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1 Feb. 1997
Apes of Wrath
Rhesus 2 destroys the "holo-boon generator" and the replacement they get creates an evil dictator who unleashes his "holo-boon horde" on the Simians.
8 Feb. 1997
Mind Over Monkey
A psycho-neutron annihilator bomb destroys all life forms and can protect itself from being discovered. And Rhesus 2 has just put one on the Simian ship, forcing the monkeys to face their fears in order to disarm the bomb.
25 Jan. 1997
Monkey Puzzle Man
The Simians befriend a slick-talking traveler named Largo, who captures the crew for Rhesus 2 by assuming their personalities and characteristics.
15 Feb. 1997
Planet of the Humans
On a primitive planet, the Monkeys find two aliens undergoing a rite of passage. One alien befriends the monkeys, the other joins a group trying to capture the Monkeys. An intervention shows that things aren't what they seem.
1 Mar. 1997
Felonius Monks
The crew is kidnapped by Apax and only Shao Lin can save them.
22 Feb. 1997
Little House on the Primate
A microscopic-size ship of alien pioneers is looking for a home, and they settle for Spydor's rear end. Simian and the others shrink down to find and convince the intruders to go elsewhere.
19 Apr. 1997
The Maltese Monkey
Damaged in battle, the Simian ship lands on the planet Maltese. So the crew follows the Orbitron's trail through a noir-world of alien gangsters and molls, where nothing is what it seems.
26 Apr. 1997
Escape from the Plant of the Apes
The Simians encounter a ship full of plants and trees, the last survivors of a dead planet. The ship needs a gardener and Gor-illa wants to do it.
3 May 1997
Rhesus Pieces
A powerful being calling himself the Glyph offers Simian the chance of destroying Nebula. The plan is to lure Rhesus 2 into a trap and get him to lead them to his master. But the crew soon discovers that their new ally has an agenda of his own.
10 May 1997
A Clockwork Orang
The Space Monkeys need a few androids to help in defending the universe. When the crew searches for more advanced machines on Cyber 1, they find the planet is run by Matrix, who believes he has created a whole civilization of robots.
17 May 1997
Surf Monkeys Must Dive!
In the Caelin system, the primate ship is shot down and sinks into the pink ocean covering the planet. But the monkeys don't drown and now find they must stop the two warring factions on the planet before they destroy it.
7 Jun. 1997
The Mandrill Who Knew Too Much, Part 1
Nebula has figured out how get his hands on the GLOP generator. The Space Monkeys rush to the scene, as does Mandrax, a mysterious mandrill with unimaginable powers. What will Mandrax do?
14 Jun. 1997
Ape-pocalypse Now! Part 2
Nebula has the GLOP generator but needs one last part from the Primate Avenger. Attacked by the ganglia, the Space Monkeys are snared in Rhesus' energy net and about to be tortured. Will they be saved by their captain?
21 Jun. 1997
Ape-pocalypse... A Little Later! Part 3
Capt Simian is lost on a world of illusion, and only a visit from the mysterious mandrill Mandrax can save him. Can he stop the madman Nebula from using the final component he needs to destroy the universe?

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