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Great tv-series about ordinary people in Belgium from 1958 to 1995
annick.dries5 December 1999
I'm Flemish-Belgian and the tv-series is situated after the war in Antwerp. The port is developing and old villages like Oosterdonk (see title: meaning Back to Oosterdonk) have to be torn down because more space is needed for the industry. The film shows life around 1960 before the village disappeared and at the same time is about life 35 years on at the funeral of one of the protagonists, long after the village is gone. Gradually, we learn the truth about a mystery that occurred in the past and at the same time, we realize that life in Flanders, Belgium changed for good in the post-war period.
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What really happened in these regions
Da_Jodl11 July 2001
"Terug naar Oosterdonk" tells the story of the destruction of a small village (Oosterdonk) in the Antwerp Polders because the city needed the space to have a bigger port and industrial area. This event really took place in the 70's. But the village of OOSTERDONK didn't exist. There were actually 3 villages (Oorderen, Lillo and Wilmersdonk). Two of them had vanished complete and Lillo now has 10 inhabitants but is a very nice place to go for a walk because it's located in a little green oasis at the boards of the Schelde. (it is possible that there also was a 4th village (Oosterdonk), but I'm not 100% sure of that) And history repeats itself because the Port of Antwerp wants to grow again and the chances are big that another town (Doel) has to vanish.

Nevertheless "Terug naar Oosterdonk" is very good television with a lot of emotions and even humor. With a lot of good actors.
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