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4 Apr. 1998
Dog Gone/All You Can't Eat
It's Garbage Day and Dog can't resist his natural doggie urge to chase the garbage truck. Dog wants to drag Cat to Taco Depot.
5 Oct. 1998
Flea or Die!/CatDog Food
A rambunctious Dog runs all over the beach, rolls in the sand, and contracts fleas. Dog wolfs down cat food ant a focus group taste test creating the latest taste sensation -- CatDog food.
6 Oct. 1998
The Island/All You Need Is Lube
On their way to a tropical vacation, CatDog get stranded on the median of a busy highway. Cat saves Lube the Greaser Dog from a tick, so Lube pledges his allegiance to Cat and vows to protect him from all harm.
7 Oct. 1998
Shriek Loves Dog/Work Force
Winslow lets Cat in on a little secret: Shriek has a crush on Dog. CatDog get a job as boxtop lickers at a cereal company
8 Oct. 1998
Diamond Fever/The Pet
While thrashing around in Cat's treasured rose garden, Dog emerges with diamonds in his nose. While frolicking in the city dump, Dog finds an injured roach and takes it home as a pet.
9 Oct. 1998
Party Animal/Mush, Dog, Mush!
Winslow and Cat throw parties on the same night. Cat trains Dog to run in the Idigadog sled race.
12 Oct. 1998
Armed and Dangerous/Fistful of Mail!
A tough, new outlaw mailman arrives in town. Cat's Swedish penpal, Ingrid, comes for a visit.
13 Oct. 1998
Pumped/Dummy Dummy
Cat begins to work out furiously in order to stand up to the Greaser Dogs, who have stolen CatDog's frisbee. Dog becomes attached to a small toy cat he has purchased and decides to name it "Little Cat".
14 Oct. 1998
Squirrel Dog/Brother's Day
While the Greaser Dogs are setting a trap for CatDog, a squirrel is accidentally glued to Cliff's back. Because funds are tight, CatDog decides not to exchange gifts for "Brother's Day" this year.
15 Oct. 1998
Escape from the Deep End/The Collector
When Dog disobeys the community swimming pool rules, he (and Cat) are arrested by hard-core lifeguard Rancid Rabbit and sentenced to jail time. Their hard labor takes place at the pool, which shuts down for the winter and becomes a maximum security prison. Dog's insubordination gets him (and Cat) thrown in the "hotbox" (the sauna) for an arbitrarily long time. Cat is outraged at Rancid Rabbit's senseless cruelty and plans a prison break. He and Dog slip through the drain of the pool to freedom.Cat becomes consumed with collecting Mean Bob action figures. As his ...
16 Oct. 1998
Full Moon Fever/War of the CatDog
It is the night of the full moon and Dog's canine instincts are in full bloom. Cat begins to label all of his belongings in order to prevent Dog from wrecking them.
19 Oct. 1998
CatDog's End/Siege on Fort CatDog
Is this the end of CatDog? Fed up with being a two-headed freak, Cat elects to have surgery to separate himself from Dog. CatDog once again run for their lives from the Greaser Dogs to the "safety" of their house.
20 Oct. 1998
Safety Dog/Dog Come Home!
Realizing he has only one life (in contrast to Cat's nine), Dog becomes ultra-safety consious. Tired of Cat's parental ways, Dog runs away from home.
21 Oct. 1998
Cat chides Dog for being afraid of a horror film, but begins to get scared himself when he sees signs of the movie monster around the house. Tired of not getting his way, Cat hires a Pig to "join" CatDog in an attempt to out-vote Dog.
22 Oct. 1998
New Neighbors/Dead Weight
Strange neighbors suddenly appear across the street and Dog, obsessed with sci-fi comic books, thinks that they are aliens from outer space. After staying up all night, Dog is sound asleep on the day CatDog are to be interviewed for a TV show.
23 Oct. 1998
Neferkitty/Curiosity Almost Killed the Cat
Cat pulls out a dusty tome, "Cats Through History" in order to teach Dog about feline royal treatment in Egypt. Winslow catches Cat in the act of reading Dog's diary and blackmails him into becoming his personal slave.
26 Oct. 1998
Home Is Where the Dirt Is/New Leash on Life
CatDog go on a mission to find pesky Gopher, who has ruined Cat's vegetable garden, and stolen Dog's bones from his bone cellar. Dog's up to his old tricks again, this time chasing a landing airplane all the way to the airport.
27 Oct. 1998
Just Say CatDog Sent You/Dog's Strange Condition
Dog is dismayed to learn that his favorite milkbones are banned from Nearburg. Dog eats too many pecan pies and a pecan tree begins to grow in his head.
28 Oct. 1998
Smarter than the Average Dog/CatDog Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Frustrated Cat buys Dog educational videos to smarten him up. Winslow wakes up one morning to find CatDog gone.
29 Oct. 1998
All About Cat/Trespassing
Cat tries out for the musical theater production of "Abe Lincoln: Superstar!" but is dismayed when Dog inadvertently gets the lead role. Dog discovers that another canine has tresspassed upon his favorite fire hydrant.

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