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Season 2

5 Jan. 1980
Call of the Dead
Hard line General Muller visits Richter and accuses him of leniency with Dr. Martel and Peter after Reinicke reported him. Reinicke is promoted but so too is Richter. Once again Reinicke is made to feel out of step with the other German officers. Wracked with guilt over causing Peter's imprisonment and killing the Luftwaffe officer, Clare becomes depressed and Dr. Forbes, standing in for her father, is unable to reach her. After she is arrested for trespassing on the beach where Willy died, Clare walks into the sea to drown herself.
12 Jan. 1980
Reception for the General
Clare is pulled alive from the sea and taken home to recover, her court case for trespass postponed. She is delirious and Richter hears her murmur that she killed the Luftwaffe pilot but he keeps quiet about it. Müller wants to organize a reception, a propaganda exercise inviting local worthies to meet him, but the other Germans know that the islanders' antipathy to their occupiers would mean that nobody turned up. It is left to Reinicke to tell him this. The Germans are mystified that meat is being stolen on a regular basis from their cold store. The culprit is ...
19 Jan. 1980
Angels That Soar Above
Hauptmann Anders is accused of supposedly passing on details of troop movements to Marguerite, a local girl he befriended, and is suspended from duty. He pleads not guilty but his arrogant stance does not help. Ultimately, he admits guilt but Kluge believes he is lying, to spare the girl who merely guessed where the soldiers were headed. Dr. Martel is released from prison, angry and shocked at what he has seen. He visits a distant Clare who is being cared for by nuns in a convent.
26 Jan. 1980
No Quarter Given
Foster-Smythe continues to be a studied thorn in the Germans' sides, complaining that the confiscation of civilian radios is illegal. However, when a tip-off that he has hidden his own radio leads to a search of his house, Hoffman, one of Kluge's men who has an English wife and pro-British feelings, finds it but says nothing. Foster-Smythe is then told that his house is to be used as a billet but before this can take place his Nigerian housekeeper and lover, Lily, is deliberately run over and killed by drunken SS men. Richter and Kluge want a murder trial but are ...
2 Feb. 1980
Committee Man
John Ambrose asks Dr. Martel to rejoin the controlling committee as a health officer but he demurs,not wanting the pressure. The Germans' market garden is sabotaged when their fuel is run off, making it impossible to water their produce. As a result, Hellmann, an overzealous member of Muller's staff, goes behind his back and rations the islanders' water supply. Ambrose protests but Richter tells him to get a medical opinion before he can consider reversing the decision and suggests he tries Dr. Martel again. As a consequence the doctor reluctantly rejoins the ...
9 Feb. 1980
Post Mortem
Released from prison, Peter confronts Teddy Lupus, accusing him of collaboration. The two men argue and fight. Teddy is found dead and Peter's prints are on a wrench. However, Peter claims that he only disarmed Lupus of the wrench, knocked him unconscious and left. He is still charged with murder but Kluge's investigations lead him to Heller, a German who sold stolen petrol to Lupus. Dr. Martel conducts a post mortem which showed that Lupus actually died of a heart attack and the assailant who caused it is proved to be Heller, thus exonerating Peter.
16 Feb. 1980
The Raid
The Germans have built a frequency detector on Sark to give early warning against British night bombers and Allied troops plan a raid to destroy it along with the electricity generator. A group lands in the guise of fishermen, enlisting the knowledge of local boy Jamie Robertson. When one of the commandos is wounded Jamie and his mother tend him but they are interrupted by Heinrich Kessel, a German soldier friendly with the Robertsons, and the British shoot him. The equipment is successfully destroyed with three of the party giving themselves up to let the others ...
23 Feb. 1980
Already jealous that, late in life, her brother Bill married the younger,German-born piano teacher Hertha, Marjory Clifford's resentment grows as she sees them befriend young officer Helmut Wolf, a piano student of Hertha's. She writes an anonymous letter, accusing Hertha of black market activities after she sells cigars Helmut gave her. No evidence is found but Richter,aware that Reinicke dislikes Helmut, sends him to the mainland to save him whilst Bill is interned,along with Hertha, after Marjory's meddling leads the Germans to discover that he was born in England,...
1 Mar. 1980
War Game
Kluge decides to revive the inter-island chess tournament as a morale-boosting P.R. exercise despite misgivings by Richter and Dr. Martel that a German victory would cause resentment among the islanders. When Reinicke uses dirty tricks to force the local chess master Arthur Gardner to withdraw from the final against former champion Muller to ensure a German propaganda win, Arthur's wife Louise takes his place and beats Muller. Muller is gracious in defeat but Richter is furious with Reinicke after Dr. Martel has exposed his dirty dealings.
8 Mar. 1980
The Right Blood
Standartenführer Grunwald arrives on Guernsey, ostensibly to set up a concentration camp. However, he is the uncle of Eric, the illegitimate son of single mother Betty Ridge, who is struggling to make ends meet. Grunwald wants to take Eric to Germany to have a better life with the Grunwald family but Betty refuses. Although Grunwald respects her decision, Reinicke, anxious to worm his way in with the Standartenführer, tricks Betty into handing the child over.
15 Mar. 1980
From a View to a Death
Russian slave prisoner Kiril Kamerovsky kills a German guard and escapes, being hidden by Jenny Glover and her family at great risk to themselves, calling in Dr. Martel as Kiril has pneumonia. Kluge learns that Kiril's father is a high-ranking Russian general and that Kiril is well-read so he gets one of his men to follow Jenny when she goes to get him library books. The Glovers are arrested but Kiril has been moved to the Porteouses. Kiril is arrested on false papers and Reinicke, going behind Richter's back, tortures him to death before he can implicate the Glovers....
22 Mar. 1980
The Education of Nils Borg
Nils Borg,a journalist from neutral Sweden, arrives to see how the occupiers and the islanders coexist. He is accompanied by Trudi Engel from Goebbels' Ministry of Propaganda, who is keen that he only sees things favourable to the Germans. However, local journalist Jack Foster, who runs an underground newspaper reporting on the outside world, informs him of the deaths of slave workers on Alderney. Nils is fair-minded and anxious to publish his story from Stockholm but Trudi intercepts it and shows it to Reinicke. Consequently, Jack is jailed and Nils, his story ...
29 Mar. 1980
After his farm has been repeatedly plundered by Germans, who killed his dog, Walter Nicolle confronts and kills the latest intruder. However, he is caught trying to bury the body. Peter, desperate to escape from Guernsey, agrees to leave a letter admitting to the killing in exchange for the use of Walter's boat but his escape is not as he had imagined.

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