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Good survival horror
enkephalin0716 January 2005
I had to sift long and deep for a good comment on this. Why all the hostility? I think there was great chemistry on this production and it shows; the actors and crew involved loved the game and had a good time making this. This movie successfully recreated the feel of the game, and because it kept exposition to a minimum of what you needed to know for this particular story and didn't borrow from or revise any of the original characters or settings, it supported and strengthened the franchise. No story is retold here, no words are wasted, the setting, feel and pace is familiar to fans of Resident Evil and yet it's perfectly accessible to those unfamiliar with the broader storyline. Not giving the fan-boys their favorite characters was a good choice since characters tend to get mangled in adaptation, and yet the fan-boys still complain. With this film you have a good, watchable story that can partake of the Resident Evil cosmology, showing it due respect.

It did an excellent job establishing characters without too much unnecessary background, developing them just enough to make you want to know what they'll do next, to make you care before the sudden and gruesome happens to them. The acting was above par for a Resident Evil, certainly much better than the first game. The plot was no more comic bookish than any of the games. My one complaint was that the characters were too battle-trained, too slick, too good at fighting for them to be sympathetic horror subjects. This could've been balanced out with more reaction shots showing the soldiers wetting themselves. But Alice's over-the-top commando-style action made her too much of a super heroine to really make anyone concerned about her survival; characters made of Teflon make good action but apathetic horror subjects.
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teslaman29 November 2007
As a big fan of splatter and horror films i was gladly surprised when i watched this. I haven't played the game so i had no idea what to expect and had nothing to compare with. I really feel that this pays homage to the old zombie films at least to an extent. The zombies here are a little bit faster though.

It begins with a nice back story and then builds slowly in pace to a climactic frenzy. The effects are top notch, solid directing, a really imaginative and eerie production design and great acting.

Yes, i may be a little biased but i really like Milla Jovovich. I think this is the kind of role that fits her best, strong kick ass attitude with an odd personality wrapped in a seemingly fragile shell. Her performance here reminds me a bit of the character she played in "The fifth element" and also the character in the later "Ultraviolet" The other actors did a good job as well so she's not the only one to get credit although the movie revolves around her character. The child AI is a very nice and creepy addition to the atmosphere.

The RE theme could have ended up as a nice trilogy but the sequel unfortunately lacks nearly everything(except Milla) that this film delivers. Not that RE2 is a complete mess but nowhere near this. I haven't seen the third installment yet but even if that one holds true in quality to this one number two becomes the odd one out.

If you like zombie and action films you'll certainly like this one.
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Way better than what I expected
Reaktor-27 July 2002
I wasn't waiting to see anything amazing when I started watching for this movie, since almost all the license movies have been terrible... Fortunately, my opinion was to change! Movie was great, actors were good enough, and there was actually a plot (whoa!). Director has done a great job by having that videogame atmosphere by use of light, but still keeping the movie tense. Marilyn Manson has also made a great job by composing some of his greatest soundtrack titles which really fit for this movie. I have played both Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2, and recognized many of the scenes which were kind of similar to games. What can I say? For the people who have played games, this one gives good vibes and they are going to love it. For regular people the movie might be above the average. This was one hell-of-a-movie, and I'm waiting for the sequel.
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Scary and atmospheric
mbworm7 January 2008
"Resident Evil" was a smart and scary game. The darkness and the surprises were huge scare factors. In that famous game, you find yourself trapped in a mansion crawling with the undead because of a mistake made by the Umbrella Corporation.

Director Paul W.S. Anderson makes a fast, dark guilty pleasure of a film from this game with "Resident Evil".

Milla Jovovich is Alice, who wakes up in a creepy, poorly lit mansion at night in a remote forest. She has no memory of who she is or why she's here, but after a group of soldiers bursts in and takes her to a hidden lab underneath the mansion with them, she quickly begins to realize a terrible secret. She and the others find themselves locked in "The Hive", an enormous, elaborate underground structure that was sealed by the supercomputer controlling it. It soon becomes evident that an experiment called "The T-Virus" escaped into the air and killed everyone. But nobody really stayed dead. Now the remaining survivors must fight their way back out of The Hive before the door seals permanently... and at the same time they must contain the virus before it reaches the surface.

The film moves at a breakneck pace, with some elaborate sets and great cinematography that sets the dark mood well for this atmospheric sci-fi thriller.
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Non-stop fun and unimaginable good, bloody action
Dragoneyed36329 April 2008
Resident Evil is probably my favorite zombie movie next to Planet Terror. It had flaws, some acting was poor, but still was one great time from start to finish and excellently crafted entertainment!!!!! It had wonderful action, nice gore and the performances overall were exceedingly decent for what they needed to be for a video game adaptation. I especially love Michelle Rodriguez's portrayal of Pain; amazing character.

I first thought when I was watching this film that it was going to be an over-the-top gore movie with way to much blood and carnage, not so much as focusing on the main point of the story, but it turned out unimaginably well, for I thought it wasn't going to be that good at all, and the complexity and edgy scenes and screenplay surprised me. Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez acted wonderfully in this film and this was a great action\horror movie that I am extremely glad I was able to have seen, and will gladly see over and over again.
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A proper popcorn sci-fi horror movie
DVD_Connoisseur22 June 2007
First things first, I really like "Resident Evil". While I can't comment on the success of the conversion to a movie as I've never played any of the numerous video games, the film is beautifully shot and has an urgent pace. It also has a great looking cast, a thumping soundtrack and plenty of boys' toys.

Milla Jovovich is stunning as the heroine, Alice. Whoever thought of casting Jovovich in this role deserves a bonus. Watching this beautiful star kick various forms of zombie butt while wearing a short red dress is a wonderful experience.

Anderson's movies may be accused of being style over substance but there's no doubting that "Shopping", "Event Horizon" and "Resident Evil" are fantastic examples of eye candy. Every shot is beautifully composed and the film has a high-budget sheen.

8 out of 10. Casio G-Shock fans will be in their element watching this movie.
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High octane zombi flick with an amazing laser defence system scene n ferocious dogs.
Fella_shibby19 February 2017
I saw this first in a theatre in 2002. It is a fast-paced, high octane zombie flick filled with brisk action sequences. Revisited it recently on a DVD. Seen all its sequels in theatre. The plot - A virus has been released inside a secret underground lab, turning its workers into zombies, a military task force is deployed to take care of the problem. The lab is filled with traps n packed with flesh-eating creatures n ferocious dogs. The film actually does an efficient job of recreating the ambiance of the video game. The initial office building chaos is great and there's a bit of nastiness involving an elevator scene. The film is famous for its laser defence system scene, the zombified dogs, awesome fight scene with the zombie doberman dogs n different creatures. It is also an adventure film in which the lead characters, especially Milla Jovovich always move forward without looking back. Another known face, Michelle Rodriguez is at her sexiest when wielding a weapon. Paul W.S. Anderson famous for action/horror/sci-fi films did a fine job with the direction.
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Finally, a video game adaption done right
cherold8 October 2003
This movie means business. Quick disaster with a mystery to it, jarring deaths, naked Milla, all in the first few minutes. It keeps up the pace throughout. In terms of critical comments, yes, you don't really care about the characters, but so what? How often do you really care about the monster fodder in horror films? And true, it wasn't a literal working of the movie, it didn't take place in a mansion and it didn't involve exploring lots of rooms and solving puzzles. That's because it's a movie. A literal translation of Resident Evil would probably be really dull. Games and movies are very different mediums. I don't think some people here understand that. One guy said he thought the movie rocked but after repeated viewings he thought it sucked, and that's a video game player attitude - movies don't have to have good replay value, it's okay to enjoy them once. I only enjoyed Star Wars once, but I don't think it sucked, it just didn't have a lot of depth. Not every movie has to be Citizen Kane.

It was an engaging story, moved like lightning and had some excellent scares.
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I just freaking love these movies
drpainters23 August 2019
All the talk of no females in movies but you have these and underworlds. Critics just slam them though rather then enjoy for what they are, ridiculous action/horror movies . That become more cheesy and 3d as they go along . Series even has enough of an ending. Love watching all these through and 3d copies are a bonus.
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Surprisingly Entertaining
Zod-24 October 2002
I was generally surprised that I liked this movie, not being a fan of either of it's stars. I decided to give the movie a try since it does deal with one of my favorite horror topics...zombies!

As a horror movie Resident Evil fails miserably, it's not scary and contains only small amounts of suspense. It is much better as an action film although much of the action is chaotic, accompanied by lame heavy metal/thrash music. But seeing as it is based on a video game and made primarily for teenage boy video game addicts it is quite good in and of itself.

The movie plays well, even though it is apparent that some scenes have been cut to achieve an R-rating. The characters do what they need to do in order to survive.

One small problem with the movie is the relative lack of zombie screen time. They do appear in two major scenes but most of the time the hallways are clear. This hive was supposed to employ thousands of people but you only ever see 100 zombies at the most. Also, the humans seem to be able to travel easily wherever they have to go until it is time for another action sequence. It would have been better if they constantly ran into single zombies which they were able to easily dispose of, but this is nit-picking on my part.

Overall I enjoyed the movie and I have never seen, let alone played, the video game. I'm not sure if this movie will have the staying power over multiple viewings for me (like Aliens) but it's a very good single viewing action picture. Easily the best movie I have seen based on a video game. Despite it's flaws Resident Evil rates a 7 out of 10, if taken more seriously this could have been a really good movie. It would have been nice to see a George Romero version.
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Resident Evil: A Project in Terror.
Elswet13 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
To be honest, the first time I saw this, I didn't care for it. It did not follow the story line of the game, and that made me very unhappy with this endeavor.

Upon realization that a video game is "dumbed down" for the players to be able to concentrate, however, I opted for a second viewing and came to realize that this was not the waste of time I first believed.

I was disappointed with how it played out because there were no cures along the way, they made little notice of records and files lying about, no matter how relevant they were or were not, and the sequence of things was not on par with that of the game. I realize that to do things that way would have severely hampered the flow of the movie itself and would have made it far less active. Considering this is first and foremost, an action movie (with horror elements), that would not be considered a good thing.

The truth is that Milla Jovovich contributes a very capable and entertaining presence and performance to this work. Her supporting cast (every one) gave nothing but the best they had. The story itself flows quite well and was creatively written and executed.

There is nothing wrong with this attempt. It just didn't live up to a fanboy's expectations. Unfortunately, that was their major principal audience; game fans, and that explains the lackluster box office payoff and the low IMDb user ratings for this attempt. The fanboys were disappointed; the casual fans casually attended this event; and the mainstream didn't understand the big deal, either way and so did not participate to a profitable level.

With the release of the second installment and all the advertisement and hype Apocalypse received, it drew the mainstream fans a bit harder; the casual fans were less casual; and the fanboys were still disappointed, but resigned to the fact that this was just how it was going to be; take it or leave it. We took it and, in retrospect, embraced the first attempt, as well.

It rates an 8.4/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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Killer Action/Zombie Hybrid
suspiria104 April 2002
This one's been in development for quite some time and I was disappointed when George Romero left the project.First off,the trailer for this movie made me sweat,because it wasn't very good.Thankfully the movie rocked.By far the best game-inspired flick to date and a heck of a good ride.All the way across the board:good acting,good f/x,awesome soundtrack and score(Marilyn Manson-who'd a thought),excellent production design and top-notch direction.All-in-all a very satisfying dark run through the bowls of the Unbrella corporation....Watch out for the Red Queen and bring on RE#2.Come Get Some(sorry Duke).ENJOY!
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mrtacoman24 April 2002
Y'know, I've often said that movies are like music. There's no deciding whether something is bad or good, it's in the eye of the beholder. This mass of people saying that this movie is the best zombie movie ever though, I mean c'mon people! First off, the Evil Dead Trilogy is scarier than this film, and I just saw those 3 movies for the first time last week. Those films were't even supposed to be scary, and had really small budgets, but were 10 times more fun.

In response to everyone saying you get to see Milla Jovovich naked...(Sarcasm begins now) OH WOW! I got to see half of Milla's nipple! OH MY GOD! The promised land does exist! Oh please God, just let me see a full nipple one day, and I promise I'll never sin again! (End Sarcasm) Anyway, if I want to see Milla naked, I'm sure she's posed for Playboy or something, and you saw more in the Fifth Element anyway. Plus she was younger and looked a lot better in that film.

I hate Michelle Rodriguez. She's not hot in my opinion and she's played pretty much the same role in every movie she's been in. At least most actors who get typecast try to break away. Granted, they usually suck at whatever they try different, but that's not the point. Jim Carrey is a perfect example.

By the way, was Milla's character ever mentioned by name in the movie? Or do we all know she was named Alice from this site and the credits. My friends and I could all swear we never heard her name or the black guy who looks like Laurence Fishburne's name. What a sucky script, we can't even get names for the people....

Anyways, I think this film sucked, if you think it was cool, then go rent a real zombie movie, or at least find something that's not a Matrix wannabe ( Jump kicking Dog scene, bullet time licker scene)...
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"I've been a bad, bad girl"
Smells_Like_Cheese7 September 2007
Recently I saw the theatrical trailer for Resident Evil: Extinction and it occurred to me, I have never seen the first two Resident Evil films, and I always wanted to see them. So I rented the first two Resident Evil films and watched them last night. I had a lot of fun watching Resident Evil, it was very high action and kept my heart racing on what would happen next. This is a great movie based on a video game, this is the kind of movie that we need if we are talking about basing it on a video game. I haven't seen a good one since Mortal Kombat. The action and effects were so awesome not to mention that there are some very awesome scares in here. Very cool make up for the zombies; and the story was excellent.

A virus breaks out in a lab called the Hive where everyone is held in captivity and dies. All of a sudden we see a woman passed out in a shower, she has no idea who she is, she meets two other men who have no idea who they are, but they are taken by soldiers who take them underground to the Hive. There the three learn that they are fighters for this out break and that also they might be part of what happened. The main thing is that they control the Hive, but that gets more difficult when the virus has turned the people it killed into the living dead, zombies. The woman, Alice, turns into the leader and must find out why this happened and also how they can get out alive without contaminating the world.

Resident Evil was an awesome movie to watch and I would highly recommend this movie for anyone who loves action movies. If you loved Mortal Kombat I'm sure you'll love Resident Evil. There are so many great scenes, but my favorite was when Alice saw the evil dogs and they chased her throughout the lab, it was really scary but so awesome to watch. Well, you'll just have to see what I mean. Milla Jovovich was just a perfect choice for Alice, she is such a cool character and now I'm really looking forward to seeing Extinction.

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Love it or hate it.
shinny-9878919 June 2019
I personally love resident evil. One of my favourite franchises ever don't understand why it's so low you either love it or hate it I suppose
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Good fun movie.
educallejero29 March 2019
Entertaining movie based on a video-game. That's not an easy job.

They managed to create a compelling personal story for the main protagonist (Mila) and explained the context and plot very efficiently.

Once the action kicks in, the pace is great and the survival aspect mesh really well with the intriguing plot. The characters are thin, of course, but they work too, without annoying "comic-relief only" or "the defenseless".

I don't know, but I'm sure someone could find plot-holes, but overall, if they exist, you don't notice while watching this good video-game zombi movie.
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The Way It Was Intended To Be Seen
turnewil-2676715 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I haven't really seen this movie in like 5 years since I seen it on TV. Thought about getting it on DVD. I was blown away with this movie. Killer Action and Zombie Flick. Ferocious Dogs try to kill Milla Jovovich and she didnt back down without no fight. Unlike The First Purge, this was actually one to ode. Actually a trilogy to catch up on if you missed them in theaters. The next one I want to see is Apocalypse, Extinction, Afterlife, Retribution, and the Final Chapter. So there should be a total of 6 films, right.
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Fun start to a franchise
dormesher-2156513 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Resident Evil loosely based on the game series of the same name. I like this film and the live action series I know alot of people would disagree and I will say the quality of the films drops quite a bit after extinction but I have alot of fun with series and I am a fan of these and the video games.

This is the first film in the series and it's a great start to this franchise with an interesting storyline taking place in the Hive which is a government research center run by the evil corporation Umbrella and a zombie outbreak occurs and the characters have to deal with that and the Red Queen who is an Artificial Intelligence that is in control of the Hive.

This is a very fun movie with some pretty cool action and some interesting characters. However I will say that there are some issues I have although it's based on the game series they don't use alot of characters from the game's which is annoying for me because I grew up on those characters like Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield and even Whesker now I know they show up in later movies but they feel more like side characters because the movie series focuses on Alice who is an original character for this franchise. And even though it annoys me that they dont use characters from games right I will say Alice is a really interesting character and a bad ass and is brilliantly acted by Mila Jocovich who is awesome in this film and the franchise.

The effects have dated quite Abit in my opinion but still look pretty good for 2002 and like I said the action is pretty awesome and alot of cool scenes in the movie. The Licker looks ok and had some interesting action scenes with Alice and the crew.

Theres also some pretty cool twists which involve Alice and her partner who she guards down with turns out she wants to take down Umbrella and was trying to sneak the T Virus and her partner overheard this and caused the break out in the Hive to begin with. That was a cool twists and really brought alot to the character of Alice in my opinion.

It also sets up a sequel with one of the survivors going in for the Nemesis programme setting up the next villain which awesome for a fan of the game's

Verdict 8/10 enjoyable but dated movie
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A Huge Disappointment
kensmark31 March 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Mild non-specific spoilers ahead.

I had high hopes, but Resident Evil wants to be a zombie movie and an action movie, and it fails utterly on both counts.

You can't have a good zombie movie without gore. Or without some decent zombies. The zombies in this movie are feeble, except for the dogs, who have hardly any screen time. The movie also has a rather hastily concocted monster, which serves as padding. The gore that does get onto the screen doesn't have any continuity with the action, as if the victims of violence in the film wandered in from an alternate universe where they died of different causes.

And you can't have a good action movie without action. Milla has about one-and-a-half good action moments in this film, and the rest of the cast manages another two. Those are supplemented by a lot of inaction and a lot of loud nonsense where they try to confuse you into thinking something interesting is happening. Dull, dull, dull.

Shaking the camera a lot during a close-up of someone waving their arms and screaming is not an action scene. It's passe and pathetic and wasn't a decent substitute for action back when it was relatively new, in the mid-80's.

The movie has a few moments of genuine atmosphere, but those have all come and gone by the twenty-minute mark. There are some nice props, but they generally don't get much use, and some nice sets, although the gross overuse of the close-up generally obscures them. The cast shows some promise, but they don't have much to do, and the dialogue is all too often wincingly bad.

The movie relentlessly copies better films, and does it poorly, a long and annoying reminder of what you could be watching instead.

Most mysteriously of all, the film contains nudity, but none of it serves any purpose. The movie already had an 'R' rating for violence. The nudity isn't necessary or flattering. I admit, rarely have I seen a movie in which an attractive woman appears without her clothes and thought the movie would be better without the nudity, but it happened here.

All in all, it's not as interesting or exciting as watching someone play the game. Or hearing them talk about having played the game. It's not even as good as the director Paul Anderson's earlier videogame movie, Mortal Kombat. As the final credits rolled, I was easily able to think of almost a dozen zombie movies that are far, far superior -- and only two of them are Japanese.

Weak, dull, derivative, amateurish, under-written, under-directed, and generally disappointing. I feel bad for Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez, who I know can do so much better.
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Great Sci-Fi Action Horror Film
claudio_carvalho31 January 2017
In the near future, the powerful Umbrella Corporation has a hidden research facility called The Hive underneath Raccoon City, where the scientists develop genetically engineered drugs for medical purpose and biological weapons. After stealing the lethal T-virus, a thief contaminates The Hive and the artificial intelligence Red Queen seals the Hive and kills all the staff and guinea pigs. A woman called Alice (Milla Jovovich) awakes naked in a bathroom of a mansion without memory and soon a commando led by a man called One (Colin Salmon) subdues her and another man called Matt (Eric Mabius), who claims to be a cop. Alice learns that she is a security guard with her partner Spence (James Purefoy) assigned to protect the entrance to The Hive and her memory will return in an undefined period since she was affected by a gas. The Red Queen had a malfunctioning five hours ago and had shut down the facility and killed everybody releasing a lethal gas. Now they need to shut down the Red Queen and restart her systems. They use an underground train to reach The Hive and the Red Queen asks then to leave the place. However Kaplan (Martin Crewes) disables the Red Queen opening the doors in The Hive. Soon the group learns that the staff has turned into zombies and now they are under siege of the zombies. Most of the commando dies and only Alice, Spence, Matt, Rain (Michelle Rodriguez) and Kaplan survive. Now they need to find a way to escape from The Hive since the system will shut down the exits in a short period. Who will survive?

"Resident Evil" is a great sci-fi action horror film by Paul W.S. Anderson. Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez and the rest of the cast have good performances and the non-stop action is engaging. The gloomy pessimist conclusion fits perfectly to the story. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Resident Evil: O Hóspede Maldito" ("Resident Evil: The Damned Guest")
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First and the best rendition based on popular video games in which a virus has escaped into a secret facility
ma-cortes26 July 2014
A special military unit fights a powerful, out-of-control supercomputer and hundreds of scientists who have mutated into flesh-eating creatures after a laboratory accident into a facility called the ¨Hive¨. But a secret experiment has been developed and a fatal mistake and a deadly virus expands itself . As the Umbrella Corporation's deadly T-virus ravages the Earth , transforming the global population into legions of the flesh eating Undead . The group Milla Jovovich , Eric Mabius , Colin Salmon , Martin Crewes , James Purefoy) battles the Umbrella Corporation , the undead and a super computer that plots total destruction over the human race . The commando (to prepare for their roles, the actors playing commandos and Milla Jovovich and Eric Mabius had a week of commando training with a Navy Seal) in the heart of Umbrella's most clandestine operations facility and unveil mysterious plans .

First original film with nonstop action , violent combats and spectacular images by computer generator . The human race's last and only hope is Alice (Milla Jovovich is the only actor to appear in all five films) . Spectacular , action-packed and thrilling first installment of the ¨Resident Evil series¨ , adapted from the video games characters produced by Hiroyuki Kobayashi . Yet another noisy film rendered from a video game which never gets as eerie as a Zombie picture should . Unstopped-action gore-feast that provides for high-octane escapist entertainment with some eye-catching visuals and pulsing soundtrack . This exciting picture contains thrills , chills , action-filled with fierce combats and lots of gore and guts . The horror and action moments are fast moving and compactly realized , being the first movie of the series not to feature undead dogs . This original takes more , more approach , more fights , more blood and gore than subsequent sequels . The creepy images of wide range from the genuinely fantastic to the bizarre along with scary and amazing frames . It's predictable but we have seen some scenes in previous films , but also its predictability is redeemed in part by the charismatic acting from the action-women , as Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez . Milla Jovovich did all of her own stunts except the pipe jump in the sewer scene . The main actors were told to prepare for the film by getting copies of the games and playing them through. Some of them didn't know if they could complete them in time so they had to get video copies of other people beating the games and then watch it . One of the most popular scenes in the film - when Alice runs up a wall and flings round to kick a zombie dog in the head - took 3 months of training for Milla Jovovich. The flesh-eating mutants appearance deliver the goods , plenty of screams , shocks and tension . The make-up assistants create a truly horrible zombie cannibals and state-of-art FX won the Canadian Screen Award for Achievement in Visual Effects . Professional dancers were cast as zombies . Horrifying and astonishing images about apocalyptic events with destroyed city , with a technological facility totally inhabited by flesh-munchies creatures and much of it was filmed in unfinished stations of Berlin underground . Cool , luminous cinematography using Steadicam by David Johnson . Haunting , pulsing Techno-musical score by Marco Beltrani . The motion picture was professionally directed with startling visual style , though with no originality , by Paul W Anderson . This was he second movie based on a video game directed by Paul W.S. Anderson , the first was Mortal Kombat (1995). Its successful opening weekend sparked a frenzy among US studios, eager to capitalize on the interest in video games. Titles like Doom (1993), Silent Hill (1999) and Max Payne (2001) were all snapped up.

The complete saga is formed by the following films : ¨Resident evil¨ by Paul W Anderson with Milla , Eric Mabius , Michelle Rodriguez , James Purefoy , Colin Salmon ; this is the best , dealing with a group of containment specialists are sent in and have to fight employees who have been contaminated , while A.I. computer instigates a series of defensive measures to contain the virus . It's followed by ¨Resident evil II : Apocalypse¨ by Alexander Witt with Jared Harris , Iain Glen , Oded Fehr , Sienna Guillory . Furthermore , ¨Resident evil III¨ by Russell Mulcahy with Ali Larter, Ashanti , Mike Epps , Oded Fehr and of course Milla Jovovich ; ¨Resident Evil : Afterlife¨ by Paul W Anderson with usual actors along with Kim Coates , Sergio Peris Mencheta , Boris Kodjoe and Wentworth Miller , and ¨Resident evil 5 : retribution¨ with Boris Kodjoe, Johann Urb ,Aryana Engineer , Kevin Durand , Robin Kasyanov and as always Milla Jovovich .
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droogiedim773 July 2002
I want to start off by saying that I was blown away by this movie. I am a big fan of horror movies. And seeing as most video game to movie adaptions are utter complete crap, I wasn't expecting too much from this movie. This movie grabbed my attention from the first frame and held it to the very end. I know what you're thinking...."Resident Evil a '10'?" Let me tell why this is is so well done. The games mostly focus on a company doing genetic experiments and create zombies. Mayhem ensues. The movie starts out telling you a little about the corporation. Not too much to make it a drawn-out scene, but to give enough to know what is going on. Anderson then makes a seamless transition from the intro right into the lab. The opening scene is done so well, without using a lot of dialogue and letting the music build up the tension. The score really makes the movie. A different score would have made this just another zombie flick, but Manson does his best work to date. (And I'm a big Manson fan who owns all his albums. I am eagerly awaiting his next release after hearing the Resident Evil theme.) The score starts with an ominous sound, followed by a creepy keyboard intro and a simple driving bass riff. As the song progresses, more and more tension builds as drums, guitar and the other sounds are added. This song is short, but works so well with the opening sequence in establishing the tone of the movie. Gothic, haunting and creepy all at the same time. Now about the other fronts. This isn't on the same level as some other movies. It isn't a brilliantly written script. The subject matter isn't very intellectual, but rather primal and savage. When making the judgment, you have to view the movie for what it is. A fun, gore-filled thrill ride. The actors don't do anything oscar-worthy, but they do portray their characters well. The make-up work IS oscar-worthy. While its not on the same level as something like Lord of the Rings, it is still quite amazing in its own right when seeing how many zombies they have to create. I would say the film is well-directed, seeing as the director did make an enthralling movie that kept me glued to my seat for the entire time. I don't think I've been so brought into the world of the film then with this movie. I also jumped at a few parts, which is doesn't happen often. This also has one of the best endings I've seen in a movie. So far, this is hands down the best horror movie I've seen in 2002, one of the best movies of 2002 and one of my favorite movies of the horror genre. I'd place right next to Night of the Living Dead, the other masterpiece. In fact, you could almost call this a modern version of the 1968 classic. Now, for the poor reviewers I have this to say. You probably didn't like this just because Romero didn't direct it. And while I consider Night a classic, I hated the other 2 movies in the Dead trilogy. And you can't say the movie didn't capture the spirit of the game. If anything, it captured it all to well. As with all movies, there are those who love and those who hate. My advice? Give this a try expecting nothing and just watch and enjoy the movie. You'll thank me later.
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a dull disappointment, even for a videogame film
foxbrick16 March 2002
Despite good-enough performances from Jovovich, Rodriguez, and the rest of the cast, there is little more good to be said for this film, aside from some handsomely unhandsome zombies. Did we need a cross between CUBE and Romero's zombie trilogy with an even more ridiculous version of ALIEN's anticorporate slant (when anticorporatism becomes as ridiculous as this, it certainly undercuts real anticorporatism)? Nonsensical doubletalk, an idiot-plot from the beginning, and not even much in the way of interesting violence. So, go to see Milla J be fetching and Michelle R be sardonic, but you can probably do that with some other films which might also entertain you.
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Painful to watch
a051022677 October 2010
Many reviewers consider this to be one the best adaptations of a video game into a film...Well, I have to disagree, mostly because I love all the Resident Evil games, and even when this is much better than things such as "Doom" or "Bloodrayne", it is just doesn't make any justice to the original games in which this movie is inspired.

This film betrays the original roots of the game, focusing in the action rather than the horror parts (Sure: The games had lots of action, but also had lots of thrills, mystery and subtlety, something that this film completely lacks) The other problem with this film is the terrible direction of Paul W.S. Anderson, which ruins a great story, turning the whole thing into a huge mess that is barely watchable. As a movie independent of the games, it is mediocre at best. But as an adaptation it is just terrible, dreadful film.
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Utterly Disappointing VideoGame Adaption
PrimitiveScrewhead16 December 2002
This is quite possibly the worse VideoGame Adaption I have ever seen. Paul Anderson has 'hacked' his way into the VideoGame market, and created a blatant cash-in film. This is more like a rip-off of The Matrix than anything else. I am a HUGE fan of the videogame series. The Resident Evil videogames are my favorite games of all time, but this movie is really that BAD. The film follows the storyline of a group of 'ALIENS' type Commandos being sent into a Mansion of some sort, where a deadly Virus outbreak has occured. On the way, they meet Alice, a person who has lost her mind. hell with it. This film basically has no plot, or even if it has, it has been poorly constructed. The thing about the Resident Evil games, is that they have strong plots which guide you in. You really get drawn into it. This film is incredibly bland. The acting is absolutely terrible, and cringe worthy. It totally lacks atmohpere which the VideoGames provide. Let's see a small comparison between the Film and the Videogame: FILM : Hard rock-type music. - VIDEOGAME : Eerie, quiet, orchestral score. FILM : Bullet Time. - VIDEOGAME : No Bullet-Time seen. FILM : Kung Fu. - VIDEOGAME : No Bullet time. FILM : Bland Characters. VIDEOGAME : Interesting characters.

It clearly comes to my attention, this film bares more resemblance to The Matrix than the Videogames. All characters are new (and very bland and one dimensional). We don't know them, and we never do. It's very unbelievable how a film like this could mess up the Resident Evil saga. The videogames are just begging for a movie version of themselves, and instead, we get something that offers nothing in common with the videogames. It's hard to believe this film was 'based' on them. I don't even think it is. This film feels like 'deja vu', we've seen it all before.

Capcom made the biggest mistake of letting Paul Anderson near the Resident Evil series. They also made the mistake of firing George A Romero. Sure, Romero's script changed a few ideas, but it stuck the closest to the videogames. Romero was the only man to do a faithful adaption. Hell, the Resident Evil videogames are based off his ZOMBIE trilogy.

Avoid Resident Evil The Movie at all costs. If you want a slice of Resident Evil, stick with the VideoGames, as they are the true spirit of Resident Evil. And if you want the true spirit of ZOMBIE movies, purchase George A Romero's Living Dead Trilogy. And if you want Kung Fu, Bullet-Time and cool know what movie to watch.

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