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Great sequel with great game-play mechanics.
johnnymacbest25 June 2009
If you liked or LOVED the first game which I have, then you'll dig Gex: Enter the Gecko. Having played it for the first time back in the late '90s (an AWESOME decade of video games and everything pop-culture related) the first thing that grabbed me was the intro movie where the story picks up a few years after the first game and let me tell you it was one of the most hilarious moments I ever witnessed in a video game. On top of that, the game works great in 3d although there were some camera problems that are somewhat a little manageable but they don't hurt the game at all. Even the graphics are great with lush, colorful textures and beautiful lighting and special effects, even on the now-defunct PSone. Gex is even more hilarious than before with his witty, sarcastic sense of humor that made him such a star among well-known video game characters. But the best feature of the game is the levels that you play in; cleverly parodying movies and TV shows. One of my favorite levels are Kung-Fu Channel, Science Fiction channel, and the cartoon channel. You can tell the makers had fun making this game. When you have a bunch of people with a passion for talent, the possibilities are limitless and that plays into the process of making a great game.

If you own a PSone, PS2, or PS3 you will have a blast with this game despite being a 12 year-old game but it still holds it's own in this day and age of much higher quality graphics and more complex game play. You owe it yourself to one of the best games for the PSone.
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Once you shut Gex up, this becomes the cure for insomnia
ReeperTheSeeker26 June 2007
I enjoyed a lot of N64 games and Gex 64 was one of them. Gex is a charming little game which goes by the same concept as Mario 64, but instead of stars, you collect remotes. The story goes that the TV loving gecko Gex (ironically has nothing to do with Geico) is sucked into TV land by the evil Rez. So basically you go around, entering different TV based stages to collect remote and all the while Gex says these Pop-culture ridden quotes that are good for a laugh. But after an hour of this, Gex just gets annoying and you just want him to shut up! Luckily there is an "STFU" option that grants you sweet serenity. No offense, Dana Gould, but i can only stand you for an hour, no more. The game offers up some challenges and is engaging but after an hour without Gex's witty sass you start to fall asleep. Then you realize shutting Gex's banter up was like shutting the snooze button off on your alarm clock. I don't know why the game starts to put me to sleep, maybe it's the graphics or the music or the sound effects. I honestly cannot tell you. I seriously thought at one point my eyes learned how to fall asleep while opened. I enjoyed the challenge the game gave me but after 2 maybe 3 hours I want to take a nap afterwards. I do like the game but it's one of those games you should play for an hour and go do something else before your brain turns to mush. And beating Rez is not rocket science, just be on the alert and have good reflexes, meaning don't fight him after 4 hours of game play.

All and all, i give it a 7, it's fun for passing the time.
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