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Season 21

21 Sep. 2018
Teen Couples with Kids Put to the Test... Who Is Cheating?
Teenagers Shauna and Maurice find themselves in some very adult situations; after finding true love at 13, Briana suspects her children's father is a cheater;
24 Sep. 2018
Give Dad the Test... I Know He's Cheating on Mom!
After 33 years of marriage, seven children and 10 grandchildren, a failed lie-detector test could mean the end for Rickie and Angie; Brian is accused of creating fake profiles to meet women, while professing unwavering love for his wife;
25 Sep. 2018
Is My Ex... or My Neighbor's Husband the Father of My Baby?
Robert wants to prove to his daughter that his girlfriend's toddler is his; Courtney is desperate to clear up the mess around the uncertain paternity of her child;
26 Sep. 2018
Is the Man I Love in a Secret Relationship with My Sister?
Searching through her husband's phone, Francesca finds an audio recording of him having sex; Amber and Bradley return to the show, because she thinks he is cheating again;
27 Sep. 2018
Don't Trust My Little Sister... That's Not Your Baby!
Patricia wants her son to own up to his responsibilities; Justin says he has a medical condition that makes it unlikely that his wife's child is his;
28 Sep. 2018
You Were a One-Night Stand... DNA Will Prove It
Ception says Layna's daughter does not look like a mixed-race baby, so she cannot be his; Donetta is incensed by the manner in which her son treats the mother of his child;
1 Oct. 2018
3 Furious Moms... 3 Babies Denied... Who's the Father?
Tara wants to prove to her ex-boyfriend and his overbearing mother that he fathered her 2-year-old son; Marquel suspects that Nicole slept with another man because her baby's skin is too light;
2 Oct. 2018
I Confess... I'm Secretly Living with Another Woman
Tamesha suspects Carlos is using his job as a driver to cheat; Takeya thinks Donald is living a secret double life because he refuses to give up his bachelor pad apartment;
3 Oct. 2018
Do I Have 11 Children? The DNA Test Results Are In
Clarence and his sister, Tierra, claim that Tyresha's children can't be his because they don't have his family's signature trait: pretty feet; Corey's family members tell him that his fiancée, the mother of his three children, is a cheater;
4 Oct. 2018
They've Returned... Women of Maury Fight Back!
Updates on some amazing women who came to the show, faced adversity, yet found a way to rise above their circumstances and persevere;
5 Oct. 2018
DNA Will Prove You Got Me Pregnant at the Maury Show!
Alilaya's brother tells her boyfriend that he has seen her cheating; Tia's former best friend convinces Tia's boyfriend that he is not the father of Tia's son;
8 Oct. 2018
My Stepson Slept with My Wife... Is He My Daughter's Father?
Lappillany wants to prove to her fiancé, Marco, that he is the father of her twin daughters; Sara wants to prove that her 50-year-old husband, Eddie, is the father of her daughter;
9 Oct. 2018
Man Has 11 Dating Profiles... But Is He a Cheater?
Cynthia fears Cody's been using his charming personality to lure the many women that he's cheating with; Allison suspects her man is cheating on her;
10 Oct. 2018
I'm Praying the 6th Man I'm DNA Testing Is My Daughter's Father
Shane is convinced that after cheating on Bella numerous times, she got her revenge and got pregnant by another man; Chasity continues her search for the man who fathered her daughter;
11 Oct. 2018
Sex, Drugs and Violence... My Wild Teen Daughter Needs Help
Teenage girls whose lives are headed down the road of destruction; Maury tries to intercede and help them change their ways;
12 Oct. 2018
Is My Husband... Or His Stepbrother My Baby's Father?
Keke may be lying about who the father of her daughter is; April is furious with her ex-boyfriend, Lamonte, for denying that he fathered her twins;
22 Oct. 2018
I Slept with Your Wife... DNA Will Prove That's My Baby!
Chris says he refuses to sit back and let another man raise his child; Marvin, 65, claims he is not the father of his girlfriend's baby; a stranger's social media message has Julia questioning Sean's love for her;
23 Oct. 2018
That's Not My Daughter... I'll Prove I Can't Make Girls
Caitlin's ex-boyfriend denies her son; Nathan claims his family can make only boys, so his wife must be a cheater; Ashley and her fiancé are desperate for results of two DNA tests;
29 Oct. 2018
Test My Fiance and Cousin -- Are They Having an Affair?
Shanice thinks her boyfriend's sister is helping him to cheat; married for only two years, Brooke and Derek accuse each other of infidelity; Antonio is back to his old tricks;
30 Oct. 2018
You Had Your Tubes Tied... That Can't Be My Baby!
Chuck thinks his girlfriend's second child cannot be his because this child has a lighter complexion than their older one; Briana's ex-fiancé denies her son; Makayla cheated on her controlling fiancé, then learned she was pregnant;
31 Oct. 2018
Did Your Cheating Give Me a Virus? The Results Are In
Jenny discovered secret apps on Tommy's phone where, she believes, he was messaging prostitutes; Kimberly fears that her husband has a secret double life; Jamie's fiancé has been using a dating website and sexting people;
1 Nov. 2018
You Got Me Pregnant at 13... How Can You Deny Our Baby?
Robert's aunt has convinced him that his wife's baby is not his; young Shantez dumped his teen girlfriend and her baby, when he heard a rumor that he may not be the father;
2 Nov. 2018
You Stole My Sperm... but DNA Will Prove That's Not My Baby!
Andrew says Lila took advantage of him to make a baby; Alicia is determined to get her ex to stop playing games and be a father to his children; Darrell claims Denetrice is having another man raise his child;
5 Nov. 2018
We Slept Together 40 Times.... How Can You Deny My Baby?
Grandma Sherrie wants her daughter's ex to pay her back for raising his child; Aaron denies his wife's child;
6 Nov. 2018
I Met Your Mother on Face Time... Prove You're
Sonya accuses her fiancé of cheating on her in her own home; Jessie knows that her partner slept with one of his co-workers and fears that there is a lot more to the story; Lakesha's best friend has seen Lakesha's fiancé with another woman;
7 Nov. 2018
That's Not My Baby... I'll Prove You Were Pregnant When We Met!
Lenell wants women to quit pinning babies on her son Darious; Brandon says his wife Natasha cheated, so her child cannot be his; Nicole says her son's partner's baby looks nothing like anyone in their family;
9 Nov. 2018
I Slept with Your Wife.... DNA Will Prove You Are Raising My Baby!
Jazmine says a blind date with a man named Dorian turned into a relationship and the birth of their daughter, Faith; Dorian claims he's not Faith's father and has since abandoned them; Brooke confessed to her husband Derek that the man she slept with is the father of their child;
12 Nov. 2018
Pregnant at 15... Help Me Prove This Man is My Baby's Dad!
Jaketta and Chiquita are two women united and out to prove that Rashad is the father of their children; teen Steven denies being 15-year-old Audrey's baby daddy and says her child could be African-American descent;
13 Nov. 2018
Sister Secrets... Your Man Has a Secret Love Child!
Lacey wants her knight in shining armor and his accomplice to take lie-detector tests; one of Kelvin's mistresses told his live-in girlfriend that he is cheating on her; Michel's sister has been keeping a big secret that will draw her ire;
14 Nov. 2018
Your Baby Is Too White... I Can't Be Her Real Father
Two women say it's time for Josh to stop making babies and denying them and to start owning up to his paternal responsibilities; Matthew and Dion left their pregnant girlfriends, after hearing rumors about them;
15 Nov. 2018
Test Me, I'm Not Lying.... I'm in Your Man's Bed
Jasmine's long distant boyfriend has a female friend who is always with him; Lisa suspects Mario has been picking up women in convenience stores the whole time they have been together; Gena has found evidence that her fiancé is cheating;
16 Nov. 2018
DNA Secrets... Did Our Father Have a Child with His Stepsister?
Cris believes there is a chance that his mother's stepbrother may be his father; Marquisha hopes Shabazz is her father, but Shabazz's other daughter thinks otherwise;
19 Nov. 2018
Give Me the Results... Did I Have a Baby with Your Wife?
Terrill thinks his girlfriend Amber's children are too light in complexion to be his, and his niece claims to have seen Amber bringing home other men; Damon's wife admits to having an affair and is unsure of her son's paternity;
20 Nov. 2018
Maury in the Middle... Does My Husband Have a Secret Love Child?
Taylor thinks her fiancé is just using her for a place to stay and suspects that he stole money from her; Tanya has found several dating profiles on her husband's phone;
21 Nov. 2018
Countdown to Conflict: Maury's Top Ten Fighting Families!
Maury counts down the top 10 most outrageous family fiascos ever seen on his show;
5 Dec. 2018
You Slept with My Family Member... That Can't Be My Child!
When Rico found out Jalecia was pregnant, he blocked her on social media, changed his phone;
7 Dec. 2018
I Survived... Now I Need a Makeover
Sabrina has overcome domestic abuse and raises four children on her own, but has let herself go; Sandra's style is stuck in the 1980s while she grieves for the man who left her; Shaina's difficult life has aged her;
11 Dec. 2018
I've Slept with 120 Women... but I'm Not Cheating on You!
Sisters believe that their boyfriends are cheating on them and covering up for each other; Nicole contracted a sexually transmitted disease, after marrying player Shaun; Marquella's fiancé ended up in a hotel, when he was supposed to be going fishing;
17 Dec. 2018
My Husband Is a Wrestler... Is He Cheating with Ring Rats?
Amber believes that her boyfriend and father of four children, Isaiah, is cheating on her with her cousin, Montrice. Next, Ashley and Braden's marriage is at the breaking point; things got so bad Ashley kicked Braden out of their house and refuses to let him back in until he apologize;
18 Dec. 2018
You Were Switched at Birth.... DNA Will Prove I'm Not Your Mother!
Laverne denies her light-skinned daughter, saying she must have been switched at birth, 36 years ago; Maria is determined to prove that Dakota is not her child's father;
20 Dec. 2018
Ho... Ho... Holiday Havoc Caught on Tape!
Special guests show shocking holiday-themed moments caught on video;
28 Dec. 2018
The Paternity Test Will Prove I Had a Baby with Your Man!
Tamera wants to prove that her ex-boyfriend fathered her 5-month-old son; Jeremy claims Brandi confessed to sleeping with another man around the time she got pregnant; Terra says her ex-boyfriend Patrick is the father of her daughter;
31 Dec. 2018
15 Years After the DNA Results... How Did These Children Turn Out?
Revisiting parenting conundrums from the past and catching up with the guests, since their last appearances on the show;
1 Jan. 2019
I Saw My Wife in an X-Rated Movie... Those Are Not My Kids!
Jalissa wants to prove to her soon-to-be ex that he is the father of both her children, but he doesn't trust her; Shauna and Nick have two children who look very different, and Nick is suspicious; Ashlend wants to prove that Vincent fathered her son;
14 Jan. 2019
You Got My Daughter Pregnant Twice... How Can You Deny Her Kids?
Derick denies his ex-girlfriend's daughters, saying she is lying to keep him in her life; because of her flirtatious ways, Zach fears that Tori is cheating and that he is not the father of her 3-month-old baby;
17 Jan. 2019
Was My Husband Cheating While I Was Healing After a Car Crash
Deirdre learns her boyfriend uses dating websites, and she thinks he is sleeping with her best friend; Brittany fears that her husband was unfaithful, after she was nearly killed in a car crash; Tanisha has found evidence that her boyfriend cheats;
24 Jan. 2019
Caught in Bed with My Sister... Are You Cheating?
Jaszmyme says her boyfriend is way too close to one of his female co-workers; Brandi is desperate to find out if her boyfriend has betrayed her again; Teena believes that her husband is cheating, and the stakes are high;
28 Jan. 2019
My Sister Caught You with Your Ex... Did You Cheat?
A lie detector test is used to ascertain whether infidelity fears are valid;
29 Jan. 2019
I Was a Teen When They Took My Baby... Are You My Son?
Roosevelt believes that Shemeka cheated on him with several other men in the bathrooms at a stadium, so he may not be her baby's dad; when Caitlyn and her boyfriend Cody had an argument, she told him that he was not the father;
30 Jan. 2019
If You Cheated on Me While I Was Pregnant... It's Over!
Morgan's boyfriend, Victor, wants to come clean about a burden he's shouldered for months; Kelsie suspects her handyman boyfriend, Stephen, is cheating on her with customers; Amanda fears that she could leave the show facing two major heartaches;
31 Jan. 2019
My Son Is Not Raising Your Baby... Go Find the Dad!
When Tyler learned the gender of Mikia's baby, he stormed out and now disavows the child's existence; Jennifer is crushed that her loyalty and children are in question; Harvey says Janine was a party girl and was dishonest about her pregnancy;
1 Feb. 2019
My Husband Has 5 Kids with 5 Women... But Does He Cheat?
Suspicions of infidelity are settled with lie-detector tests;
4 Feb. 2019
Don't Let My Sister Fool You.... That's Not Your Baby!
A rumor Kendralyn started caused her sister's boyfriend to deny her baby; Shelly and Jason's relationship started as friends with benefits and quickly became friends with a child; Que says Ariana is a gold digger out for revenge;