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Season 2

9 May 1962
Threat from the Past
One of Garetta's agents is a traitor. Three of his team have been betrayed and lost their lives and Dallas must find the fourth agent before he too meets his death. But where should Dallas begin? Whom can he trust?
16 May 1962
The Man from Carataz
Assigned to recover a highly-secret document from Don Enrique Broca, before his enemies reach him first and put the document up for sale to a foreign power, Dallas finds himself running a gauntlet of hostile guns.
23 May 1962
The Burning Question
When a series of mysterious fires devastate a dock, Dallas is assigned to find the person responsible. He uncovers a firebug who is as dangerous as the flames he ignites - and finds himself trapped in a blazing warehouse.
30 May 1962
The Death of Stefano
Dallas, searching for a vicious killer, finds himself the next target on the assassin's hit list. With himself as a target, how much time does he have left to track down his unknown enemy?
6 Jun. 1962
The Second Man
Marcia is the only witness to the gang who kidnapped her father intent on extorting uranium.
13 Jun. 1962
When the San Felix Government requests Garretta's help to forestall a student uprising, Dallas finds himself facing sudden death among the student fraternity. Sinister forces are at work and the agent must find the people behind them.
20 Jun. 1962
The Eagle of San Gualo
In order to stop the friendly State of San Gualo falling into the hands of rebel forces, Dallas and Mike must unmask the identity of the traitor known only as 'The Eagle'.
27 Jun. 1962
Vengeance at La Vina
It's the most dangerous assignment Dallas has undertaken: he must try to locate the whereabouts of a cattle-rustler - perhaps a killer - in the vast South American pampas and bring him to justice.
4 Jul. 1962
The Life Stealers
When a consignment of urgently needed drugs fails to reach Buenos Aires. Dallas, watched by an unknown enemy, must find the hijackers of what appears to be an impossible theft.
11 Jul. 1962
Dangerous Project
Assigned to protect millionaire Harry Grant, Dallas learns that two unscrupulous people want him dead. There could be more. If so, when will they their move and what kind of reception will Dallas get?
18 Jul. 1962
Dance for Spies
Suspicious that at least one member of a visiting ballet company may be working for the enemy, Dallas, playing a hunch, is given just 48 hours to prove his claim. After that the dance company will fly home - with secret information.
25 Jul. 1962
Escape to Danger
The order is given: 'Get rid of Garetta' and Dallas.' By whom, no one knows, but the two men must find out, even if it means fighting a powerful and relentless enemy - one which has ordered them to be shot on sight.

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