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19 May 2000
Morning Sickness/The Curse of Hampton Manor/Wax Executioner/Blood Bank/Ring Toss
A teenage girl, believed to be pregnant, gets an unlikely surprise at the hospital; a greedy Realtor pays the price after selling a ritzy house without disclosing a curse associated with it; a guillotine is put on display with unexpected consequences; a mysterious young man causes havoc with hospital staff; a carnival worker, with a history of cheating people, meets his match.
26 May 2000
One for the Road/The Music Box/Two to One/Damsel/The Horn
A truck driver has an improbable encounter at a diner; a heartbroken woman looks for inspiration in a broken music box; a mild mannered young man considers criminal activity to get his watch back from a pawn shop owner; a woman, desperate for love, takes a road trip to see a psychic; an antique dealer makes a friendly wager that he can sell a mysterious horn in less than a week.
2 Jun. 2000
The Find/The Golden Cue/The FBI Story/The Gravedigger's Nemesis/Last Rites
This episode features the following cases: The Find; The Golden Cue; The FBI Story; The Gravedigger's Nemesis; Last Rites.
16 Jun. 2000
E-Mail II/Blood Donor/Epitaph/Stiches in Time/Soldier
A widow learns the consequences of skimping on her late husband's tombstone. A birthday gift of a used computer connects a young couple to Egyptian antiquity. After receiving a blood donation, a man starts having visions of murder.
23 Jun. 2000
The Nightmare/The Stalker/The Impossible Car Dream/The Dresser/The Burial
A woman has a recurring dream that her husband will get stabbed by their grounds keeper; a woman and her daughter use a compact to protect them from a stalker; a teenage boy has a vivid dream about owning a classic car being sold for a dollar; a young fashion designer finds that the mannequins at a department store are possessed; a southern gentleman gets the surprise of his life at his wife's funeral.
30 Jun. 2000
Red Line/Two Sisters/Eclipse/The Ice Box/The Gathering
A race car driver gets veered off course by an unlikely ally; a vindictive woman schemes to marry her late sister's husband; a prisoner believes that he will die if he is exposed to an eclipse; a doctor uncovers a mysterious ice box that holds sentimental memories to him; a trio of old ladies use unorthodox methods to protect them from a burglar.
7 Jul. 2000
Connie/Positive I.D./Trucker/Cook Out/The New House
Something's telling a woman that all's not right in her new house. A journalist is beside himself about his new, post-Poughkeepsie job. Dan Jenkins has more than memories of his good-hearted wife Connie.
14 Jul. 2000
Creepy Comics/Louie the Dip/The Wailing/The Landlady/Curse
A comic book author exacts revenge on his belligerent boss; a pickpocket makes the score of a lifetime and then misplaces it; the owner of a new home finds that the house comes with a secret room and a curse; an uncaring landlady is haunted by the footsteps of a deceased man that she had previously evicted; a teenage witch is taken in by an elaborate treatment ploy by a psychiatrist.
21 Jul. 2000
For the Record/Halloween/Precious/Get Your Kicks at Motel 66/Phantom Drifter
This episode features the following cases: For the Record; Halloween; Precious; Get Your Kicks at Motel 66; Phantom Drifter.
28 Jul. 2000
Devil's Tattoo/Static Man/The Bloody Hand/Where Have All the Heroes Gone?/War Surplus
You're right to protest, Amy. That tattoo would be with you the rest of your life.
4 Aug. 2000
Dead Beat Daddy/Ghost Town/The Sewing Machine/The Sleepwalker/Money Laundry
A cheater who is behind on his child support gambles with a beautiful, mysterious opponent; a photographer looking for a ghost town enters the old West and the bartender says the heat is playing tricks on him; an old sewing machine comes to life.
11 Aug. 2000
The Handyman/Anatole/Makeup Magic/Screwdriver/Charlie
A two-timing handyman takes advantage of a widow; a mysterious old man shares a prison cell with a notorious serial killer; a woman with a low self image gets a life-changing makeover from a mysterious woman; a forgetful son gets a miracle assist from his father who is miles away; a down on his luck guy is helped by a mysterious bathroom attendant.
18 Aug. 2000
The Dealer/Gratuity/The Cake/1st Time Offender/The Mirror of Truth
A dealer at an underground night club finds that his shady past has come back to hurt him; a cab driver with a pension for insulting poor tippers unknowingly picks up a dangerous fare; a baker has second thoughts about baking a cake for a reputed crime boss; a juvenile with a lucky medallion feels that he is invincible with the law; a shallow woman, obsessed with her appearance, calls on a plastic surgeon to undo a curse.
18 Jan. 2000
The Mirror of Truth
A beautician curses Jocelyn with the mirror of her soul.
21 Jan. 2000
The Burial
The South isn't all that will rise again.
26 May 2000
Two to One
A guy pawns an expensive watch his grandfather gave him for money. He manages to get the money back in time to buy his watch back, but the pawn shopper owner claims he sold his watch already. The guy doesn't believe him. He plans a way to get his watch back.
14 Jul. 2000
Creepy Comics
Izzy dead? Draw your own conclusion.

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