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Season 2

23 Jan. 1998
The Plane/The Gun/The Portrait/The Pass/The Caller
A plane flies itself and saves a man from disaster, a gun that refuses to fire on innocent people, an artist has the power to end suffering, two boys at a hospital decide to visit the morgue and one of them discovers the body of his identical twin brother, a radio psychiatrist gets calls from his deceased son whom he had abandoned years ago.
30 Jan. 1998
Firestation 32/The Computer/The Girl Next Door/The Wallet/The Woods
Little Stevie Hansen is just dying to become a firefighting hero.
6 Feb. 1998
The Wall/The Chalkboard/The Getaway/The Prescription/Summer Camp
This episode features the following cases: The Wall; The Chalkboard; The Getaway; The Prescription; Summer Camp.
13 Feb. 1998
The Wrestler/The Escape/Dead Friday/Ghost Visitor/The Lady in a Black Dress
This episode features the following cases: The Wrestler; The Escape; Dead Friday; Ghost Visitor; The Lady in a Black Dress.
27 Feb. 1998
The Land/Titan/The Diary/Town of Remembrance/The House on Barry Avenue
A farmer, whose crops had previously failed, disappears after successfully fertilising his land in a very unconventional manner; an author predicts the sinking of the Titanic 14 years before it happened; a teenage girl's computer diary seems to predict the future; a woman suffering from amnesia appears to be recalling memories of a past life; a couple experience outbreaks of unexplained house fires.
6 Mar. 1998
Bright Lights/Magic Mightyman/The Student/Scribbles/Count Mystery
A lone woman's car is pursued along a dark highway by a truck, but the pursuit is not all that it seems; a timid man's life is transformed by a superhero costume; a teacher's life is saved by the ghost of a dead student; a child's scribbled drawings leads his widowed mother to a safety deposit box; a TV reporter locates a missing boy using an unusual source of psychic powers.
20 Mar. 1998
The Mummy/The Perfect Record/Grave Sitting/Murder on the Second Floor/They Towed My Car
This episode features the following cases: The Mummy; The Perfect Record; Grave Sitting; Murder on the Second Floor; They Towed My Car.
3 Apr. 1998
Kirby/Dust/Malibu Cop/A Joyful Noise/The Hooded Chair
This episode features the following cases: Kirby; Dust; Malibu Cop; A Joyful Noise; The Hooded Chair.
17 Apr. 1998
Rock & Roll Ears/The Bucket/The Bridesmaid/Voice from the Grave/The Chess Game
This episode features the following cases: Rock & Roll Ears; The Bucket; The Bridesmaid; Voice from the Grave; The Chess Game.
24 Apr. 1998
The Motorcycle/Blind Man's Dog/Deer Hunters/Tribal Curse/The Card Game
This episode features the following cases: The Motorcycle; Blind Man's Dog; Deer Hunters; Tribal Curse; The Card Game.
1 May 1998
Bon Voyage/Man in the Model T/The Scoop/Angel on Board/Buenos Dias
A farmer takes drastic measures to create his own field of dreams.
17 Jul. 1998
Merry-Go-Round/Red Eyed Creature/Used Car Salesman/Surveillance Camera/Graffiti
This episode features the following cases: Merry-Go-Round; Red Eyed Creature; Used Car Salesman; Surveillance Camera; Graffiti.
24 Jul. 1998
The Warning/Bus Stop/The Cure/The Guardian/The Gift
A man fears that he will die after several imaginary encounters with a creepy casket salesman; an extremely shy guy has an improbable encounter with a beautiful woman at a bus stop; a medical student has a memorable first day at his job as a waiter; a teenage boy gets a unlikely assist when he is being tormented by a bully at a playground basketball court; a live-in nurse gets an unlikely surprise after her elderly patient dies.

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