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Silly, Rude & Fun
The_Vertigo_Edge26 September 2002
Far be it for me to criticize another critic, but you should have known what you were getting into. Considering the level of difficulty involved in getting a copy of this tape, those interested in it would already have to be pretty big fans of Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson, in which case, they know what kind of humor is present.

This collection of sketches from the U.K.'s "Saturday Live" show include Richard (Mayall) and Sir Adrian (Edmondson) Dangerous setting fire to each other, babysitting, having a romantic night, teaching zebras to fly and so on.

Fans of Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson should check this out to see Rik acting as the aggressive, violent one and Adrian as the more passive character. Anyone who has seen any of the "Bottom Live" shows will see many of the jokes used in the shows in the early stages of development (yes, I believe it is not as simple as it looks). This is not for anyone looking for typical British wit, but for those in the mode for mindless, rude fun.

As far as comparing it to other Rik and Adrian works...you can't. Comparing this tape with "The Young Ones," "Bottom," or "Filthy Rich & Catflap" is not possible because this tape is filled with five to ten minute sketches, while the above shows were thirty minutes in length and had the benefit of plots (yes, I said plots) to help the story along. Remove the plot from a "Bottom" or "Young Ones" episode, and you would have "Dangerous Brothers Present: World of Danger."

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Masterful slapstick with added danger!
Jase5326 February 1999
Truly groundbreaking comedy, first appearing in Friday Night Live, this is classic slapstick with an edge of violence, in much the same vein as Mayall and Edmundson's other work on The Young Ones, Bottom, and The Comic Strip Presents... These 2 comics form an elite squad of convention busting comedians that shocked the establishment and delighted us all during the dark days of Thatcher.
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Extreme Slapstick
kommisar_x18 October 2003
Unlike some of the other comments here, i thought it was really really good. The more physical comedy (the extreme slapstick) has always drawn me to the british comedy, and then finally to rik & ade because they are the kings.

Sure, it's not as witty as Bottom (my all time fave series), Young Ones or Catflap, but it features some of the most bizarre slapstick ever filmed. Some of them are a bit too much, some of them (like the Babysitter sketch) are just CLASSIC Rik & Ade.

And as people have already pointed out, it's very unusual to see Rik as the agressor. I gave it 10/10.

(I recommend that you watch like 30 minutes / day for maximum viewing pleasure)
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See This Video At All Costs!!!
stephenmartin73017 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I've been reading some of the other comments here and I thought it was an example of some of the best slapstick/physical comedy I've ever seen and I challenge other comedy fans to name better examples. I hope it isn't too long before Rik & Ade do another project together because they are the undisputed kings of toilet humour and they are sorely missed from our TV screens.

Like other posters I agree that it's not as witty as the excellent Bottom, Young Ones or the unjustly slated (at the time it came out it was largely overlooked) Filthy Rich & Catflap, but they are brilliant examples of a very young looking Rik & Ade at their riotous, anarchic best. The sketches are pure genius. A definite hark back to their Twentieth Century Coyote days on the stage. The recordings of these shows are really funny and show early versions of the Rik character from The Young Ones.

I gave it 10/10 without a second thought. No messing see this video at all costs. You will not be disappointed!
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''Unusually dangerous, I trust you'll agree!''
RaspberryLucozade10 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson are best remembered for 'The Young Ones' and 'Bottom', yet how many people remember 'The Dangerous Brothers'? They were a double act created and performed by Rik and Ade who came to prominence after making appearances at 'The Comic Strip Club' in Soho in the early '80's along with other then up and coming comics such as Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Peter Richardson and Alexei Sayle. In 1985, the duo were given a weekly slot in 'Saturday Live', broadcast by LWT for Channel 4.

'The Dangerous Brothers', or Richard Dangerous and Sir Adrian Dangerous to give them their character names, would appear before a live audience each week, amusing us by announcing the latest stunt they plan to pull off, only for things to go disastrously wrong, which would then culminate in one or both getting seriously hurt. On a couple of occasions, the pair really did suffer some injuries. For instance, in the first sketch, 'World Of Danger', Rik set fire to Ade's legs but the stunt went wrong and Ade was left with serious burns.

'The Dangerous Brothers' were crude, filthy, violent and juvenile in the extreme, but what else would one expect from Rik and Ade? More often than not the sketches were very funny and there was quite an excellent array of guest appearances including Morwenna Banks, Norman Lovett, Arnold Brown, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, John Bird and a very pregnant Jennifer Saunders.

My favourite sketch was 'Torture' in which we see Richard and Adrian in a torture chamber where Adrian has his hand forced into a blender and his testicles clamped by a red hot set of pliers amongst other eye watering methods of torture. One item, 'Kinky Sex' was deemed too offensive to be broadcast and as a result, 'The Dangerous Brothers' ended up being banned from 'Saturday Live', that is until they made their final appearance in a sketch entitled 'Dangervision' in which they blew up a wall in LWT's car park.

Looked at now, 'The Dangerous Brothers' can now be seen as a forerunner to Rik and Ade's excellent BBC sitcom 'Bottom'. All of the sketches ( including 'Kinky Sex' ) were compiled together on a BBC VHS cassette, which I am reviewing here. In 2009, it was released on DVD, only this time it was titled 'Dangervision: The DVD'. Not for the more refined viewer but for a true fan of Rik and Ade, it would be criminal to not give 'The Dangerous Brothers' a bash.
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Matt M.12 December 1999
This tape is a compilation of a number of skits the Abe Edminson and Rik Myall did as the "Dangerous Brothers" for "Saturday Night Live" (british one) in the mid 80's. They play guys who do stupid stunts and grab each others genitals alot. I could understand almost being able to watch these skits in 5 minute segments, but altogether, they prove annoying, stupid, and farty, and this comes from a big fan of both actors work. Do yourself a favor a watch the Young Ones instead. They release this in the US and no "Bottom" or "Filthy, Rich and Catflap"? Geez...
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