Gex: Enter the Gecko (Video Game 1998) Poster

(1998 Video Game)

Dana Gould: Gex



  • Gex : A little tongue now, a lot of tail later.

  • Gex : Oh, no, I'm too young to have a second childhood!

  • Gex : I'll beat this level, but in an hour, I'll be hungry for another.

  • Gex : Would Cheech and/or Chong report to the front desk?

  • Gex : Don't take career advice from Joe Piscopope!

  • Gex : Hey, I feel like I'm trapped in Boy George's pants!

  • Rez : Gex, I am your father.

    Gex : Yeah, I can see the resemblance.

  • Gex : Lickin' my way to the top!

  • Gex : Slip of the tongue,hmm hmm!

  • Gex : It's tail time!

  • Gex : Is this the year of the gecko?

  • Gex : My tail's gonna kick your butt!

  • Gex : Reminds me of Halloween at Rip Taylor's!

  • Gex : There's a gecko on my tail! R2, see what you can do with it.


  • Gex : Goodness gracious! Great balls of fire!

  • Gex : The difference between here and Hades is that theres' no Kathy Lee Gifford...

  • Gex : I'll take Ways I can Burn To Death for $100, Alex.

  • Gex : All this technology and Shatner still can't get a good hairpiece...

  • Gex : So... this is where they decided to change Coke!

  • Gex : Welcome to the only thing more evil than IRS headquarters.

  • Gex : At least I'm not at the DMV!

  • Gex : [in an Austin Powers-ish accent]  Judo chop,baby,yeah!

  • Gex : Add one million years, two white tigers, and we're at Siegfried and Roy!

  • Gex : Float like a butterfly, sting like a gecko!

  • Gex : [sounding oddly strained]  Note to self... don't drink tap water at Jerry Garcia's.

  • Gex : Looks like Bugs Bunny after the trots!

  • Gex : [as C-3P0]  The odds of navigating a floating furniture field are 3,327:1!

  • Gex : Tell me again the difference between the future and Las Vegas.

  • Gex : This place is bigger than Drew Carey's bar tab!

  • Gex : [sung]  The hills are alive with a purple fungus...

  • Gex : Man, Tokyo has some BAD parking!

  • Gex : [as in a movie trailer]  In a land before time... before Saturday Night Live was funny...

  • Gex : [From a Monty Python movie]  Bring out yer dead!

  • Gex : [worriedly]  I'm havin' 'Nam flashbacks and I wasn't even there!

  • Gex : I hate these low-budget "B" levels...

  • Gex : Looks like somebody ran over Barney!

  • Gex : Look, I just wanted the gift shop and the bathroom.

  • Gex : My name is Kang. I seek water.

  • Gex : It beats the Matterhorn. What are you gonna do?

  • Gex : Has anyone seen Fox Mulder's sister?

  • Gex : This is Major Gex to ground control...

  • Gex : Keep the tribbles... I just want the quadrotriticale!

  • Gex : Boys! Tron didn't work once... it's not gonna work twice!

  • Gex : Akira, to white courtesy phone... Akira, to white cortesy phone.

  • Gex : Ahhh... Detroit! Pearl of the Orient!

  • Gex : Never trust the robot

  • Gex : My God! This is New York! I LIVED here, worked here...

  • Gex : Pardon my tongue, darling.

  • Gex : Aw, I should have just been a Maytag repairman!

  • Gex : [mockingly]  Marshall, Will, and Holly, on a routine expedition...

  • Gex : [in the Rezopolis stage]  The horror.

  • Gex : [as Captain Kirk]  Alright,boys. Phasers on stun.

  • Gex : [as an old lady]  Oh,I'll give you such a pinch!

  • Gex : [burning]  Indigestion!

  • Gex : [when burning]  Pepto-Bismol...

  • Gex : [when tailwhipping something]  There's *plenty* more where that came from.

  • Gex : They call him Flipper, Flipper...

  • Gex : I know what you're thinking... it's tail time.

  • Gex : Ugly is as ugly does...

  • Gex : All this, thanks to Miracle-Gro.

  • Gex : Red rum! Red rum!

  • Gex : Wham, bam, thank you, electronic man!

  • Gex : Welcome to Jurassic Park... Keep your eyes open for Sleestaks and bad special effects.

  • Gex : Damn IRS!

  • Gex : Evolve, or get outta my way, pal!

  • Gex : And the difference between a Sleestak and you is...?

  • Gex : [sung]  Hey baby, it's the 4th of July-y!

  • Gex : If you're St. Peter, them I'm... NOOOOO!

  • Gex : Another morning at Timothy Leary's house.

  • Gex : Shark!

  • Gex : My inner child is coming out, and it *hurts*!

  • Gex : [in a Southern accent]  Looks like we got us a fly in the spider's web.

  • Gex : [as Jimi Hendrix]  'Scuse me, while I tailwhip this guy!

  • Gex : Jimmy Hoffa, white courtesy phone... Jimmy Hoffa.

  • Gex : It's not the heat, it's the LAVA!

  • Gex : Hoo-hah!

  • Gex : Evening, Mr. Picasso!

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