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A great plan gone awry
budikavlan11 May 2002
It was clear from the beginning of the series that the story had been fairly carefully mapped out. The early ambiguous characterization of the Taelons became clearer as their motivations were revealed, and the righteous fear of the Resistance was confirmed; such gradual exploration of a complex storyline is one of the best elements of Sci-Fi television (I have no idea what semantic distinction is supposed to exist between "science fiction" and "SciFi"--fanatics are always inventing new layers of obfuscation to objectify their opinions). Unfortunately, E:FC has suffered from apparently unplanned cast changes: the departures of Kevin Kilner after the first season and Robert Leeshock after the fourth (though both have made brief return appearances) have plainly disrupted the story. The latter disruption has sapped the drama of its narrative drive, unfortunately; Jayne Heitmeyer's Renee was fine as a secondary character, but just doesn't have the stuff to carry the show. The introduction of the Atavus has the feel of last-minute scrambling too. The Taelons were a deft, sophisticated creation of a fascinating mind, while the atavistic hybrid that succeeded them would be more at home in a cheap horror story. If I'm wrong about the ad hoc storytelling, then Gene Roddenberry's bible wasn't as good as I had thought. In either case, the final season of Final Conflict has been a distinct disappointment.
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Once upon a time this series was great...
Wachenroeder28 July 2001
E:FC Review:

This part goes for the first season: E:FC was one of the most promising science fiction series I ve ever seen. The talons where so completely differnt from all the other alien races in other series. These were no humans with cheap makeup in the face (star trek anybody?), or the nasty nasty aliens from trash sci fi. This race were different. They had their goals, they had their owns definition of moral. But even though they have made "mistakes" in the first season too you always believed that they wanted to help the people. But not only the talons were good. The leading character (Boon), a spy working for the talons and the resistance at the same time. Wearing a alien life form as weapon, lost his wife due to the deeds of the talons, getting a good friend of Da'an. This character was really promising. So was Sandoval, who acted like he acted cause he had a working CVI. IMO the best story of the show was Sandovals freed from the CVI for a short time. Thats were you were able to see the real depth and tragedy of this character.

Now to the later seasons:

I hate them. They destroyed everything that was differnt about E:FC. Just take the new main character Liam. This guy got no past, no personality and he even loses his alien side! "Wheres your shakarawa liam? Oh, I lost it..." DOH!!! And on the top of this the talons became more and more the evil aliens we all know from thousand other science fiction stories...

I suggest you watch the first season of this series. Its really worth it. But then forget it. Dont watch the later seasons. They are destroying everything.
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The de-evolution of a one proud race (and once-proud SERIES)
Asteri-Atypical22 November 2002
Warning: Spoilers
I see I'm not alone in my opinion that this show started off with much promise and lost it along the way. I've read a few of the comments and many agree.

Instead of rehashing the same opinions and going where everybody's gone before, I will add a few of my own thoughts on the series. There are some spoilers ahead but since the series had run its course I will only give this sparse warning.

It's obvious Roddenberry's concept was fascinating as we can see in s1. What makes me wonder is just what WAS the original concept for the following seasons? What elements followed his concept and where did the show depart? It would seem that the concept of the Taelons' desire to use humanity to help them defend against the Jaridians was part of the original concept. So was the concept that humans had the potential to help but were not considered sufficiently evolved; the tension arising from the Taelons' differing views on what to do about it. It would also seem the ultimate resolution to this conflict was to be the joining of the Taelons and Jaridians with the help of the humans.

But what went awry? How detailed were Roddenberry's notes and where were the writers left on their own? What I noticed in general is that the series lacked CONTINUITY. One gets the feeling the writers were constantly changing their minds.

As has been noted, cast changes, starting with Boone's death, did not help keep the continuity. Liam's character was an example of this changing of direction and concept. First, his appearance was too "magical". He was too superhuman, in contrast to Boone's very human character. OK, fine. If you're going to have a superhuman character; then let him play the role and let the 'human' drama play around him. Yet suddenly we see Liam, this 'chosen being', acting more and more like an ordinary human. A change of direction. Then it's obvious the writers change their mind again and try to humanize him. They later even made him 'completely human', which completely contradicted his original concept. It became obvious the writers were changing their minds about what they wanted him to be. His character changes were symptomatic of the overall treatment of the series as it progressed.

Much of the overall concept and 'feel' seemed to keep changing as well. Most drastically in s5 when it's painfully obvious this was an ad hoc plot extension. Possibly because the show was supposed to end at the end of s4 but then they decided to stretch it out another season. Sorry - didn't work. s5 was an entirely different show from s1.

I don't believe I've ever seen a show decline quite the way this one did. I don't even consider s5 as part of the original concept... but even s1-s4 seemed to lose it after the original season. Which is too bad as it could have been one of the most interesting SciFi series ever.

Probably not enough of the mediocre typical TV viewing audience understood s1. One can only imagine that the forces of big-business media, which endlessly panders to the lowest common denominator, is the force which eroded what was initially an interesting concept.
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goes nowhere
ricknorwood1 November 2006
The pilot episode written by Gene Roddenberry is excellent, but the show goes nowhere, all hugger mugger and no real story. Roddenberry's basic idea, that contact between humans and superior aliens will not be all black and white but will be filled with ambiguities, is a good one. Later writers, however, think in terms of good aliens and bad aliens. The use of female actors to play androgynous aliens was a good idea, but in later seasons everybody except Da'an overdoes it. In the third season, there are a number of scripts by Howard Cheykin, who is an excellent writer, and who wrote some memorable episodes of The Flash TV series, as well as some great graphic novels. However, he is unable to do anything here, because he is locked in to what is really not a workable story line. I have not watched the fifth season, but I have read that it throws out most of what was established in the first four. For scifi completists only.
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Great Sci-Fi TV
felixernie20 January 2003
There is no doubt Gene Roddenberry is a genius. Earth Final Conflict deserves to be measured in the same greatness as Star Trek. Equally superb vision and equally enjoyable.

What set EFC apart was it's amazing realism. The producers went to great lengths to fuse Taelon technology into earth's daily lives. The atmosphere alone is awesome. The characters are very human, even the Taelons. Despite their tranquil and sedated movements, they have their good and evil sides just like the rest of us. It is amazing how Gene Roddenberry was able to conceive that in a believable alien context. In the show, the Resistance is fighting as much against the Taelons as against humans. Every episode was filled with suspense. EFC is the prove that good story can win without huge SFX budgets. Mr. Roddenberry, YOU'RE THE BEST!

The consistent cast changes did hurt the show. But every thing was still in order: the Taelons with their hidden agendas, the humans still mixed with conflicting thoughts about their alien visitors. It's sad to see characters come and go, but the spirits were not lost. It is a little sad to see such a good show on a slow downward spiral. The realism is slowly taken over with special effects. Open land is replaced with Taelon-styled interiors, our heros' pistols are replaced with energy weapons, etc. But all were still in order......until the Atavus arrived.

That spelt the end of EFC (much like the marriage killed the Lois & Clark show). It took away a large part of what made the show interesting. The Taelons are gone, the humans no longer seem human, and the plot gets slower and slower by the episode. All the original characters are gone except Palmer. And the intelligence that was seen in earlier seasons are gone. I'm not going to get into details of why people didn't like season 5. It held together only long enough to give EFC a decent ending. I guess Mr. Roddenberry's notes were all used up by season 4. I bet this show would have excelled if he himself were here to steer it as it goes.

Despite its evident failure in season 5, EFC remained one of my favourites. It's a look into humans, and what we would have done if aliens do come. ("aliens" here refering to higher intelligence, not every other race of destructive monsters seen in other shows and movies)
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5 year synopsis
douglasp5 July 2004
Year 1: near genius, entertaining, thought provoking.

Years 2-4: Mediocre, some nice short skirts from time-to-time but that's about all.

Year 5: Deus Ex Machina, and not in a good way. This season was a form of insanity. Watching the principles struggle through this silliness was very painful.

There are so many good TV shows today there's no point in watching this.

For older TV that blows away most of today's TV and movies check out:

The Prisoner (1967) The Singing Detective (1986) I, Claudius (1976)
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Remarkable Idea!
ANGEL-S12 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
... but, keep an 'open mind'.

I was a teenager (about 17-18) when I saw the first season on my local TV (back in '98) and I was immediately obsessed with this "alien" series! I do not recall that any TV show had such a strong impact on my poor little SciFi soul since I was a kid (hint: Star Trek - The Next Generation). This was something completely different, deep and exciting at the same time. I do not recall if any SciFi show took the challenge portraying a possible human-alien relationship in a deep social & philosophical way except EFC. Forget naive, mediocre, cheap plots served in most SciFi series (well, including famous The X-Files saga) with unexplored/unexplained "conspiracy" in the background. This show had had "something", I cannot define exactly what, some secret chemistry which filled every part of my heart & soul. Outstanding visual appearance, genuine alien make-up (& voice altering technique) created truly realistic in-depth portrait of the Taelons aliens in such a fashion unseen ever before. Every SciFi fan's dream almost became reality. Until recent months I was unable to see rest of the seasons and all this years I was really building a great expectation for it.

Where's Boone? First half of the season 2 had some serious problems, actors struggled with lack of continuity, Lisa Howard (Lili Marquette) and Richard Chevalleau (Augur) had a hard task to accept Richard Leeshock (Liam Kincaid) as their new "true" leader (so, Boone was just "warming us up"). Stories were predictable, with not enough philosophical depth. In fact, I think that entire 2nd season was a repetition of the very same stories (in mixed order) from the previous season - with the only one difference - main character was switched! Second half of season 2 finally landed on it's feet and succeeded to establish new order (deal with it - or leave). Liam and Lili became a "team" against the Taelons, with help of Augur, off course, great finale of season 2 was brilliant and unpredictable. Okay, I forgive "them" for the Boon's dead, just leave the main crew intact, OK?

Wait, now Lili's gone, too!? Season #3 - new shock! I thought that no one will ever leave this show (with great potential and initial story), but devil's never asleep. Again, stupid storyline, whenever a leading character "has to leave", writers incorporate that cheap moral stuff like: "This is my destiny" or "I have to leave now... I feel it was meant to be". Anyway, season #3 was interesting in some moments, but not in original fashion that season 1 introduced. Introduction of Renee Palmer (Jayne Heitmeyer), actress that really has a potential but def. not in SciFi series (rather in some action/love genre) gave a hard effort to look as realistic resistance fighter. Later, in season #3 she manages to grasp chemistry with Liam, but that will never be the same as Lili had with Boone. Kevin Kilner was great, his face had so many layers - it looked as he was serious & smiling at the same time, it was mystical, same as show. Liam's appearance was so much simpler, naive, how should I say... straight forward ("I am a good guy, you can trust me"). Reccuring role of Lisa Howard as Lili Marquette at the season #3 finale was very poor and disappointing for me. I expected much serious approach, there was no trace of old Lili I've used to know, she changed a lot somehow... a warrior, a temperament mystic girl evolved to a soft 'mother'. (Personal observation: Lisa Howard was pregnant during the season #2 and eventually became mother in real life (daughter Sofia), so this was maybe the intended "parallel" writers used in the show, but that was so off-the-original-course I actually expected - a much serious real Jaridian invasion was in order).

And so the 4th season began... guess who's missing now? Frustration about Lili left a bitter taste in my mouth, now Augur left the series from this point (appeared later in 3 episodes as a guest star) and was "replaced" with some neurotic funny girl named Street (Melinda Deines). Perhaps casting personnel really discovered Melinda on the street and that's how she got her name "Street" in the show. :) First half of season #4 was pretty much the same thing as major episodes in season #3, even worse 'cause Augur wasn't there; constant drifting around the same plot variations (e.g. Taelon conspiracy & experiments on humanity), simple, one-dimensional characters and plot layering almost burned out all the efforts incorporated before. But suddenly there comes a breakthrough: from the episode 4.13 "Dark Matter" series finally finds new way, almost sound like the writers decided to get back on original course and from that point new hope reveals on dark horizon. Unfortunately, not for long…

And now for something completely different: No more Taelons, no more Da'an (great Leni Parker and yes, she's a woman!), no more Jaridians... only beasts and Pam Anderson :) I really wasn't strong enough to watch entire last season. Complete disaster of anything was told from the very beginning, a rip-off version other mediocre shows like Buffy, Angel, poor elements of Alien (Sigurney Weaver). New faces came out of nowhere brings the show to the dead end. Even Boone's Awakening was done intensionally, probably to boost poor TV rating... for viewer's sake, why didn't awakened him few years earlier???

Final words: Conclusion is impossible for such a multi-dimensional series (after all), there's always a hope (as Da'an used to say): some day humanity will evolve to a new level (maybe) where those mistakes seen in this TV series won't happen anymore. Maybe there will be a remake some day, even full feature movie (who knows), but for me now only exists 4 seasons of this great show and I imagined my own version of the end. ;-)

Sinauhi Euhura
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A show with much promise... promise which died off in s2.
surak-411 April 2000
Well, WHAT have they done to my favorite show?? Earth: Final Conflict used to be a wonderful series. In the first season, it was about a contact with a truly _different_ alien race, called the Taelons. Outwardly peaceful and benevolent, secretly altering the future of humanity. They weren't evil, just desperate (although we didn't know it). They weren't good, because they did bad things to us. Then came the second season. Lots of action. Little thought. Liam. Liam is a hybrid. Half Kimeran (another alien race), half human. He quickly became Mr. Superman-like-character. This was _BAD_ TV. Now we are presented with season 3. Pretty good, although Liam is as stiff as ever, Renee is his sidekick (both characters are so flat they could practically interchange lines at any point). Perhaps season 4 will be better. I doubt it though. There is something wrong with the writers on this show. Unless you are looking for disappointment when s4 gets here, don't get too involved.
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A show that lost it's direction more than once
chungdogg9 November 2001
When Kevin Kilner left at the end of the first season, the show lost it's heart. They killed off the principal character and his drive and the show shriveled up for a while. Leeshock and his character eventually adjusted but the story still suffered, with the Taelons having so many twists and turns that they lost all mystique; now Leeshock's character is presumably dead and now there's Heitymeyer and her character with an almost Buffy:the Vampire Slayer storyline. The show has lost it's direction more than once in 5 years-what else would you expect since Rodenberry's notes could only last so long and hack writers take over? and it's time that they brought things to a merciful end.
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The Good, the bad, the ugly
katparker28 January 2002
I have been watching EFC since the beginning. For the most part the show is very good (season 1 to 4). During the fourth season the plot began to go down hill and the fifth season is only watchable for laughs (as only one person from the first season remained). Over all the scripts a well written and complex yet understandable. If you like shows about the little guy winning watch EFC.
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Best Science Fiction Series
leon_d_geeste9 May 2011
I'm shocked to see so many negative ratings. Earth Final Conflict presents a storyline in which the concept of humanity is constantly being challenged. Rather than focusing on a battle between "good" and "evil", EFC focuses on the shades of gray in between. If you're looking for a series with loads of scantly-clad alien chicks, explosions and lightsaber battles then this is not the series for you. The strength of this series lies in its social commentary and also in its exploration of refreshing concepts: aliens that are weak and charismatic rather than predatory; strong and unique female characters; cutthroat villains that are somehow tragic and admirable.

As for EFC's weaknesses: William Boone is somewhat monotone in his delivery, yet by the end of the series he still comes across as a likable character. Liam Kincaid is the stereotypically perfect, morally righteous character. While every other character undergoes moments where their moralistic nature fails, Liam comes across as a Jesus figure, which may be accepted by some while scorned by others. It's true that Season 5 completely destroyed the series. It felt like a complex battle of wits and treachery was suddenly transformed into an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That said, Season 1-4 presents a science fiction that is fresh and captivating.
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a TV series in search of some direction
MartinHafer20 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
It's rare to see a TV series start so strong and lose its way so quickly. The first season of this series was great and its paranoid underpinnings were fantastic. However, as the series continued, I kept waiting for these paranoid machinations to pan out and SOMETHING of value be revealed. Unfortunately, many times these story lines were completely forgotten or contradicted--as if the writing staff was periodically fired and completely replaced. This also occurred with the characters--as my favorite characters were killed off and replaced by imminently forgettable ones. And, for several seasons I watched and waited and waited and then NOTHING! I got sick of waiting and stopped watching--and, by that time, so had most of the audience. This show is a great example of a show that starts well and ultimately is cast adrift to float in limbo. My advice,...don't watch in the first place, as there are MUCH better sci-fi shows that will satisfy (such as Babylon 5, Stargate SG-1 or any of the Star Trek series--even Deep Space 9).
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The ashes of paradise
Freemheart30 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Earth Final Conflict began like a new world, a new vision from the creator of Star trek, something fresh and unique full of great elements. A very good cast with an extremely credible Kevin Kilner as William Boone, an ex cop good begins to work as guard of some kind of ambassador of a mysterious alien race (Talons), after the dead of his wife in strange circumstances. But soon the character of Kilner joins to a group with the mission to discover what are the truth intentions of the aliens, why they seem to be so nice and care for the human race. Soon this resistance group begin to discover the sinister plans of the Talons using the humans in they own problems to survive they own destruction. As I said before, the show began great, all was almost perfect, including characters like Da'an, the original Da'an was a big mystery because he seems to be a nice creature but at the same time he has his own evil plans manipulating some people in earth. Soon came Zo'or who wasn't bad but... mark the beginning of the fall of this show because he became the first big enemy of humans, the incarnation of evil, killing what could be something greater in Da'an. The first seasons ends in a great way with the dead of Boone and the second shows a new lead character (Liam) an hybrid being of human and Kimera (another alien race) with some very interesting powers. He replace Kilner character in a good way so another storylines make it better, including the conflict with the jaridians and the atavus. But as I said lines before the evilness of Zo'or begin to take more importance so the new conflicts were less realistic as the same Talons. With time the whole great storyline of the alien roots of Liam where almost totally erased the same with other things of the previous seasons. So when the final season began the original Earth Final conflict was just an almost forgotten dreams, all the magic was missing, just to let some vain intents to keep alive the show including the return of Kilner and Liam for a few episodes. The final episode was just the evidence of how bad was the show with so many bad changes (to think the writers of some episodes didn't know anything about the first stories), it was one of the worst end I have ever seen in a TV show. A real shame because Earth Final Conflict began like something unique, fresh, the stories the cast, after watch so many show from USA, something from Canada from the mind of the creator of Star trek was wonderful but in the end all change to worse. I hope someday someone make a remake of this show, of course using nothing from season fourth and fifth (except the cast, everyone were perfect in his work). I still can dream in a better things.
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A disappointing end to a promising idea
DrSamba26 November 2002
I really enjoyed this series when it first came out. Although the idea of benevolent-seeming aliens with ulterior motives is not new (see the original Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man"), EFC gave it a new and fresh approach. Add to that the intrigue between Da'an and Zo'or and the other Taelons, the power struggles within the Resistance, and the Machiavellian Sandoval, and you had a story with some real promise.

Unfortunately, the loss of Kevin Kilner as Boone towards the end of the first season, signaled the beginning of a string of cast changes that disrupted the continuity of the series and the story line (to paraphrase a line from "The Outlaw Josey Wales": when I get to liking a character, they don't stay around very long). Robert Leeshock put in a fine performance as Liam Kincaid; but I felt Liam became less interesting the more "human" he became. As part alien, he straddled both sides of the fence and could bond with Da'an in ways that no human ever could; but as a human, he was just one more resistance fighter.

Another disturbing trend--and maybe it's my own imagination--was the tendency to cast women based on their brassiere sizes. I thought nothing of it with Lisa Howard--I thought her portrayal of Lili Marquette was first-rate--but then with the introduction, shortly after Lili's disappearance, of Jayne Heitmeyer as Renee Palmer, I became more suspicious. The final straw was Lori Alter's well-endowed and scantily-camisoled Ehrengraf wrestling with Liam in the final moments of "Emancipation". All we needed was the Jell-O. Were they TRYING for the adolescent male audience? I'm not criticizing the acting abilities of any of these women; I'm just saying that it was hard to take the series seriously after that.

Finally, would it have been rocket science to choose a less transparent name than Doors International? Jonathan DOORS--Bill GATES??? (Not to mention Microsoft WINDOWS(R)!)

I can't comment at all on the fifth season--once I saw the Atavus appear and started reading some of the story lines, it just became too painful to bear.
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Amazing that it was able to last 5 seasons
freddyj88820021 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I was fortunate to have not watched this show when it was on television. I just discovered it on You Tube this past week. Being a huge SYFY and Gene Roddenberry Fan I have watched most of the first two seasons. The first season was interesting, but not very good. The show centered around a main character, William Boone (Kevin Kilner), who they lost in the second season. He did an excellent job of keeping the first season interesting, but still not good. The second season, which I am working on now is just a disaster. It is obvious that Gene, despite creating this, had nothing to do with writing it. This scripts are really, really bad. There is very little science fiction in any of it. Adding a space ship to a soap opera isn't really science fiction. In my summary I said that I was amazed that this show was allowed to continue for so long. This mess of a show was allowed to go 5 seasons and 110 episodes. Shows now days are lucky to get 2 or three seasons of 10 to 12 episodes. It seems as though 20 years ago, people were more tolerant of junk on TV. I am not recommending that you don't watch it, I am only telling you how I felt about it. Try it and see what you think. Like I said I found it on You Tube.
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Good, but best early on
Merik5 January 2003
Warning: Spoilers
E:FC was a fairly enjoyable science fiction show. Sure, it didn't look extremely polished -- even I'll admit the skrills on the human agents' wrists looked more like plastic and rubber than an engineered lifeform. But what the show did do was paint a very believable future of the world and the human race after the arrival of a society of aliens loaded with incredible technology levels matched with a benevolence just as incredible -- but a deep, dark agenda for humanity.

The aliens -- the Taelons -- were quite well-done, I thought, the best part of the series. The Taelons are an energy-based species, whose bodies are little more than a shell. They seem somewhat ephemeral, almost celestial and ageless. Everything about them is precise and measured, and the actors convey this well in their careful and exacting use of English and their restrained motion.

My only regret (shared with many) is the loss of Kilner as Boone. I understand that it helps the realism to actually have heros die (it's what many do before they ever became great heros, even), but the show wasn't quite as good after. Kincaid was okay, but Boone helped the show as a very believable, very human character, in a setting where everyone else is hardly a "normal" human at all anymore. Unflappable but competent and skilled, Boone was nothing special except he was in the right place at the right time. Instead, we ended up with a human/alien hybrid who grew up within a day's time; and then a filthy-rich (well, formerly, perhaps) woman with a lot of favors to call in, on a personal crusade.
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2010 - I am hooked!
agape-596-1211339 September 2010
I never heard of this series when it was running...pretty busy during those years. I accidentally came upon it at Amazon and hunted down the first episode. I WAS HOOKED!! I can't stop! This series is amazing! Mystery, intrigue, twists and turns.....just when you think you know whats going to happen...BAM, something else happens! The story lines are extremely well written and the characters, and their development, are fabulous, especially the two main Taelon characters, Zo'or and Da'an. The actress who plays Zo'or is amazing at portraying haughtiness and arrogance! I love hating the character!

I am in the middle of Season 3 and find it hard to stop watching one after another. I watched all five seasons of Andromeda two years ago, proclaiming it as my all time fav, but this series has knocked it out of first position. Earth Final Conflict is now my all time favorite and I HIGHLY recommend this series!
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This show has humbled a skeptic.
xanada738 April 2001
I have to say that I wasn't fair to this show in the beginning, and it still isn't my favourite, but after having watched it for a while I grudgingly admit it is the best science fiction on television. That's right, science fiction, not sci-fi. The aliens are prissy, the characters are flat (except for Sandoval, who's evilly likeable), and the special effects are imperfect, but each episode deluges it's viewers with the everyday application of real, well-thought out science centuries beyond our own. More research goes into five minutes of this show than an entire season of "Andromeda." There are an average of two amazingly ubiquitious special effects shots a minute. And whereas in almost every other series the tendency of the storyline to return to an unchanging equilibrium is a stumbling block, here it is done so brilliantly one ends up marvelling at how the writers pulled it off. I don't care if it ends or not (because, as I said, the story almost never deviates, so it could really end at any time), but I will agree that it's a hundred times better than any "Star Trek" series every was, and deserves to be Gene Roddenberry's most remembered idea. And it's distinctly Canadian feel, similar to and yet different than that of "The X-Files," makes it a great showcase for this fantastic country! Let's hope Paramount goes bankrupt, the Trekkies find real lives for themselves, and history can base it's opinion of Mr. Roddenberry on fact rather than fandom.
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From brilliant to mediocre
adashiel30 June 2001
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I've stuck with it, but to be honest, E:FC hasn't been worth my time since the first season. What's so tragic is it got things right almost immediately, and then abandoned it all for the second year. After killing off the strong central character, and dumbing down the plot, it has become a hollow shell of its former self. It has improved somewhat since the disastrous second season, but with the alien races cast so unsympathetically, there's little hope it will ever be as good as it once was.
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One of the best - EVER!
tony-263 February 1999
After watching the First series from start to end, and now being 5 episodes into the second series, I can conclude that this is definitely Gene Roddenberry's finest work, totally eclipsing Star Trek and all it's spin off's. The depth of the story and long term vision are astounding and the way in which small pieces of information are released which seem irrelevant at the time, but a year or so later are fundamental to the story is nothing short of genius. This is definitely one of the first Sci-fi's to rival Babylon5 in its story arc. I hope it continues to do as well during the rest of its 5 year arc.
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One of the better Roddenberry ideas
slam_tilt18 September 2002
Warning: Spoilers
I don't believe this is the best science fiction on TV at the moment, but it is good nonetheless. I will switch over and watch re-runs of Stargate SG-1 before I will watch this show. In the begining of Earth: Final Conflict the premise for the show was a good one. It's about a benevolent alien race called the Taelons that arrive on earth. They allign themselves with the worlds nations and end a long running war whilst sharing their technology with earth ending most of our diseases. In return mankind, the skeptical beasts that we are, ask the question, why? An underground movement of resistance fighters soon form and thus the human uprising begins. Wow! what a plot line. Only Gene Roddenberry could come up with that one. Okay so it's "V" for the new Millennium. I actually liked this show when it first started but when they killed off William Boone, I lost interest. Boone was the character everyone could relate to. He was flawed and to some degree naive to the powers that be around him. Liam Kinkaid was too unbelieveable. He did everything perfectly and therefore I couldn't relate to him. Canada can definately be proud of this show it really erasses the memory of Lexx.
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Sad, just sad
SunshineHillbilly17 July 2018
I had intended to watch this show for years, I finally started a few months ago. Now I wish I had not, the writing and the acting are beneath soap opera standards. Pitiful.
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EFC: A story well told - Don't confuse stories with television packages!
Enrique-Sanchez-5623 September 2002
What sets EFC apart from all other series is that it reflects real life to a degree unexpected and uncomfortable.

In reality, people move, move on, die, change, change their political affiliations, come into your life out of the blue...all without reasons told or motivations revealed. Yeah, that's reality. And, yeah, that's EFC.

Apparently some viewers expected to hold onto their "favorite characters" as if they were somehow the only thing going on.

The only thing going on here was a story. A story which had changing characters but whose underlying story line took us to unexpected tangents, thrilling twists and high points few expected - or frankly: were ready to experience.

Television series are usually made to please the "comfort levels" of its viewers. The comfort level of 'continuing characters' or 'straight lines' in real life is a myth. Why rehash that? Why continue on copying old methods?

What have been indicated and vehemently declared as plot holes and other inconsistencies are, in fact, very consistent with reality.

In EFC, what would have been the purpose of simply using old, tired, time-tested methods to present a story?

Why couldn't a new approach work? Why would the Roddenberry legacy and its teams want to watch an old approach again?

I thought SCI-FI fans like myself, demanded...that our stories be as real and unusual as possible?

With EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT, all that seemed old was discarded...and the result was an apotheosis of storytelling and with the final episodes, the result was cathartic and culminating to the nth degree.

Any other analysis is lacking in depth and displays attitudes where true freedom of thought and story development are stifled by worn-out conventions.

EFC is, was, a fine series and I believe that careful, patient study of the entire product is what it deserves.
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A yawning, trudging series of disappointment
Amadio4 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I love sci-fi and am willing to put up with a lot. Sci-fi movies/TV are usually underfunded, under-appreciated and misunderstood. I tried to like this, I really did, but it is to good TV sci-fi as Babylon 5 is to Star Trek (the original). Silly prosthetics, cheap cardboard sets, stilted dialogues, CG that doesn't match the background, and painfully one-dimensional characters cannot be overcome with a 'sci-fi' setting. (I'm sure there are those of you out there who think Babylon 5 is good sci-fi TV. It's not. It's clichéd and uninspiring.) While US viewers might like emotion and character development, sci-fi is a genre that does not take itself seriously (cf. Star Trek). It may treat important issues, yet not as a serious philosophy. It's really difficult to care about the characters here as they are not simply foolish, just missing a spark of life. Their actions and reactions are wooden and predictable, often painful to watch. The makers of Earth KNOW it's rubbish as they have to always say "Gene Roddenberry's Earth..." otherwise people would not continue watching. Roddenberry's ashes must be turning in their orbit as this dull, cheap, poorly edited (watching it without advert breaks really brings this home) trudging Trabant of a show lumbers into space. Spoiler. So, kill off a main character. And then bring him back as another actor. Jeeez! Dallas all over again.
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I have no idea what show everyone else is watching
shoobe01-117 July 2018
I could not trudge through more than a couple of episodes. And apparently, it starts off brilliantly then falls on it's face. It's hard to imagine that. Did they invent technology in the later season to actually punch viewers in the face?

From the start it's just horrible. 1960s soap opera horrible. Wooden acting, but at least they have unconvincing dialogue to deliver badly. Comical effects and prosthetics, which no one can see so they leave in the part where everyone is impressed by the weak spaceships and tiny sets. Impossibly trite storylines. Stupid characters, who cannot see the obvious and argue because that is what is on the page.

I'll give low-budget SF a chance if it tries. Babylon 5 is watchable to me, as an example. Hell, I watched half of The Starlost, and it was badly butchered and is cheap as hell. But no, just no to Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict.
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