The Emperor's New Groove (2000) Poster

Kellyann Kelso: Chaca



  • ChiCha : So, remind me again how you're related to Pacha?

    Yzma : Why, I'm his third cousin's brother's wife's step-niece's great aunt. Twice removed.

    ChiCha : Uh-huh.

    Yzma : Isn't that right, Kronk?

    [Kronk is playing jump rope with Chaca and Tipo] 

    Chaca : Ninety-nine monkeys jumping on the bed.

    Kronk : One fell off and bumped his head.

  • Tipo : [waking from a dream]  Dad, look out!

    ChiCha : Tipo, what is it?

    Tipo : I had a dream that Dad was tied to a log and was careening out of control down a raging river of death!

    ChiCha : It's all right, it's all right.

    Tipo : It was awful!

    ChiCha : It's okay, Tipo, calm down, it was just a dream. Your dad's fine. He just went back to see the emperor.

    Tipo : Oh, you mean like you told him to, 'cause you're always right.

    ChiCha : That's right.

    Chaca : Well, in my dream, Dad had to kiss a llama.

    Tipo : Yeah, like that would ever happen.

    Chaca : It could!

    ChiCha : Nuh-uh!

    Chaca : Yeah-hah!

    Tipo : Nuh-uh!

    Chaca : Yeah-haaaaah!

    [they keep exchanging "nuh-uh's" and "yeah-hah's" at lightning speed] 

    ChiCha : Good night, you two.

    Tipo , Chaca : Night, Mom!

    [resume bickering as ChiCha blows out the candle] 

  • [Yzma and Kronk are trapped in a dark locked room in Pacha's house] 

    ChiCha : What do you mean the door's stuck? Try jiggling the handle.

    Yzma : There is no handle in here.

    ChiCha : [holding the door handle]  There's not? Are you sure?

    Yzma : All right, I've had enough of this. Tell us where the talking llama is and we'll burn your house to the ground.

    Kronk : Er, don't you mean or?

    Yzma : [even more angrily]  Err, tell us where the talking lhama is *or* we'll burn your house to the ground.

    Chaca : Well, which is it? That sounds like a pretty crucial conjunction.

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