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An excellent movie
MinorityReporter9 August 2005
Who said all movie series become worse with every installment? Lethal Weapon 4 is probably the best fourth movie in a series ever. I find it incredible that the magic is still there. The main characters still feed of each other and their friendship (both on set and off set) is clearly felt in every scene they have together. Mel Gibson has finally laid the ghost of his wife to rest and is as chipper as ever. He does this without seeming truly obnoxious (even though that is a part of his character). In fact he seems more likable in this film than he did in all the previous films. Danny Glover reprises his role from the previous movies and that is not a bad thing because the Murtaugh role is the best of his career. Rene Ruso returns in her part and although it has been cut down considerably its still a decent role. Joe Pesci is also back and this time around he gets to add some depth to the character (something that was missing in the previous film). Chris Rock is decent. He isn't much of an actor but he is pretty funny and fresh. His part also adds a little something to the all-round comedy of the film, but if you want to know what it is you will have to watch the movie yourself. Jet Li is the villain in this movie and while he is the weakest villain in the series acting wise, he is definitely the most menacing.

The action is still brilliant despite the fact that the actors are getting older. The story is decent for a fourth film and the overall execution is brilliant. I actually prefer this film to the second and third of the series because I find it to be more entertaining overall. It cuts down on the seriousness (even though its still there) and adds a lot to the comedy and this is a very good choice.

All in all an excellent film. Highly recommendable for all fans of action movies and the series in particular.

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Lethal Weapon 4 - Great ending to a great series
bujinbudoka23 April 2006
This movie is the end of a series which spanned almost two decades.

This time around Riggs (Gibson) is facing three very personal problems. 1) Age is catching up to him, 2) his g/f is pregnant and he's facing being a daddy, and 3) he's facing the dilemma of wanting to remarry. Also, Murtaugh (Glover) is about to be a grand-daddy to a baby by his oldest daughter, and she is secretly married to Detective Butters (Chris Rock), which everyone is keeping a secret from him.

Add to this the fact that both they are now taking on one of the most powerful crime syndicates in the world, the Chinese Triads, in an effort to stop slave trading and money laundering. The task of a bad guy this time goes to Jet Li, who made his American debut (atleast from an American Film Company) in this movie. Yes, this is the movie which launched him here in the states, and he deserved it.

This movie is as good as the rest of them, though nothing beats part 2 in my opinion. Lethal Weapon 4 really hits home on a lot of subjects, such as facing responsibility, to coming to terms with who you are. And it ended the series in a way that makes you smile and love it even more.

I give it a 9 out of 10.
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A Solid Sequel
gaccrev17 January 2005
OK... so the language is gratuitous. Just having Chris Rock on set put it over the top. But his acting aside, I thought this was a worthy addition to one of the best cop/buddy series around. It was enjoyable to see the characters we love deal with the inevitabilities of aging and the fierce loyalty of friendship. Some of the mystery is gone and it feels like a pair of comfortable shoes. But aren't those shoes your favorite ones? It was interesting to see the development of Lorna and Riggs' relationship, as well as the growing up of the Murtaugh kids. It makes you feel like you're catching up with old friends at a reunion! Plenty of action and the incredible work of Jet Li make this movie a favorite at my house. Overall, a great wrap-up to the series and a lot of fun for long time fans. Worth seeing! If the language is a real issue, watch for it on TNT and enjoy the edited version.
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Perfect balance between comedy and action
MrOtioc17 March 2006
Well, the script in the film is brilliant. Joe Pesci, as always, makes the crowd laugh until they have tears in their eyes. Just by having Chris Rock in the cast makes the film worthy of watching. Just like the other lethal weapon films, there's the great duo that makes this film shine, and of course that i am talking about Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. My favorite part of the movie is where Joe Pesci has a little "argument" with Danny Glover, and the constant mistakes by Mel saying the name of Cris Rock's character are hilarious. The roof top jumping and the last fight with Jet Li was also great. So if you haven't seen this, get some some money from your parents and go and rent it!!!
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The Magic Was Still There
Big Movie Fan23 May 2002
It is extremely rare for the fourth film in a series to be just as good as it's three predecessors. Lethal Weapon 4 was awesome.

Mel Gibson and Danny Glover had no trouble recreating the magic from the first three films. The humour was there, the action was there and the chemistry between them was there. Joe Pesci was back as Leo Getz.

Lethal Weapon 3 was released in 1992, Lethal Weapon 4 was released in 1998. Six years had passed yet none of the actors or production staff involved in Lethal Weapon 4 had any problem in making a great movie.

The action throughout is brilliant (are real American policemen as mad as Riggs and Murtaugh?). And of course the humour is there; particularly the beginning of the movie where Murtaugh (Danny Glover) strips down to his underwear in the rain and acts like a chicken in order to distract the bad guy. There are other humorous scenes throughout and a great plot too.

Roll on Lethal Weapon 5.
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The fourth installment in the now huge Lethal Weapon series has no shortage of action, but it just doesn't have the high quality of the last three.
Anonymous_Maxine22 January 2001
By this point in the series, it seems that they just aren't trying as hard with these films, which is kind of a shame. The Lethal Weapon series is really a good group of action films, but part 4 doesn't really seem to take itself seriously. It clearly had the biggest budget and probably some of the most elaborate stunts and action scenes (as well as some of the most exciting, such as that thrilling freeway chase scene), but many of the other elements of the film have deteriorated badly.

I think that with the addition of Chris Rock, while he delivered a satisfactory performance as far as the role that he was playing, caused the film to detract into too much goofy comedy, which unnecessarily diverted attention away from the surprisingly interesting smuggling plot involving illegal Chinese immigrants and counterfeit money. Joe Pesci was just as funny as ever, which is probably the reason the Chris Rock actually took away from the film as a whole. Pesci is all the comic relief that a Lethal Weapon movie ever needed, and Rock is another substantial addition of comic relief that just isn't necessary.

Danny Glover and Mel Gibson work great together for the fourth time; I'm beginning to wonder if they couldn't go on with this great duo forever. And of course, Renee Russo is back, with her and Riggs picking up with their quirky relationship, right where they left off at the end of part 3. But the person who really steals the whole show is Jet Li. Man, I thought Jackie Chan was fun to watch! Even though it's not all exactly real, this guy pulls out some unbelievable martial arts moves that give Lethal Weapon 4 a much-needed boost of energy. I wonder how long it will be before Jet Li and Jackie Chan come out with a movie together. Probably never, because if they worked together, no one could touch them, and if they were enemies, neither of them would be able to end up as the loser or the bad guy. Oh well, we can still hope, right? Even though the 4th installment in the Lethal Weapon series is not nearly as good as any of the previous three, it still remains a quality action film, despite its many weaknesses.
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One Of the Rare Franchises That Never Gets Too Overbearing and Dull...
MovieAddict20164 December 2002
Lethal Weapon 4 starts out with a boring and ridiculous beginning. I remember watching it the first time and thinking, "oh no, another bad sequel."

However, once past the first ten minutes, the film starts to pick up its pace and retreat into familiar Lethal Weapon style.

Just like film 2 and 3, Lethal Weapon 4 isn't as good as the original, but it never gets to the point of unbearable. It is quite entertaining and fun to watch, with some very great actors, that have some very great chemistry between each other.

Mel Gibson and Danny Glover fit like a glove, and Joe Pesci is perfect as the comedy relief, not being like the recent "side kicks" we always see, that are so obnoxious we want to punch them. Mr. Pesci is a very talented actor, and he always makes me laugh, whether it's Lethal Weapon 4 or Raging Bull and Casino.

Rene Russo provides Mel's love interest yet again, and though I found the marriage thing a bit of a throw-in, it was still good for the story. It provided some laughs at the end of the film.

Chris Rock stars in one role where his character is not completely annoying or loudmouthed, mainly because he wasn't extremely famous yet, and had only been on SNL and a few small roles in film... Joes Pesci and him throw back and forth a few insults and jokes, and bounce off each other, which helps me welcom Rock a bit more.

Jet Li's first American film, I believe, proves he can be a quite and intriguing character, which later helped him get roles in films like Kiss of the Dragon and The One.

Another thing about this franchise is that director Richard Donner directed all four films, and it's always good to use the original director for a sequel, rather than a lesser director, as we have countless examples of. (especially horror films!)

From the opening jazz music we have come to love, Lethal Weapon provides enough entertainment and fun to keep one entertained, and it's definitely worth watching. I hope they stop while they're ahead, and do not make another Lethal Weapon film, because it's rare for a film series to still be entertaining and imaginative after these many sequels. 3/5 stars-
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A worthy end to a Lethal Legacy
Postman-88 June 1999
Warning: Spoilers
So many people have knocked this film, I guess they have forgotten what movies are all about. Loud, action sequences, and humor mixed in for two or more hours of entertainment. The more characters they add also adds to the completion. After all fans noticed that Rianne had a crush on Martin Riggs in the first movie. As the movies went on, each new Lethal showed that was a harmless crush. Martin Riggs who lost his wife because he was a cop, is afraid of getting married again for fear of losing Lorna. My favorite portion is seeing that Martin Riggs after so many times of being the tough hero, needs Roger Murtaugh at the finale to finish the battle. Also you finally see the clenching speech,given by who else Leo Getz, that makes Martin run for the altar with Lorna. Lethal Weapon was the start of a partnership, when they were paired together. Lethal 2 built on that relationship, when Riggs admitted some things he never said before( you find out more about Victoria Riggs death). Lethal 3 tested it, when Murtaugh was going to retire and his kid's friend was killed by him. Lethal Weapon 4 finally made it a family, by well you just have to watch this to see and hear the ultimate ending line to a film. All in all a great movie to watch.
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Best Of LW Sequels & A Good DVD 'Demo'
ccthemovieman-117 July 2006
I read somewhere when the DVD of this film came out that it would be a good "demo" model for dealers trying to sell DVD players and surround-sound equipment. Well, they were right; it's awesome, or at least it was back in '99 when the disc came out, back when not everyone had a DVD player. It's still top-of-line for picture and sound. When bullets are flying around, you hear them from all five speakers. It here it almost seven years later and we still find many films without this kind of excellent surround- speaker participation.

The Lethal Weapon series, this being the fourth and last of them, was popular because of the combination of action, comedy, suspense, romance and drama. For me, they wore thin because the characters were too loud - always shouting at each other, too profane, too smug, too much Liberal-agenda and there was too much action. Things needed to slow down here and there, and give the viewer a break now and then.

This sequel is no exception, although it was a little tamer than the first three Lethal Weapons, that is until going berserk again in the final few scenes, one of which - the hospital scene - was totally unnecessary. To be honest, some of the action scenes in this movie were amazing even if they had no credibility. You just have to suspend belief and enjoy some of the outrageous scenes in here.

As usual, there are the left-wing agenda plugs, unwarranted cheap shots at the NRA, it's okay-to-have-a-baby-out-of-wedlock, etc. etc. Although the couple does finally get married, a rabbi performs an irreverent quickie ceremony, another slam on the seriousness of marriage.

With all that goes on in this film, as in the three previous LWs, you are worn out by the end. If you are a fan of this serious, this last sequel should please. I thought it was the best of them.
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Plot does matter.
Aldo-915 July 1999
Sure I like an action film just as much as the next guy, but I also like another thing, a thing I like to call plot. The first 3 Lethal Weapon films were great on action and plot, unfortunately this one has niether. Another downfall was to many characters, everyone drug the film down. Sure Jet Li was a magnificent villian, but what good is he if he's in a film this bad. The action in this film left a lot to be desired, number one had the breathtaking fight between Mel and Garey Busey, number 2 had the awesome car chase at the beginning, part 3 had the scene set in the hockey rink during a kings game, this movie has no memorable scenes, and the attempts at humor are pathetic. One last thing, why did Riggs have short hair.
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cosmol24 September 2003
First off, I am not a lethal weapon fan (haven't seen any of the others in the series). I must say that this movie is the worst I have ever seen in a theater. I can suspend belief willingly for a movie until it starts insulting my intelligence which this movie does in almost every sequence. I wanted to puke when Glover's character "feels the pain" of the chinese immigrants because they "are like slaves." Could the writers think of a more cliched way to get an emotional reaction? I abhor the way the race card is played in such a transparent manner. THIS MOVIE IS TRASH. I seriously felt dirty leaving the theatre...
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They ran out of ideas.
VinceD14 October 1999
This is one of the worst movies I've seen. It's especially disappointing compared to how good 1 & 2 were. The main problem is that it can't seem to decide whether to be serious or funny. One moment, the movie has a comic tone. The next somebody gets killed. Also, what's funny about a pregnant woman being beaten up? The first two in the series took things more seriously and threw in only a little comic relief. Why'd they have to turn this into a cartoon?

Also lacking in this movie is a good villain as in 1 & 2. Jet Li pretty much just stands around and sulks menacingly through the whole movie. And what a silly plot. Jet Li needs to kidnap a family so that he can force the uncle to make counterfeit plates to print Chinese money to pay off a general so that his relatives can be released?

This movie left such a bad taste in my mouth. I wish I could erase it from my memory so that I won't think about it the next time I see Lethal Weapon 1 & 2.

Overall, I rate it 1/10.
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I'm getting too old for this s**t
frznnrth22 September 1999
Is it my imagination, or is the once cool Lethal Weapon series on a death spiral? The movies now have a cast of thousands (Glover, Gibson, Pesci, Rene Russo, Chris Rock, everyone's latest baby, a bunch of bad guys, etc.) and they seem like nothing more than a feeble attempt to get them all some screen time. There's no coherent dialogue, no plot, and no point. Watching Jet Li play the latest supervillain was the only reason to be mildly entertained.
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An Excellent,Action-packed and Hilarious Finale To This Great Franchise.
jcbutthead861 June 2013
Lethal Weapon 4 is an excellent,entertaining Action-packed and hilarious conclusion to the Lethal Weapon series that is filled with great direction,exciting Action,a memorable villain and a great score. Although not as good as the first three films,Lethal Weapon 4 is an Action to watch if you liked the first three Lethal Weapon's.

Lethal Weapon 4 finds Riggs(Mel Gibson) and Murtaugh(Danny Glover)having to deal with Chinese criminals including a deadly criminal named Wah Sing Ku(Jet Li)who are smuggling Chinese slaves into the United States and have to stop them. With the help of new partner Lee Butters(Chris Rock)Riggs and Murtaugh have to deal with the Chinese criminals as well as Riggs becoming a parent,Murtaugh becoming a Grandfather and getting old and the gang is all back for more laughs and thrills.

Lethal Weapon 4 is a Action-packed and funny conclusion to the Lethal Weapon franchise and every main character is back. Every franchise or film series comes full circle and the Lethal Weapon series is no exception and the Lethal Weapon series goes out with a bang with this film. Now,Lethal Weapon 4 since it's release has divided fans with some loving the film and some hating the film,I fall right into the former category because I liked this film and the other Lethal Weapon films for what they are:thrilling,Action filled,funny movies. Right from the explosive opening Lethal Weapon 4 is a film filled with Action and great laughs taking what worked in the first three films and adding it to this film. LW4 is funny and is probably the lightest of the films in terms of Comedy and Humor with the characters Riggs,Murtaugh,Leo and Butters and the moments and dialog between the characters is hilarious and memorable. While LW4 is an Action-Comedy the film at it's heart is about getting old and change especially with Riggs and Murtaugh because Riggs and Murtaugh have been through a lot of things throughout the series getting into crazy adventures and even though the two have survived and had success Riggs and Murtaugh realize that they are not getting any younger and success won't come as fast. The change comes when Riggs realizes he's going to be Father with Lorna Cole(Rene Russo)and Murtaugh being a GrandFather of Rianne's(Traci Wolfe)and realize they can't be cops and take risks forever. Each sequel introduces new characters throughout the series. In LW2 it was Leo Getz,in LW3 it was Lorna Cole and in this film it is Lee Butters and Wah Sing Ku. Lee Butters is a character who works with Riggs and Murtaugh and brings laughs and one liners and is the opposite of Riggs and Murtaugh and is the new generation of cop. The character will divide viewers some will like him and find him funny while others will feel that Butters doesn't belong in the film but I like the character for his laughs and loudmouth energy. The villain Wah Sing Ku is pure evil and is physically the most challenging bad guy Riggs and Murtaugh have ever have to face because Wah Sing Ku is so quick and can take your head in one second without hesitation and he doesn't have to say much words because he is that menacing. Every time Wah Sing Ku shows up a there is tension all around and you will feel like something is going to happen when Wah Sing Ku is around. LW4 like the other films moves at a wonderful pace and never slows down until the end. The Action and fight scenes are great and each Action scene is raised to a higher level each time and there is suspense and nice build up to each Action scene. The ending of the film is excellent because it is filled wonderful Action,Laughs and heart and will have viewers smiling at the end and it is a great cap off to this excellent series.

The cast does amazing jobs in their roles. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover do excellent jobs one last time as Riggs and Murtaugh once again having great chemistry. Joe Pesci is hilarious once again as Leo Getz and has great scenes with Gibson,Glover and Rock. Rene Russo is fantastic as Lorna Cole and has good scenes with Gibson. Chris Rock is great and funny as Riggs and Murtaugh's new partner Detective Lee Butters. Jet Li is menacing and believable as Wah Sing Ku,one of the villains of the film. Kim Chan is wonderful as Benny "Uncle Benny" Chan,a Chinese crime boss. Steve Kahan(Capt. Ed Murphy), Mary Ellen Trainor(Dr. Stephanien Woods),Darlene Love(Trish Murtaugh),Traci Wolfe(Rianne Murtaugh),Damon Hines(Nick Murtaugh),Ebonie Smith(Carrie Murtaugh)and Eddy Ko(Hong)give good performances as well.

The direction by Richard Donner is excellent,with Donner always moving the camera and giving the film a great pace and energy especially with the Action scenes. Great direction,Donner.

The score by Eric Clapton,Michael Kamen and David Sandborn is great and intense and matches the tone of this film. Another great score from Clapton,Kamen and Sandborn. There are also songs by War(Why Can't We Be Friends)and Eric Clapton(Pligrim). Wonderful songs.

In final word,if you love Action films and the Lethal Weapon franchise you will love Lethal Weapon 4,an Action-packed,hilarious conclusion to a great series that is well worth your time. Highly Recommended. 9.5/10.
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The worst of all possible sequels
HAL9000-43 October 1998
Big pointless explosions, long painful fistfights, lame comedic intervals, one-dimensional bad guys: this is what the Lethal Weapon franchise means. Lethal Weapon 4 delivers all this in mind-numbing quantities. This edition also delivers smarmy feel-good speeches and even hugs between Riggs and Leo. Pesci and Rock slug it out over who is supposed to be the comedic relief with most people wanting them to just shut up. Only two plot-lines are advanced, of which even someone who has seen only one of the previous films can guess the outcome. Riggs and Murtaugh destroy property, kill suspects, and walk away. Shouldn't it be called Lethal Justice?
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Flaws this profound are rare in a relentlessly mediocre film.
henken30 March 2000
This movie has some strong points. Jet Li is a phenomenal athlete and fairly menacing screen villain. Several of the action/fight scenes are well choreographed. Chris Rock has a couple of good scenes, especially the cell phone discussion with Joe Pesci. But the movie suffers from such deep flaws that one has not only the disappointment of a poor film, but of a director and actors who know that star power and their franchise will carry them along and who just don't care anymore.

Just some of the problems I noticed, in no particular order:

(1) One of the major events in the movie is the promotion of Riggs and Murtaugh to the rank of captain. There are two major problems with this plot point. First, though it hardly matters in this avalanche of the improbable, their promotion isn't just implausible, it's ridiculously improbable. They are supposed to have done so much damage that the city's insurance carrier will no longer insure the police. So they are promoted off the street. But since there are no open spots for Lieutenants, they are promoted one rank higher. Excuse me? They do so much damage that the city loses its insurance coverage and they can't even be taken off street duty? Are *all* cops "on the streets"? But that could be overlooked if it were not for the second problem: The promotion does, apparently, nothing. The only effect of their promotion that we see is that they are called "captain" and "sir." They keep their same desks, their same duties, their same partnership. (Do Captains even have partners?) So why, since it doesn't do anything, do we even have the promotion subplot in the movie?

(2) I know I'm going to sound like a prig for mentioning this, but I was really repelled by the level of casual brutality and harassment Riggs and Murtaugh show. They don't even have to wait for proof or even reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing, they simply destroy property, ruin a business, beat people up, shoot them, etc. These are clearly rogue cops, and it may be a sign of the formula of the movie failing that we notice it. It is not as though any action-movie heroes are textbook cops, but this movie is unforgivable in forcing you to notice it. Perhaps more disturbing is that Riggs and Murtaugh are joined in this adventure by Lee Butters (a younger cop played by Chris Rock) who is just as casual in his brutality as the older cops. He also casually cocks and brandishes his gun at Leo Getz (played by Joe Pesci), apparently just so you can tell that being a bad cop isn't restricted to the older, jaded officers.

(3) Big secrets are kept in ways that suggest that the characters haven't seen each other since the last film. Riggs and Murtaugh are the closest of partners, the earlier movies make it clear that they think of each other as family. But Murtaugh never mentions that Trish (his wife) is a successful writer? Maybe he is embarrassed about what she writes, but would he never have mentioned in the early days that she had written something that she was sending off to a publisher, that it had been published, *nothing*? But perhaps given the example he sets, he should not be surprised to find that his daughter has never revealed that she has been dating a man, has fallen in love, has married him, and is carrying his baby. She has also never mentioned his name or occupation. And this after making much in the last three films about Murtaugh as the devoted family man. That's a betrayal of the characters and it's revolting.

Now more briefly:

(4) Women escape hostage-takers but don't run to alert neighbors or call the police, but remain in area to be recaptured.

(5) Renee Russo's character (Lorna Cole) devolves from the third movie's smart cop to a broad farce of sappy, stupid, pregnant woman stereotype with some martial arts thrown in.

(6) They seem to have entirely forgotten here the first movie's point that Riggs is an outstanding martial artist. He doesn't get beaten up because he is getting old. He gets beaten up because the writers have, again, betrayed the character.

(7) The Chinese villains are supposed to be dastardly killers, using their cars to push their victims in their cars (conveniently stopped at railroad crossings) into the path of (conveniently) oncoming trains. But it is a quite silly form of execution, not because it relies on the unlikely coincidence mentioned, but because all it takes to thwart this method is to hit the gas. The path ahead is clear; when you're getting pushed just go with it and the train will pass behind you.

(8) Murtaugh's very quick to suppose, given basically no evidence, that Butters is gay and attracted to him. Nice sleuthing.

(9) Simplistic, smug, moralizing on guns and slavery. We're clearly supposed to feel uplifted by Murtaugh's opposition to slavery. Good for you, Rog. Are you against murder and cruelty, too? If Richard Donner is a filmmaker who botches a film this badly, why would I trust him for moral guidance?

Of course, there is the usual run-of-the-mill action film weirdness: windows are made of a supremely fragile material which looks like glass but which is effortlessly broken by the protagonist's fist, and cars on the LA freeway that do not swerve or slow down when following a man on a inverted table being dragged by a sheet of plastic from a prefab house. But these aren't really faults of the movie so much as a stupid turn the genre has taken. It is a rare action film these days that doesn't fall into these traps.

All in all, Lethal Weapon 4 is a movie worth watching only if you don't care about film or about yourself.
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They never get too old for this ****!
Boba_Fett11385 June 2005
This is about as entertaining as a movie can get!

You can tell by watching this movie that cast and crew worked together as one big family. A lot of cast and crew members of the first three Lethal Weapon movies returned in this movie. That is the biggest power of the movie.

The story itself actually is quite weak, messy and not always easy to follow. This is due that the story was still being written during production and all the scene's had to be shot in chronically order in order to finish the movie in time. But this seriously is one of those movies were the story is of no importance at all. The true power of the movie is in the characters and their relations. There are some incredible fun sidetracks in the story and some amusing dialog.

Additions to the cast for this movie are Chris Rock as an highly enjoyable police officer and new partner for future Lethal Weapon movies (?) and Jet Li in his first American movie, as the new main villain. Both were really good and enjoyable in their role. I dislike both actors right now actually but at the time of "Lethal Weapon 4" they were still two unknown actors therefor there is no reason to dislike them in this movie for me. Another fun role is played by Kim Chan, who's character involves at least one hilarious scene.

Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are still amazingly good and fun together, after already three Lethal Weapon movies and are truly a golden screen duo. Other welcome returning actors are Rene Russo and Joe Pesci. It's funny, I normally don't like Rene Russo in movies but this is one of the few I can stand her in. Joe Pesci is fun as ever as hyperactive Leo Getz.

The movie also features some top-class action sequences and fights, making this movie not just one of the most entertaining but also best action movie's of the last couple of years. The movie's opening is just great! Maybe even better than the well known opening for "Lethal Weapon 3".

Seriously one of the most entertaining movies of the last couple of years.


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My favorite of all Lehtal movies
jacquelinemullinix23 September 2006
This is by far my favorite out of all the Lethal movies. I love the first one two. I am a Lethal Weapon movie fan, so I like all of them, but the 4th is my favorite. It is the humor that I love.

Chris Rock and Joe Pesci are great together. I also love Renee Russo's character. It is nice to see such a strong female character in a action movie. Although I would have like to see her role bigger, she still had a good part. Although her role in the 3rd installment was a little better.

I would still like to see yet a 5th installment to see where everyone is now.
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Poor movie
Pro Jury15 January 2000
"Lethal Weapon 4" was as bad a movie as the first "Lethal Weapon" was great a movie -- and this is saying a lot!

The original Lethal Weapon scores a Hollywood 10. Lethal Weapon 4 must be a ONE. It cannot pass the watching it alone at home test. The plot and tone shame the original.

The only thing pretty cool about LW#4 was the ending credits... But how many times have you ever rated a movie using the ending credits as a factor?
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One Encore Too Many / A Pale Shadow of Past Glories
Dr. Mike6 September 1999
I really loved Lethal Weapon. Mel Gibson deserved high honors for his portrayal of a tortured, suicidal, Vietnam veteran in the first film. More than a decade later, these fine actors are being trotted out strictly for laughs, and everything I found engaging about these movies is gone. Bad plot, major holes in the story, heavy handed, politically correct dialog (yeah, right, cops hang anti-NRA posters in the squad room, and these guys love gun control international. Yeah, these characters are anti-handgun! Gag me.) It is just SAD. Hang it up, guys, you are too old for this stuff, and you surely need a different director. I could shoot holes in the plot, but it would be a waste of time--it is a blooper gold mine. I wish big Hollywood Cop movies would have at least one real cop on the set to point out how things are really done, so we wouldn't see such embarrassing retelling movie stereoptypes.
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Bad acting, bad plot, foul language
joewasik23 July 1999
Mel Gibson and Danny Golver have embarrassed themselves by starring in this disaster. There is no plot. Acting is incredibly poor. Chris Rock puts on a truly awful performance and uses the F-word in practically every sentence. In a movie that advertises violence, foul language, illegitimacy, and illegal immigration, they then have the nerve to preach Hollywood values. My dog leaves little piles of Hollywood values in yard ... if you know what I mean.
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History repeats itself
joost-522 February 1999
One gets annoyed by Murtaugh's stupidity, only there to uplift Gibson's character. Like Joe Pesci's acting, in earlier episodes a welcome break, now really irritates you. Even the music played every time Gibson tries to crack a joke started annoying me. Overall judgement: To be compared to Police Academy IV
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Incredible 4th installment
masonsaul28 July 2019
Lethal Weapon 4 is an incredible 4th installment and imporves over it's predecessor. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are incredible once again with perfect chemistry. The humour is extremely funny and Chris Rock is definitely a welcome addition. Jet Li is a great villain. Richard Donner's direction is great as usual, resulting in some of the biggest and most enjoyable action sequences in the franchise yet. As with the previous installments, the music by Michael Kamen, Eric Clapton and David Sandborn is really good. It even has a surprisingly strong emotional ending. However, it does follow the formula of previous installments, giving it some predictable moments.
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Bad sequel? You're soaking in it!
blkmoor14 July 1999
There's not much to say about Lethal Weapon 4. Glover, Gibson, Jet Li, and the rest do their best, but there's only so much you can do with such a terrible screenplay. It isn't funny, the two main characters are (at best) criminals who need to be in prison, and the tedious attempts at characterization would be funny if they weren't so painful. Even Jet Li couldn't save this one. It's simply a bad movie.
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Just plain bad
Keyser-152 August 1998
This movie was bad on so many levels. First, the comment that the character development was good could not possibly be farther from the truth. The reason for this, of course, is the desire to put as much of Chris Rock's stand-up routine, Riggs' and Murtough's infantile antics, Pesci's "comic relief", and a whole lot of things blowing up into the film. Rock is not an actor, and his character was completely unnecessary and as one-dimensional as they come. He served no real purpose in the film except to get a few cheap laughs from his supposed homosexual attraction to Murtough. This plotline, along with the entire scene in the dentist's office, have been done hundreds of times in sitcoms, and with much better and funnier results. It was also amazing how Jet Li, playing the role of cyborg robot killer, was actually the most human character in the entire movie. He actually showed some genuine emotion, although nothing more than furious rage. The script (if in fact there was one) was also severely lacking. Plot details were thrown in like an afterthought in between explosions. The action scenes were extremely elaborate, but at the same time boring since they, in almost every instance, had nothing to do with anything that had transpired previously. If this movie is what you're looking for, save yourself some money by watching the Chris Rock Show and a Fox special. This was an awful movie in a summer of awful movies, and I have lost respect for everyone who appeared in this fiasco for their association. Here's hoping that Chris Rock and Danny Glover's film careers are over, and Gibson, Russo, and Pesci distance themselves from this tanking franchise.
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