamas is dashed when his friend, Pete Hammond, a known poacher and scofflaw, is accused of murder. While Linc tries to poke holes in the witnesses' statements, another murder takes place.
19 Jun. 1962
Appointment with Death
While guiding a biologist through the Everglades, Linc must contend with his flirtatious wife and a pair of Seminole Indians who resent their treatment by the scientist.
26 Jun. 1962
The Expedition
A group of graduate students searching for a lost tribe of Seminoles run afoul of a member of the tribe who was banished for murder.

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