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A must see film
lambiepie-223 October 2000
I'm here to write a small human spin on the film Gia. As this film claims, Gia WAS different things to different people. I know because I met Gia in Philadelphia when we were both 16. I casually knew her from her father's hoagie shop because I went in there often to eat. When I chose to go to college in Philadelphia a few years later, I dropped in occasionally at the shop and I always said hello to Gia's dad to ask how she was doing as a model. He was so proud of her and what she was accomplishing in New York and all over the world. He always had that picture of her in Cosmopolitian above his cash register and he let me look at it. I just knew Gia would do well. Years pass, I move to the West coast. In 1982, I'm in New York and I heard she was right up the street from where I was, and I wanted to stop by to say "Hi" but never got the chance, I was too busy in meetings and never thought about it again. It wasn't until 1990 I heard she died, and the way she died and it tore me to pieces. So tragic to someone many of us thought from our generation, our backgrounds, our area "had made it." In 1998, this movie was done and I thought done as good as it could be. I know there were those closer to Gia that knew more and didn't appreciate it, but I did, and I miss her. Angelina Jolie did some very serious acting to bring this part of Gia's life to the screen. The movie was of theatrical quality and its a shame it didn't get that release. But thanks to this movie, there was a great deal of Gia's life I knew nothing about after 17 years old. But the ending was what touched me, because that is how I will remember Gia, and wish for everyone to remember her as well, even with the rough and gritty content contained in her life brought to screen. This is a hard must see for those who think a model's life is exciting, it can be, but they will also learn its nothing without the love of your parents, stable friends and relationships and the love of yourself - no matter what yourself may be.
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PeachHamBeach15 August 1999
This movie turned out to be a very unexpected favorite of mine. Angelina Jolie stars as the late Gia Marie Carangi, an Italian American woman who rose from a humble Philidephian beginning to worldwide fame as the first known "supermodel", and whose short-lived career spanned from the late seventies to the early to mid eighties. Jolie is super-impressive as she portrays the highs and lows of Gia's fame: strutting through a crowd of admirers, the look on her face saying, "I'm GIA, and you're nobody!"; endulging in glamour drug of the moment, cocaine; fiercely proclaiming her love for Linda (Elizabeth Mitchell), right in front of Linda's boyfriend; tearfully begging her visiting mother (Mercedes Ruehl) to stay with her, then hurling obscenities at her while throwing her baggage out of the apartment; and quietly and gracefully accepting the most tragic news about her health, just as she's finally getting her life on track. This movie deals very frankly with Gia's sexuality and there is some nudity and scenes of sexuality, but looking past the sex and the drugs and the tough exterior she displayed (especially when someone took her knife away from her), you see a very lost, fragile person. Gia is almost childlike in her disillusionment about the fashion industry, and you feel it in the way she fantasizes about a "normal" life with children, the way she feels like people regard her as a "piece of meat" with no brains, and the way she is so truly hurt by a fellow model calling her hateful names in a jealous rage. I think this movie is something that should be seen by people of all ages, regardless of its sexual content, because it carries a strong anti-drug message as well as a touching story we can all identify with even if a lot of us are not blessed with the kind of glorious physical beauty Gia was blessed with.
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Haunting portrayal
dont_blame_me5 October 2004
I rented the unrated version from NetFlix.

Gia is a powerful movie. It is two stories intertwined into one: the life of a confused teenage girl, looking for love and acceptance, and of the modeling industry and its effect on the emotions and egos (no matter how large or small) of those in front of the camera. As a woman who worked within the industry several years ago, I could relate to the confusion that Gia felt.

Angelina Jolie gave the viewer an excellent portrayal of a lonely teenage girl who was trapped inside an adult woman, her only comfort being her lover and later, her drugs.

The performances of the actresses were on target; the message was clear. A haunting movie worth purchasing.
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What happens when the prettiest girl of all grows up?
michaelRokeefe23 April 2000
A tremendous biography of a supermodel, Gia Carangi. Her beauty graced magazines profusely in the late 70's. She knew as a little girl just how attractive she was. Her short life dealt with defiance of authority, lesbianism, love/hate relationships, drug addiction and AIDS.

Angelina Jolie was excellent as Gia. Her profanity, nudity and lesbian love scenes scorch the screen. Ranking among the best on film. Also in this eye opener is Elizabeth Mitchell, Mercedes Ruehl and Faye Dunaway.

With all the violence, nudity and profanity; can not believe this is rated R instead of X. But I am not complaining. This is a tragic story about a complicated life. A very interesting bio.
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An unforgettable film
tigerkiss59 May 2005
An unforgettable film about a supermodel, named simply Gia. Stunning performance by Angelina Jolie as Gia and Faye Dunaway as her agent. The movie plays out like a documentary and is filled with interviews by those who knew her during her career as a model and the family who loved her. It's a fast paced film and exciting to see the underground world of modeling. It is based on Gia's often-poignant journal. It gives us a glimpse on the darker side of fame that we do not often look in on. It will be hard to watch at times and harder not to at others. It will make you thankful that if you are thirty or forty-something, that you made it through this difficult time in life, a time when no one knew about the painful consequences that would consume a life. Gia is a movie for the strong at heart or the weak who wish to be stronger. After watching the movie, I looked at her website and was eerily surprised that I recognized that face from one of my mom's Cosmopolitans. I am grateful her memory lives on through her journal and this under-rated film. Two-thumbs up!
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Highly Recommended Viewing!
Sharkey36013 March 2000
Gia's a great biographic film with a credible story, great cast and great presentation. Angelina Jolie's performance here is nothing less than incredible, in fact there was a short time when I thought she's really Gia herself and that she's really troubled...that's how convincing her act is. Mercedes R makes a great support role...and a mother as well.

There are so many things to learn here, like how fashion was in the 1970's and 1980's, Gia's lesbian crave, the drugs and the AIDS. The film is so realistic, you'll really care for the people and the events that unfold.

Definitely a must-view!
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Intense and riveting!
wnterstar7 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I knew this was going to be a tough movie to watch, but I never realized how riveting it was going to be! I couldn't stop watching. Angelina Jolie brought an innocence and fragility to the role, that made me care about Gia. I wanted her to be happy. I wanted things to work out with Linda. I wanted her to beat the drugs.

And I was devastated when she died.

This movie is a morality play showing how we idolize super models and turn them into impossible role models. We give them every luxury money can afford, whether or not that luxury is legal. Then, when these idols become addicted to the drugs and such, we discard them.

I just started to type that Gia's life was wasted, but I'm not sure that's the case. Her tragic life can now serve as an example of how bad the excesses can get, and the almost inevitable end that comes with that lifestyle.

My heart went out to her. She showed the dignity and grace during her final days that may have been missing in her early life.

I've heard that this movie isn't exactly accurate, that Linda never really existed. That doesn't lessen my enjoyment of this movie.

This is one of the movies I think any young person needs to see.
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Tour de force for Angelina and Mercedes
rlcsljo1 December 2002
This movie is your typical "How deviant sex and drugs ruined a successful person's life" films we typically get out of television (shades of the Hayes office!). However, Angelina manages to do what many actors fail to do: take a basically unsympathetic character and make you feel sorry for her. I think the role of Mercedes Rhuel has also not been emphasized enough. Throughout the entire film she presented a highly sympathetic, charismatic persona as the mother who could not quick kick her gosling out of the nest. Gia was not a product of the times--she and others like her were the times.
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Give Ms. Jolie a decent script.... and watch out.....
Cragan12 February 1999
Angelina Jolie has slogged her way through so much mediocre material, I can't even begin to understand how she has kept her love for acting. But it's undeniable... her talent and spirit are bottomless, and she could be a superstar if given the right movie role. 'Foxfire' wasn't it. 'Hackers' was a mess. And 'Gia' is well-intentioned exploitation at best. (I love sex scenes between women as much as the next guy, but the movie goes a little overboard..... there's a fine line between character growth and the Spice Channel, apparently.) A decent biography, I guess, and Jolie does as much as possible with the limited script. But if there's any justice in this world, Jolie will be in the Hollywood elite soon, rather than toiling away on hedonistic HBO works.
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Great movie - but the book is better
woahyourdumb23 November 2005
When Cindy Crawford first entered the modeling world, she was dubbed, "Baby Gia." Her likeness to the model that was beyond perfection was what helped boost her career. Crawford, knew little about Carangi and her struggle.

When Stephen Fried published Thing of Beauty in 1993, he shed light on the exotic beauty known as Gia. He exposed the dark side of modeling, and showed the world the rise and fall of one of the most beautiful girls to ever live.

The movie Gia, is based of Fried's book. However, the movie takes several liberties. Gia's lover, "Linda", is based of Sandy Linter, a make-up artist in which Gia wooed and dated. Gia also dated a women by the name of Alyssa (she used the alias "Rochelle" in Fried's book). The writers combined these two loves, however, down played Alyssa's personality and character.

Gia's "journals" never existed. She did keep date books, too keep track of her appointments, and occasionally wrote things, but she never had an extensive amount of journals like the movie portrays. Gia's time in rehab is also downplayed.

Without a doubt, the movie is good, but if you want to know more about Gia, check out the book.
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Angelina Jolie - this says all
danielll_rs24 October 1999
Angelina Jolie is the kind of actress who mixes beauty and talent. In this very good TV movie she has a great performance as Gia Carangie, a 'lost girl'. "Gia" is a very realistic and strong film, with a beautiful story. It is not a typical TV movie, so it's worth seeing. Another score for HBO.

Rating: 8/10
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Dead Zone
mysteriesfan29 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This film draws on an extreme true-life story that seems sure to make a person feel and think. In 1979, a rough, wild, pretty 19-year-old from a broken home leaves Philadelphia, where she works behind the counter at her father's Italian diner and hangs out in seedy nightclubs, for New York City. She becomes a phenomenal success almost overnight as an elite, new-wave, jet-set fashion model with "attitude." She parties on the wild side, has a close, on-again-off-again lesbian relationship with a makeup artist, suddenly loses her agent/mentor to cancer, and heavily abuses harder and harder drugs, frequenting "needle parks." Quickly, she burns out her body, relationships, and career. Reduced to trading sex for money, she is beaten up and raped. She is arrested for reckless driving and resisting arrest. She tries to make a career come-back and to go home. She sells jeans in a local shop. After repeated tries at rehabilitation, she either relapses or attempts a massive overdose. In seclusion in a hospital indigent ward, she dies in 1986 at 26 of the newly discovered AIDS.

Angelina Jolie gives a raw, emotional performance, combining child-like and hard qualities. The generally well-acted main supporting characters are thin (especially the idealized, "sweetness and light" Elizabeth Mitchell character), at times hammy (Mercedes Ruehl), but have some basic believability and traits that play into the drama (Faye Dunaway, Ruehl coddling and pushing; Ruehl and Mitchell withdrawing for various reasons; Eric Cole as a decent but dim hometown pal). There are glimmers of poignancy in some interactions and details of the experiences. Probably the most effective moments are the model's relationship with the makeup artist and destructive drug use. The movie conveys (partly by fictionalizing and tightly limiting its snapshots of her life) a sense of frenzy, loneliness, and emptiness -- life in a dead zone.

Yet, the movie is startlingly unsatisfying on any but the most basic emotional level of watching the vivid, photogenic Jolie act out the fateful events, with flashes of striking visuals in recreated settings and with perhaps the invitation to viewers to project onto the screen whatever trite, preconceived notions they might want to see about emotional problems, exploitation, or addiction. The film seems to lack any point of view. It narrates through sketchy, spotty vignettes rather than thoughtfully examines. The movie lacks detail, context, depth, substance, and insight, the characters and events little more than a blur. It barely scratches the surface of her "demons," how and why they came about, what was special about them, why they hit her so hard, and why drug abuse was her answer. (Regarding technique, scenes shift arbitrarily from color to black-and-white and back again, sometimes accented by heavy-handed music; they alternate with awkward, glib documentary-style "interviews"; and the long, distinctive chain-link-fence photo shoot and shower scenes, intended to be candid and uninhibited, are hampered by the stagey effort to avoid full frontal nudity, even in the extended, uncut version.)

Consistent with statements in the film that "No one knew Gia" (including her), its treatment of her background, emotional problems, promiscuity (among a flurry of quick, slick throwaway lines at the start we are told, but never shown, that she "slept around" but sex "was not the goal," "was not an issue"), overall relationships, lesbianism, drug addiction, and (strangely and especially) her modeling talent and career is vague, minimalist, and simplistic. Particularly weak or artificial are the statements mouthed by actors playing her contemporaries in the retrospectives; by the Italian photographer who spouts drivel as pious philosophy ("This is life...."); by the scornful, speechifying woman in the stilted, scripted rehab scene; and most disappointingly by the model herself and her "journal" (presented as poetic gems of meaning but falling far short of any such thing, even the message she wanted to send from her deathbed oddly off and easy, given her experiences: "she wanted to tell kids, you can handle it, you can handle anything that comes your way"). The movie does painfully little to delve beneath surface notions and manifestations and to illuminate any real understanding of this woman's situation, even less why she was a human being worthy of all of this special attention.

As a result, those reviews that claim to find profound meaning in this film are left to string together fuzzy, lofty-sounding clichés and platitudes ("tragic" "lost soul" or "free spirit" who "lived in the moment" and "followed her instincts"; "too beautiful to die, too wild to live"; "America's first supermodel") and to coast on the extreme, sensationalistic events of the model's life. Some make vast pretensions for the movie (that it itself does not make, much less deliver on), building up a heroine or martyr and sketching a morality play that blames everyone and everything else for what happened to her, while asking no hard questions about her own willful qualities and responsibility for her own behavior. The claims of deep meaning come across as shallow glorification of physical beauty, of tempestuousness, or of a glamorous, sensuous image for their own sake or as sheer sentimentality for a supposedly pathetic, helpless victim.

Ironically, all of the mindless emoting, adulation, even idolatry by those claiming to know, admire, or adore this woman through this essentially superficial movie -- just as surely as her supposed exploitation in her chosen career -- risks again reducing her, now in death, to a flat, one-dimensional, token figure being grabbed at by the masses (as fallen physical beauty, force of nature, glossy image, or victim). And if that does not diminish her, it may merely lavish undeserved attention and acclaim on a person of little or no substance (mired in what is presented as near-total confusion about who she was, what she wanted, and what she cared about, combined with non-stop destructive, thrill-seeking, instant-gratification behavior). The hollowness at the core of this film, of its subject, and of so much of this site's commentary about it is as troubling as the events depicted.
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Very fine reality-based film, supermodel "Gia."
TxMike26 May 2002
Warning: Spoilers
In general I give high ratings to reality-based films, and I rate this one highly. Back in the late 70s and early 80s I was busy helping raise 5 little children and was not aware of who the supermodels were. "Gia" certainly seems to have been one of the most curious. A web search shows that she indeed was a beautiful young woman, even more beautiful than Angelina Jolie who plays her in this film.

As the film depicts, she was attracted to a wide variety of people, male and female, but came to love Linda, who she met at her first photo shoot, so she is generally considered a lesbian. Her downfall was getting mixed up in drugs, which led to her developing A.I.D.S. She was born in 1960 and died in 1986.

This was the role that jump-started Angelina Jolie's acting career. Shortly after she made Pushing Tin and Girl Interrupted. Here, in "Gia", she is nothing short of believable, a truly remarkable acting job for a then relatively young Jolie.

UPDATE: I re-watched it last night after all these years, and the last 30 minutes become almost a chore to watch, moving very slowly to the inevitable end. But a pleasant surprise was the young girl who in the beginning plays Gia as an 11-year-old, I had scarcely noticed her before, but it is Mila Kunis who has become a fine actress as a young adult.
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caramelos25 July 2007
Quite simply put, it's one of the best films I have ever seen. Putting aside the facts that some of it is not quite accurate, it is still brilliant.

I'd heard of this film some years ago but never had the opportunity to see it. But recently, I decided to give it a shot, not knowing I was about to be put through one hell of a ride.

It's probably Angelina Jolie's best acting to date - I've always liked her anyway, but in this she really shines, vividly showing us the wild and tragic life of Gia in a way that I doubt very, very few actresses of today could carry out. She flies from mood to mood with an honesty so passionate that it is hard to believe Jolie herself isn't truly Gia.

Elizabeth Mitchell plays her off-and-on lover, Linda with such care and understanding that you want to fall in love with Linda as well as Gia. The chemistry between the two of them is incredible. Mitchell is, very unfortunately, one of the most underrated actresses around. Critics and fans alike are right to wonder why on earth this woman hasn't won some kind of award for her pure talent.

Put these two together and you get a recipe for one of the most well-acted films of the last fifteen years. And adding Faye Dunaway to the mix... well, what can I say.

The film follows the tragic life of Gia Carangi, America's first supermodel. From beginning to end you are assaulted with anger, sadness, happiness, and a growing sense of falling and dread so intense that after it finished I let out a breath as if I had been holding it the entire way through the film. For days afterwards the film kept itself firmly in my mind until I just had to watch it again and put myself through the almost harrowing experience that it is.

Harrowing, yes. It is a film that can be hard to watch. But it is worth it.
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Gia ~ "Love / Hate"
alagunatic227 March 2005
The portrayal of Gia's life is a rude wake-up call to those of us who share(d) MANY of her experiences:

The child-like sweet innocence, often betrayed ... The "street-tough presentation" to preserve ourselves ... The amazing physical beauty that was abused by fellow classmates through their own insecurities ... which, at the same time, easily opened the doors to unprecedented opportunities ... The free spirit ... that both turned heads in curious entertainment and similarly, brought an expeditious demise.

You Go Girl!

You marched to your own drummer ... and ... you were (and are) not alone!

Today, you receive MUCH of that appreciation that you thought alluded you.
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As intense as it gets and difficult to take your eyes off the screen
triple87 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILERS THROUGHOUT: Gia the movie, is as up there in intensity as almost anything I've seen. Even though this is an older movie, I just saw it recently and was stunned, touched and numb at the end. Of coarse, I'd heard of Gia and had wanted to see this for a long time and though I knew it was intense I was unprepared for the level and depth of the intensity.

First I must say that the movie is heartbreaking. It also does not seem to be a typical television movie because the quality of the cinematography is high and the movie's look seems to be made for the big screen. Second, I will say That I hope people do not go into this just thinking it will show the glamor of the fashion industry etc because the opposite is true. This movie could almost be an advertisement NOT to get into modeling as well as one of the strongest anti drug movies I have ever seen-up there with leaving las Vegas in the disturbing tone. There is not one light moment in the film, it starts intense, continues in intensity and leaves you in intensity.

One thing this movie may do is make you cry-it's disturbing and tragic, and reminded me so much of The movie Sid and Nancy which I have seen more times then I can recall. Gia is very difficult to watch but this movie is so realistic in showing the horrors that drug addiction can cause, I have to say they did a good job with that.

Two things, possibly three that prevent me from giving this a 9 or 10. One, the accuracy. I had no idea the "Linda" character did not exist until I went on the IMDb message board. That bothers me. I mean I know Hollywood does that kind of thing all the time but Linda WAS a main character. I don't like that in true stories, it's manipulative. Second was the amount of sex. I wish more time had been shown on Gia's life and her rise to fame, relationships with other people etc. I must say the sex scenes resemble a mini porno which is fine if it IS a mini porno but this is a very sad and emotionally numbing story that didn't need all the titillating stuff thrown in.

Finally, my third negative is that the movie never lets up in it's tone for a minute, I wish there'd been one light moment in the movie. But maybe I cannot count that as a negative, because after all this story isn't sweetness and light. I plan to read the book "Thing of Beauty" which I have heard is a lot more accurate but I have to give the movie kudos for the things Mentioned above as well as a remarkable performance by Angelins Jolie in showing the outer and inner beauty of a very special lady. My vote is 7. 5 or 8 of 10.
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I loved it!!!!!
Lakjoshua30 December 2005
This movie is a favorite of mine. It is a must have for a movie lover that wants to see the many sides to being a Model.Angelina Jolie does a great job of acting out Gia's life. I think that it was Angelina Jolie at her finest. I always keep a copy of this movie so that if I see a person that may be going down a certain path I make them watch this movie and they can decide if they want to go their or not. This movie is a must see for a person that is coming of age or wants to be a model. It is a raw and powerful movie. It keeps you on the edge of your seat until the end of the movie. The real Gia Marie Carangi was a very beautiful Lady and wrote some powerful poetry or as she said thoughts on things.
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Great biopic of one one of the world's prettiest models who died too soon, too young
Catherine_Grace_Zeh4 December 2005
GIA, in my opinion, is a great biopic about one of the world's prettiest models who died too soon, too young. The performances were smashing, the soundtrack was great, and the casting was perfect. I thought that Gia (Angelina Jolie) looked very lovely in the clothing she modeled in. It's just so sad that she got herself infected with the HIV virus and later died of AIDS. In conclusion, if you are a die-hard fan of Angelina Jolie or like biopics or films about modeling, I highly recommend this great biopic about one of the world's prettiest models who died too soon, too young. You're in for a real treat and a good time, so don't miss this one.
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the best drama
shannonc212217 October 2005
Gia is a phenomenal true story about a very troubled girl trying to live through being gay, drugs and a hard home life. Considering all this was going on she went on to the most beautiful person to ever be on the runway and the first supermodel. This story is very intense and memorable to everyone. It sucks you in and you can't stop watching until you know what happens to this beautiful girl. Played by Angelina Jolie, the first thing I ever saw her in and was stunning, by far the best she's done. This movie doesn't just tell you about how it's so hard to be beautiful and have everything handed to you. Quite opposite, it does something that Gia didn't live long enough to do tell you a story of tragedy to maybe save your life from the same fate. Gia was an amazing person so much more than beauty and will never be able to know the great things she could have done. This movie shows you the decision you make when your young really do effect your whole life. It's just sad that the world had to lose such a extraordinary person to tell the story. A must see for anyone.
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Flawed, yet not bad morality play
smatysia5 January 2000
I had never heard of Gia Carangi, so I don't know how much of this film reflects the truth. Since Oliver Stone was not involved, maybe a lot of it did.

I had not seen any of Angelina Jolie's work before. I was impressed. Mercedes Ruehl was very good, as always. Stealing the show, however, was Elizabeth Mitchell. Her down home beauty and acting range was shown to great effect. I am surprised she isn't more of a star.

The movie's plot, the life of Gia Carangi reminded me a bit of films in the days of the Hays Office, where negative behavior in a film always led to negative consequences. Gia's self-indulgent behavior is yet another example that very young people should never achieve great success. They rarely can handle it.

The film was badly over-directed, too much of the color to black-and-white and back transitions, too many jumpy action transitions, etc. It's like a film school project. It is also too long.

The movie is worth a look, though, in spite of its flaws.
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If you don't like Fashion, this movie wouldn't change your mind (DVD)
leplatypus8 January 2005
To be frank, this is a bad movie. And without the exceptional performances of Angelina Jolie and the actress playing Linda, it would have been a really, really bad movie.

As it isn't an entertainment movie, all the cinematic tools must be well crafted to convince the viewer to watch this sad story. If not, an Eros & Thanatos life like Gia's one becomes a long moment of boredom.

And it's the case: the music is horrible (mournful sax), the editing is terrible (part documentary, part story), and, above all, the pivotal role of Gia's mother can't bring the emotional soul disparately needed. Think back to the encounter between Lara croft and her father, which is also a scene between Angelina and her father, and you understand how the acting of Gia's mother blows down the movie.

Finally, the director chose to tell a dramatic personal story of a model with the "sensibility" of this fashion universe. In other words, her suicidal life is directed as a show, an artistic representation, and it hurts my moral.
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It was so REAL
dovima162123 October 2005
Oh I was so moved by this gripping story that I almost rushed out to a heroine rehab center to nurse those poor wretched souls back to a normal life. Gia Gia Gia, what a lovely talented and caring creature. From that incredible performance by Jolie I could feel her sorrows as she sashayed down runways and dirty back allies in search of love. With her acting ability I am sure she could well be on her way to Shakespeare, Shaw, Albee and Steele (Danielle of course). Yes Judi Dench and Emma Thompson move aside because a new star is on the horizon named Ms. Angelina Jolie who will change theater as we know it.

And the story was so Real, wow, I was with you Gia. So sad because we lost one of the most important artists (if not THE most important artist)of the 20th century. It was such a tragic and wonderful story that if Mr. Shakespeare were alive today he would have written another classic.
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I haven't seen a movie this bad in a long time.
goforlaunch9 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say my husband and I watched this last night and hated it. 47 minutes into this 126 minute drag fest, we both agreed there was nothing redeeming in this movie to care about. My husband said the only character he even remotely liked was her girlfriend and that's only because she plays Mrs. Claus in The Santa Clause 2 and he got to see her breasts.

The acting was over done and the character development was nil. The use of repeat framing was annoying. The direction was poor. The love scenes were laughable at best. And what's with this director making the "bad guys" look like all they do is hang around dark allies?

We were never made to "care" for Gia, which was a shame. We tried to find some redeeming quality and even finished watching the whole movie, but we couldn't wait for her obvious fate to put us out of our misery as well.
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Pointless Dreck
deetdee127 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Just watched this last night and WOW!!!! What insight---the fashion industry uses and discards models (and really others in its employ) like dirty Kleenex AND heroin is BAD for you!!!! Gosh, next thing I'll hear that Abraham Lincoln and Geroge Washington are dead! The only interesting thing about this film is how an untimely death can make someone an icon in our culture: I was born 5 years later than Gia and devoured fashion magazines while she was supposedly the "top" model and never heard of her---so really, not the "super" model she was portrayed as---her fame (much like James Dean's) comes from dying. At the time, Esme Marshall (also dark haired and breaking the "mold")was on far more covers and you'll find no web pages dedicated to her, no wistful lingering on her tragic, lonely pain.

The film itself---plodding, pointless and I personally DON'T think Jolie is all that in it. For nudie thrills---just rent a porno. For a more accurate and well acted take on heroin addiction (and how people who use it are stupid losers), try "The Panic in Needle Park"
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Why is this a movie? Why would anyone care?
buzzerbill19 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
OK. Let's examine the basics: Gia was beautiful and rose to prominence in the fashion world from humble beginnings in Philadelphia. (Been there, done that, bought the T shirt, moved on.)

She died young. At 26. How sad. (As above:BTDTRBTTSMO)

The Fashion Industry discards people like soiled tissues. (Wow. What an insight. I'll alert the media.)

Anjelina Jolie stars. That, and her breasts. Nice ones. Frequently on display. (Echos of Swordfish and Halle Berry, anyone?)

Gia is a lesbian. (Remarkable. Like, say, one out of every ten women, according to Kinsey, and more on Northeastern college campuses?)

Gia parties.

Gia dies of drugs, booze, and AIDS. (See the connection?)

Gia is a tiresome bitch.

Gia is rather stupid.

And now the question: what do we have from this, tragic story of the young and talented, or the biography of a nasty, self-centered, massively self-destructive, thoroughly unpleasant human being done in by her own character flaws?

You be the judge.

I'm opting for nasty, self-centered, massively self-destructive, thoroughly unpleasant human being.

Watching this film is like getting a root canal without anesthesia while being forced to listen a hellish mix of hip-hop, political speeches, ear splitting bagpipe music, and a whole ward full of shrieking babies. There is nothing in this film of either moral, aesthetic, or dramatic pleasure. If I could go to zero, I would.

Please don't unless you want a combination of second rate sleaze and tired emotional banalities.

On the Gregory the Cat scale--highest being purr--this one is a malodorous dump requiring immediate cleanup of the litter box to avoid toxic fumes.

I do have to admit, however, that the breasts were nice.
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