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Interesting but predictable.
Xapora22 May 2005
After her apartment is damaged by fire, Sarah, a young nurse, moves back in with her folks. Shortly thereafter, her mother disappears and much to her frustration, she receives little help from the police, her family or boyfriend.

She experiences a set of disturbing nightmares about her mother and fears her life may be in danger. Sarah sets out to solve the mystery on her lonesome and what she discovers along the way causes her much grief, anger and fear. Katy Boyer is excellent as the traumatised Sarah and is supported by a fine cast including Gerald McRaney and Jeremy Renner.

There's plenty of twists, turns and red herrings to keep you interested, even if you do figure it out well before half-time.

Based on a true story!
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In America people have a right to disappear
sol-kay24 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
**SPOILERS** You don't know it at the time but right at the beginning of the movie when we see both police detective Ron Shaye & Peter Hendrickson,Dann Florek & Mark Miely, interrogating someone who's silent and off screen that it's the person responsible for Lily Zarn, Shelley Fabares, disappearance and possible murder. The tension in the Zarn family all starts when Sharah Zarn, Kathy Boyer, an operation room nurse at the local hospital is burned out of her apartment and goes to live with her parents and younger brother Don, Gerald McRancy, Lliy and Steven, Jeremy Renner.

Sarah notices right away that her mom and dad are not at all getting along with each other and starts having these dreams about her mom somehow getting murdered by an unknown person. Within days of Sarah moving into the Zarn House she's shocked to hear her father tell her that his wife walked out on him without as much as leaving a note bothering to tell him why she left?

Sarah going to the police to report her mom missing is told if she doesn't show up call or write within the next 48 hours they'll have an all out bulletin sent out trying to locate her. Just then a letter, and later phone calls to Don, appears from Lily telling Sarah that she'll all right and living in New York City. Thinking that her mother left because of the mental abuse she's been under Sarah later looking in her mother room finds a diary and in it she writes about having an affair behind Don's back.

Despite the feeling that she knows why her mother took off the dreams of her being murdered start to intensify to the point where Sarah begins to doubt if the letters that Lily has been sending her are really from her or are actually being forged by someone else, the person who either kidnapped or murdered her? The truth is slowly uncovered by Sarah as she starts to realize that something is just not right about the letters that she got from her mother and just who is calling her father on the phone and imitating her mom's voice. There's also the socking fact that her musician boyfriend Paul, Joel Bissonnette, is the person who her mom was having a secret affair with and who also received a check, from Lily's bank account, for some $10,000.00 the day before she check out of town.

With the help of Det. Hendrickson who she met at the home of a mutual friend and fellow nurse Gretchen, Judith Scott, Sarah tracks own her mom's car at a local junkyard. In the car is a hat belonging to her former boyfriend Paul confirming that not only was he having an affair with her but is possibly responsibly for her disappearance. Meanwhile as her dreams become more and more clearer and the person in them becomes recognized Sarah goes to the place where the dreams lead her and her worst fears are then realized.

A bit confusing at first the movie puts all the pieces of this puzzle together in a slow and painstaking way where by the time it's over you start to see what was behind all the secrecy in the Zarn household especially that between Don and his wife Lily. The ending didn't fit what you would have expected in a murder/mystery movie like this with the person responsible for Lily's disappearance and murder not at all acting like you would have expected him too then again it, the film, was based on fact not fiction.
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