Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction Poster

Episode List



27 Jun. 2002
The Devil's Autograph/Mail Order Degree/The Newsstand/Murder of Roy Hennessey/Mysterious Strangers
This episode features the following cases: The Devil's Autograph; Mail Order Degree; The News Stand; The Murder of Roy Hennessey; Mysterious Strangers.
27 Jun. 2002
Writer's Agent/Crypt Ghost/The Doll/Hubert's Curse/Shared Vision
This episode features the following cases: Writer's Agent; Crypt Ghost; The Doll; Hubert's Curse; Shared Vision.
4 Jul. 2002
Out of Service/When I Was Big/The Greedy Investor/Seven Hours of Bad Luck/Secret of the Coins
This episode features the following cases: Out of Service; When I Was Big; The Greedy Investor; Seven Hours of Bad Luck; The Secret of the Coins.
4 Jul. 2002
Beyond Sight/The Fine Line/The Wrong Turn/Who Was I/You Are Next
This episode features the following cases: Second Sight; The Fine Line; The Wrong Turn; Who Was I; You Are Next.
11 Jul. 2002
House of Shadows/One Hand in the Till/Teasdale's Motor Car/The Vision/The Grave
This episode features the following cases: House of Shadows; One Hand in the Till; Teasdale's Motor Car; The Vision & the Grave.
18 Jul. 2002
The Dorm/The Child Artist/The Weathermen/Sit-Down Comic/Room 245
This episode features the following cases: The Dorm; The Child Artist; The Weatherman; Sit-Down Comedian; Room 245.
25 Jul. 2002
The Wreath/Terror Night/Tants/The Candidate/The Ring
A memorial wreath, erected at the intersection where a child was killed, nets a surprising outcome; the flooding of a couple's bathroom leads to a near-fatal discovery; a woman forms a special bond with an elderly lady whom she randomly chose for a portrait; a corrupt and dishonest politician has a meltdown during a live debate; a hairdresser comes up with a diabolical plan to eliminate her secret beau's wife.
1 Aug. 2002
Caitlin's Candle/The Flower Jury/The Mentor/The Old Bike/The Music Teacher
A woman finds that her late mother's candle has special significance; a detective uses unconventional methods to solve a murder at a flower shop; escape artist brothers perform a dangerous stunt while being dogged by a curse; two brothers buy a used bike which turns out to have sentimental value; a renown pianist calls upon his mentor to regain his confidence.
8 Aug. 2002
The Wealthy Widow/The Witness/The Accident/Bad Dreams/Mental
A wealthy widow falls for a greedy con man; three girls use a séance to try and solve the murder of their friend; two men play the role of Good Samaritan to each other over a 5 year span; a woman has a recurring nightmare that tragedy will strike her on her 30th birthday; a couple that uses telekinesis to con people find themselves in a situation where they need to use it.
15 Aug. 2002
Moonstruck Beach/Healing Hands/Aspen Sunny Side/Night Walker/Hot Car
A woman's peaceful trip to a cabin is interrupted by messages from beyond; the health of a woman in a coma gets an unlikely boost when a mysterious man visits her bedside; a son, sensing his father is in danger on a biking trip, makes an appearance miles away, which defies logic; a man who steals people's identities meets his match when a mysterious woman moves in next door; the lives of a young hippie couple are altered by a series of encounters with a tattooed woman.
22 Aug. 2002
The Mystery of Douglas Hibbard/Wheelchair Man/The Vigil/The Mandarin's Bowl/Ghost Writer
A motel owner witnesses a man's final act of generosity which defies logic; a man in a wheelchair claims to psychically know the location of criminals that were involved in a heist; a teenage boy finds that he is able to telepathically communicate with his comatose girlfriend; a Kansas farm boy has an unlikely encounter with a shop owner in Chinatown; a young reporter's tape recorder takes on a life of its own when he interviews a millionaire with a dark past.
29 Aug. 2002
Witness to Murder/Roulette Wheel/The Phrenologist's Head/The Bridge/The Cigar Box
A film crew goes to a haunted house and witnesses some unbelievable paranormal activity; A man's unlucky streak at a casino is changed by an electric shock in a bathroom; a doctor gets an unlikely sign to recheck a patient's medical records; a woman is saved from a collapsing bridge by a mysterious woman in a nurse's uniform; a mother and daughter purchase a cigar box with a mysterious aura.
5 Sep. 2002
The Hand/The Battered Doll/Poker Justice/Above the Clouds/Screen Saver
A hostile bar patron is not amused by a trick hand that keeps pointing at him; a nanny takes out her frustrations on her employer's doll collection and then her employers; three men find that an honest man who they recruit to play poker has unusual ties to a man who earlier tried to cheat them; a teenage girl has a recurring dream about being abducted in a skyscraper elevator; a young couple is reunited by a laptop with a screen saver several miles away.