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Season 1

25 May 1997
The Apparition/The Electric Chair/On the Road/Number One with a Bullet/Dream House
A frightening image in a mirror turns out to be both a curse and a blessing for a woman; a man, facing the electric chair, gets an unlikely reprieve during his execution; a father and daughter get an improbable invitation to meet at a sentimental place; the best friend of a woman murdered by her philandering husband fires a errant revenge shot which "reappears" years later; a house hunting woman comes across a large house which exactly matches the one in her dreams.
1 Jun. 1997
The Viewing/The Subway/Kid in the Closet/Justice is Served/The Tractor
The son of a funeral owner gets a late night visitor who defies logic; a couple's eerie experience on the subway has life changing consequences for an elderly neighbor; a child's irrational fear of the closet leads to tragic consequences; a man on trial for killing his partner is distracted on the stand by the ghost of the deceased; a bitter man, confined to a wheelchair, is put to the test when his granddaughter gets in danger's path.
8 Jun. 1997
The Prophecy/Couch Potato/Love over the Counter/Imaginary Friend/Last Man on Earth
This episode features the following cases: The Prophecy; Couch Potato; Love Over the Counter; Imaginary Friend; Last Man on Earth.
15 Jun. 1997
E-Mail/Cup of Joe/Secret of the Family Tomb/Wheezer/The Unknown Patient
A paralegal gets an email from the beyond urging her to stop a will from being executed; three women, on their way to a party, are veered off course by a severe storm and a mysterious billboard; a mother and daughter die within weeks of each other and placed together in a nearby tomb which takes on a life of it own; a pet dog's final trick is one that defies rationality; a mysterious obituary draws the relatives of a recently deceased John Doe to the hospital.
22 Jun. 1997
Needle Point/Toy to the Rescue/Mystery Lock/The House on Baker Street/The Train
This episode features the following cases: Needle Point; Toy to the Rescue; Mystery Lock; The House on Baker Street; The Train.
3 Aug. 1997
Candlestick/The Diner/From the Agency/The Magic Rose Garden/The Jeep
A detective suspects that a man murdered his wife but has no evidence until an unlikely witness speaks up; an elderly couple, who runs a diner that puts hopeless patrons out of their misery, takes in someone who is literally close to home; a mysterious woman uses unconventional methods to try and save a child from suffocating inside a bank safe; a rose garden in the backyard becomes both a gift and a curse for an elderly woman; a soldier finds that shrapnel, intended for him, has a familiar imprint on it.

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