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Eye-candy gangster film
Guy3313411 June 2000
This is a pretty standard French gangster film. However, it is much prettier to look at than most films of this genre. Not only are the locales in Paris, and the French Riviera ideally captured, providing one of the best features of this film, but the gorgeous Monica Bellucci is similarly exposed. If you are a fan of Monica's, the great French villain Tcheky Karyo, and/or France's most beautiful panoramas, this film is definitely for you.
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Its the players not the plot...well...and the fish
bgbdesign28 April 2003
I enjoyed this film. I'm not sure what that may say about me but when it finally made it to the end it was surprisingly satisfying.Yes there were many flat moments and darkish comedy that didn't seem to work as well as it could have but still.............

Tcheky Karyo in a parody inept gangster role was just great.He really got it down- such a pro, such an overactor. His partner Dominique was just OUT THERE,high on death,crime,crazy to hurt and kill and loving his named family of guns- reminded me of Quentin Taratino in dusk to dawn. Just great/mean/born-to-die badness. Of course he makes no sense but his purpose is clear here.More guns that Smith and Wesson and I like it! Just don't let him treat your upset stomach!

Michel Muller as the poor victim of Myrtille Adoration (Was this Harold from Harold and Maude?) I am however,thankful that he becomes more of a presence as the story unfolds and I do share his adoration of Myrtille.He reveals the steel when he doubles the money! yeah!

Ahhhhh, Monica Bellucci.......... she is beautiful! Garbed in black and deadly to anyone in her way.And can she handle a fish! a well done scene. But what is she doing here in this film? Carrying the film perhaps? eye candy? whatever it worked for me.

I am not sure if I want to compare this to Dusk to Dawn or maybe Raising Arizona. Was it a comedy trying to be serious? just dark? or neither? I need to see it again to be sure.

By all means see it for yourself deserves to be seen.

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Comedy failure
FlorenZO4 January 2001
It seems to be a common thing in the 90's to play with cliches. Some manage to do so with great talent. Hervé Hadmar doesn't. On the paper, the movie looked interesting though: the weak plot could have been saved by great moments of comedy, dark humour, and a very "décalé" style. Director Hadmar, unfortunately, kills his direction with his camera angles and his absolute lack of rhythm. Every joke is embarassing as no one reacts in the theater. The movie is incredibly slow, and the actors seem to be wondering what the hell they're doing in this ridiculous mascarade. What could have been a stylish funny mindless comedy ends up being a cathedral of boredom.
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The second best film ever made about fish theft
campblood1321 August 2003
I saw this only for Monica Bellucci. She is sexy in it, but nothing for anybody who wants more. The film was okay though. Michel Muller is very funny as the duped fish expert. He came to Italy from Spain to meet the woman of his dreams. All the while, he was actually coming there to be used by three fish thieves. His overwhelming feelings for Myrtille, as well as mine, won't allow him to do the right thing and leave. A fun comedy with some action. 5/10
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A fish named Desire
jotix10022 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Desire, the shy man with a love for fish, is drawn into an intrigue to steal an expensive fish from a man who appears as a mafioso, with the allure of meeting the gorgeous Myrtille, a gorgeous woman. B.B and Melvin, the pair of criminals working with Myrtille, who is a hotel executive, want to enlist Desire to play the middle man when the gang steals the valuable fish and try to resell it to the crime boss.

Nothing prepares Desire for the adventure he is going to embark. Unknown to him, B.B. and the crazy Melvin, have something in mind, but Myrtille has another. In the end, the caper becomes a free for all with an unexpected twist that makes one of all these characters we meet a rich person with millions to spend in a tropical paradise.

Herve Hadmar, the director of this film, shows he has some good ideas, but the execution of them doesn't necessarily make an interesting picture. Mr. Hadmar, and his cinematographer, Jacques Boumendil insisted in taking us to an out of season French Riviera, as they set the film inside one of the hotels that look so dark, it's a wonder what kind of guests would love to stay there.

The other problem with the film is an uneven acting, in general. Michel Muller, the nerdy looking Desire, is an enigma most of the film. Tchery Karyo and Dominique Pinon, who are BB and Melvin, go over the top in the way they portray these criminals. The beautiful Monica Bellucci as Myrtille, has some good moments.

As a comedy about a caper, the film doesn't break new ground, or keep the viewer satisfied with its confusing plot.
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I had fun, but not for the cineaste
Princeton894 April 2005
pacing was good, dialogue mediocre to fair, but the visuals had me on holiday on the French Riveria (out of season)

at first, the chemistry seems a little off as the genre of French mob movies has been infiltrated by the American sense of darkness and Tarantino admirers. yet, given the violent subtext, very little actual bloodshed, which works for me.

Bellucci as the femme fatale owns the screen (and I'm watching on a PowerBook) - a luminous grace that you can't help but stare as an oncoming car runs over you in the street sort of look.

plot is basic and resolves without loose ends, and the character development of the patsie picks up the last few minutes. you almost want the arc sooner, but you're paying too much attention to the idiosyncratic "bad guys" crowd that it almost doesn't matter.

watch this on a Sunday afternoon when you should be doing errands or stay in on a rainy night. a good Seattle, weeknight movie.
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That's how I felt after watching it (dvd) (vhs)
leplatypus8 April 2009
One of the worst movie I have seen in 2009 so far: The story hesitates between a silly thriller or a dumb comedy.

As nothings happens, the void is filled with long, boring dialogs that don't make any sense!

The cast is famous but doesn't bring any emotions except to fast-forward the play!

And it happens in a plush seaside hotel that looks really gloomy. In comparison, the one of the "Shining" is funfair!

NB: a lot of users think that it is located in the French Riviera! They are wrong! It isn't the south of France (Nice, Cannes) but totally the opposite: Cabourg & Normandy, to be simple the beaches of the D-Day! That's why the sea is as grey as the sky and there isn't sun!
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