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Season 5

29 Jan. 1991
Cold Feet!
Cyril Sneer attempts a relationship with a movie star whom he meets in a car accident, only to find that she has an extreme dislike for his recent business client. Meanwhile, Bert and Cedric must deal with the traumatizing experience of sky diving.
8 Jan. 1991
Stress Test!
Cyril Sneer is hospitalized and is proving a difficult patient even as the Pigs prepare for a land deal that is actually a fraud.
12 Mar. 1991
Moving In!
Bentley's family moves to the Evergreen Forest, but the transition is difficult for everyone, especially for Lisa.
5 Feb. 1991
End of the Line!
On the eve of a major business proposal by Cyril Sneer, Cedric is given control of a failing factory, but a train carrying garbage is proving a problem.
12 Feb. 1991
Easy Money!
After Bentley accidentally destroys Bert's toy car, his attempts to find a quick way to repay Bert finds him stumbling into danger.
13 Mar. 1991
Endless Summer!
The Pigs persuade Cyril Sneer to hire Bentley as a computer technician for the summer, but their jealously at the kit's success leads to a rash decision.
1 Jan. 1991
Black Belt Bentley!
Bentley takes karate lessons from Schaeffer for the wrong reasons.
5 Jul. 1992
Join the Club!
Cyril Sneer is determined to join an exclusive country club, while Lisa is pressured by a visiting old friend to start smoking.
5 Mar. 1991
The One That Got Away!
A beloved fishing pond is contaminated with toxic waste and both the Raccoons and Cyril Sneer resolve to find the culprits.
28 Aug. 1992
Go for Gold!
Cyril is forced to retire for medical reasons, but he grows concerned with Cedric having trouble with the business while Lisa and Bert pledge to help on their own.

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