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Season 1

11 Sep. 1976
The Sorcerer's Golden Trick: Part 1
The Sorcerer escapes from a maximum security prison and plans his revenge on Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. On top of that, he also plans to steal all the gold in Fort Knox by using a box housing a powerful mirror trick.
18 Sep. 1976
The Sorcerer's Golden Trick: Part 2
Electra Woman and Dyna girl are trapped in a cage with a man eating tiger but without the power of their Electras-comps. Meanwhile, the Sorcerer heads for Fort Knox to use his mirror trick to enter the golden vault.
25 Sep. 1976
Glitter Rock: Part 1
Alex, King of Touremburg and former classmate of Lori is staying with Lori and Judy for their high school reunion. Glitter Rock and his accomplice Side Man lure the young King into a trap to get their hands on the Key of Tourembourg (for whoever holds the key, rules the country). When Electra Woman and Dyna Girl come to the rescue, Glitter Rock hits them with his evil guitar chords and mesmerizing music.
2 Oct. 1976
Glitter Rock: Part 2
Electra Woman, Dyna Girl and King Alex narrowly escape being crushed between two walls of Glitter alloy. Glitter Rock plans to use the stone in the Key of Tourembourg to power a space satellite that will beam his hypnotic music all over the globe and put him in control of the entire planet.
9 Oct. 1976
Empress of Evil: Part 1
The Empress of Evil breaks into the Electra-base to challenge Electra Woman. As a show of force, she kidnaps Dyna Girl. Electra Woman speeds to the rescue, but finds none of the Electra-comps power to have any effect on the Empress.
16 Oct. 1976
Empress of Evil: Part 2
Electra Woman and Dyna Girl are slowly being stretched apart! Meanwhile The Empress of Evil and her adoring subject Lucrecia confront Frank at the Electra-base. On top of this, the heroic duo faces a wailing Banshee and a showdown with the Empress, who is unaffected by their Electra-powers.
23 Oct. 1976
Ali Baba: Part 1
Ali Baba and his evil Genie have kidnapped the Russian scientist Professor Nabakov. They want to get their hands on his new Metamorphosis formula, which can turn good people into evil and visa versa. Frank sends Electra Woman and Dyna Girl to Ali Baba's cave, unaware that they are walking into a trap.
30 Oct. 1976
Ali Baba: Part 2
Dyna Girl has been transformed into an evil version of herself by Ali Baba using the Metamorphosis formula. She leads Ali and the Genie to the Electrabase and kidnaps Frank. Electra Woman, although outnumbered, follows the evil trio while professor Nabakov tries to figure out how to work the Crimescope computer.
6 Nov. 1976
Return of the Sorcerer: Part 1
The Sorcerer & Miss Dazzle steal Merlin's mythological mirror from The Municipal Records Building and embarks on a crime spree that sees priceless art disappearing without a trace. When Electra Woman and Dyna Girl arrive at the Sorcerer's hideout, they find it hidden by an illusion.
13 Nov. 1976
Return of the Sorcerer: Part 2
Electra Woman and Dyna Girl have been trapped in a dimension of time on the other side of Merlin's Mirror. The Sorcerer contemplates destroying the mirror, their only way out, even if it means he won't be able to use it to commit any more crimes.
20 Nov. 1976
The Pharaoh: Part 1
The Pharaoh, with minor assistance from Princess Cleopatra, steals a wooden pyramid from the famed Museum of the Seven Seas. When Electra Woman and Dyna Girl arrive at the Pharaoh's hideout, they walk into a trap. They are hit by a mummifying spray and fired on by a projector converted to shoot laser beams.
27 Nov. 1976
The Pharoah: Part 2
The Pharaoh deciphers the hieroglyphics and uses the stolen pyramid to release Solaris, a being of pure energy. He intends to hold the city for ransom by sapping all it's energy dry. Despite them being powerless on account of the complete lack of electricity in the city, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl still speed back to the Pharaoh's hideout for a confrontation.
4 Dec. 1976
The Spider Lady: Part 1
The Spider Lady, an unsurpassed master of disguise, has set her mind on stealing the Golden Spider God from the embassy of Baklava. Her special plan involves capturing Electra Woman in a tangled web, duplicating her features, voice and walk with her Xerograph machine and stealing the Golden Spider as Electra Woman herself.
11 Dec. 1976
The Spider Lady: Part 2
Spider Lady, disguised as Electra Woman, enters the Electra-Base with Dyna Girl, where she sets a spider bomb in place to destroy Crimescope. The real Electra Woman manages to evade some deadly arachnids, but when Dyna Girl is faced with two Electra Women, will she be able to tell the Electra-real from the Electra-phony?
18 Dec. 1976
Return of the Pharaoh: Part 1
The Pharaoh longs to get his hands on the sacred Coptic Eye. Luckily for him, a billionaire businessman has just transplanted King Tut's pyramid stone by stone from Egypt to just outside the city. Knowing Electra Woman and Dyna Girl will try to stop them, The Pharaoh, and an unusually bright Princess Cleopatra line their path with deadly traps...
25 Dec. 1976
Return of the Pharaoh: Part 2
Having escaped from a bunch of deadly asps, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl catch up with The Pharaoh and his beloved Cleopatra. However they all get stuck inside the pyramid when their time runs out and a concrete slab of stone cuts off the only way out, the girl's link to Crimescope, and their air supply.

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