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10 Oct. 1981
Vengeance of the Gods
On his way back to Earth from Troy, Ulysses happens upon a mysterious uncharted planet. A bright ball of energy invades The Odyssey and takes Telemacus back to the planet. The population is blind, but they kidnap children to sacrifice them, taking their energy and feeding it to the Great Cyclops that helps them to see. Upon destroying the Great Cyclops, Ulysses is banished by the Gods Posieden and Zeus to the Universe of Olympus, cursed to wander uncharted regions until he finds the Kingdom of Hades. Only then will he be allowed to return to Earth.
7 Nov. 1981
The Lost Planet
Numinor is awaken when The Odyssey chances upon a satellite world that has strayed far from it's orbit around he and Yumi's home world. Ulysses, Telemachus, Nono, Numinor and Yumi head down to the planet and make the startling discovery that the entire population has been turned to stone by an evil Witch.
17 Oct. 1981
The Black Sphere
On an isolated asteroid Ulysses meets an old, blind, scholar called Heratos and his assistant, a young Zotrian woman named Atena. Heratos gives Ulysses a map that will lead him beyond the galactic glaciers - or so he claims.
14 Nov. 1981
Guardian of the Cosmic Winds
Aeolus, the King of the Winds, kidnaps Ulysses so that he may provide entertainment for his daughter at her birthday party. However, she is horrified by her father's cruel sport and plans to help Ulysses escape.
21 Nov. 1981
The Eternal Punishment
Ulysses encounters King Sisyphus who, as punishment for seeking the secret of immortality, has been condemned by the gods to fill a crater with 'boulders' made out of scrap metal for all eternity. But Zeus has made Sisyphus a deal.
24 Oct. 1981
Flowers of Fear
Ulysses encounters a seemingly lifeless world. He discovers that its people were once famed for their medical technology, prompting Yumi to take her brother Numinor there to revive him. But the gods have left a nasty surprise.
28 Nov. 1981
Mutiny on Board
Ulysses and the children are amazed when, during a space storm, the lifeless crew are suddenly revived. However, their joy is short lived as their family and friends are under the influence of the gods and try to crash the ship.
5 Dec. 1981
Secret of the Sphinx
The Odyssey is traveling through an area of space that is the domain of the Great Sphinx. Ulysses must answer his riddle to gain safe passage. But the Sphinx's daughter proves to be more of a threat to Ulysses and the children.
31 Oct. 1981
Cronus, Father of Time
When the Odyssey is attacked by a fleet of the gods trident spaceships Ulysses and his crew are saved by an intervention from Cronus, the god of time. However, the god has his own reasons for saving the life of Ulysses.
12 Dec. 1981
Temple of the Lestrigones
The Odyssey and its crew are shrunk to miniature size by a beam of energy from a tropical planet. The tiny heroes must try to force the planet's ruler to restore them back to their normal size while avoiding his giant pet cat.
26 Dec. 1981
The Seat of Forgetfulness
Ulysses follows one of the Trident Transports to the home of the gods - Olympus itself. There the gods test him and he will see The Three Fates at work. But Zeus makes Ulysses a terrible offer, choose Earth or the children.
14 Dec. 1981
Trapped Between Fire and Ice
The Odyssey finds a ship floating lifeless in space, it is from the Earth of 2001. On it they find the Captain in suspended animation and he sends Ulysses in search of a base on one of the deadly twin planets Scylla and Charybdis.
9 Jan. 1982
Phantoms of the Swamp
Ulysses and Yumi see a piece of her home world Zotra flying through space. Knowing it could revive her brother, Numinor, they follow it to a swamp planet, but are attacked by monsters that can take on any form - even them.
2 Jan. 1982
Song of Danger
Yumi dreams about a strange coffin she opens with her flute playing. Just such a coffin leads them to the planet of the Sirens. But space pirates kidnap the children to force Ulysses and Nono to face the Sirens to get a map.
16 Jan. 1982
Before the Flood
Ulysses and the children land on a planet which is similar to prehistoric Earth. There they meet a winged female called Sauria, whose people live in terror of the Keconopters - a race of strange mutant vulture-like beings.
23 Jan. 1982
The Magic Spells of Circe
Ulysses is lured to the planet of the enchantress Circe. She revives the companions, but turns them and the children into pig slaves. Circe sets them to work building a tower that will house all of the knowledge of the universe.
30 Jan. 1982
The Hidden Truth
The Odyssey picks up a distress call from Nereus, King of Nereopolis. His planet has been invaded and taken over by the Shark Men, his people enslaved and a mechanical tyrant installed. How can Ulysses help, when he is in prison?
6 Feb. 1982
Lost in the Labyrinth
Princess Ariadne asks for Ulysses' help in saving her lover Theseus, as her father King Minos has sent him to the Labyrinth. The Odyssey sets off to the Labyrinth but will they be able to find Theseus before the Minotaur does?
13 Feb. 1982
At the Heart of the Universe
'The Grandson of the gods' Mercurius asks Ulysses to go on a quest for him. The bubble-dwelling Mercurius wants Ulysses to steal a jewel from the brow of Atlas that would give Mercurius the power to send the Odyssey back to Earth.
20 Feb. 1982
The Magician in Black
The most powerful magician in the universe saves Ulysses from attack. The magician then breaks the curse of the gods, reviving Numinor and the crew of the Odyssey. However, in return he makes a terrible demand of Ulysses.
20 Mar. 1982
Rebellion on Lemnos
The women of the planet Lemnos are being forced by the Shark Men to build the Trident ships for the gods. Princess Hypsipyle of Lemnos asks for Ulysses' help. But the children discover that another group also lives on Lemnos.
6 Mar. 1982
The City of Cortex
The Odyssey is drawn off course and Shirka does not respond to Ulysses. They go to the planet of the machines which is ruled by Cortex, a tyrannical computer. Nanette, a female robot falls in love with Nono and helps them.
27 Mar. 1982
The Odyssey receives a distress call from Queen Calypso whose crystalline planet is under attack from Trident ships. She tells Ulysses that if he saves her planet she will tell him the way back to Earth, but can she be trusted?
13 Mar. 1982
Strange Meeting
Telemachus stumbles upon the Palace of Time and is sent 5000 years back in time. Ulysses has to follow him back to the Ancient Greece of Homer's original Odyssey and there meet the original Penelope, Telemachus and Ulysses.
27 Feb. 1982
The Lotus Eaters
When the central iris of the Odyssey is damaged in a meteor storm engineered by the gods. Ulysses is forced to travel to a world whose inhabitants are addicted to eating seeds which make them forget everything. Will he succumb?
3 Apr. 1982
Kingdom of Hades
Energy absorbing moths attack the Odyssey as it approaches the galactic glaciers. They meet Orpheus who asks to go with them to fetch his love Eurydice from the Kingdom of Hades. Hades offers Ulysses a terrible choice.

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