The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) Poster

Billy Boyd: Pippin



  • Aragorn : Gentlemen, we do not stop 'til nightfall.

    Pippin : What about breakfast?

    Aragorn : You've already had it.

    Pippin : We've had one, yes. What about second breakfast?

    [Aragorn turns and walks away] 

    Merry : I don't think he knows about second breakfast, Pip.

    Pippin : What about elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper? He knows about them, doesn't he?

    Merry : I wouldn't count on it.

  • Legolas : Lembas!

    [nibbles a corner] 

    Legolas : One small bite is enough to fill the stomach of a grown man!

    Merry : [to Pippin]  How many did you eat?

    Pippin : Four.


  • Pippin : [to Elrond]  Anyways, you need people of intelligence on this sort of... mission... quest... thing.

    Merry : Well, that rules you out, Pip.

  • Pippin : Are we lost?

    Merry : No.

    Pippin : I think we are.

    Merry : Shh. Gandalf's thinkin'.

    Pippin : Merry?

    Merry : What?

    Pippin : I'm hungry.

  • [Frodo puts out a campfire] 

    Pippin : Oh... That's nice. Ash on my tomatoes!

  • Gandalf : [after failing to open the magical doors of Moria]  I once knew every spell in all the tongues of Elves... Men... and Orcs.

    Pippin : What are you going to do, then?

    Gandalf : Knock your head against these doors, Peregrin Took! And if that does not shatter them, and I am allowed a little peace from foolish questions, I will try to find the opening words.

  • Sam : Trust a Brandybuck and a Took.

    Merry : What? That was just a detour, a shortcut.

    Sam : Shortcut to what?

    Pippin : Mushrooms!

  • [Merry and Pippin are leading the Uruks away from Frodo] 

    Pippin : It's working!

    Merry : I know it's working! Run!

  • Elrond : Nine companions. So be it. You shall be the Fellowship of the Ring.

    Pippin : Great! Where are we going?

  • [Merry appears with a large jug of ale] 

    Pippin : What's that?

    Merry : This, my friend, is a pint.

    Pippin : It comes in pints?

    Merry : [confirms while drinking] 

    Pippin : I'm getting one.

  • [Frodo has been stabbed by a Morgul-blade] 

    Pippin : Is he going to die?

    Aragorn : He is passing into the Shadow World. He'll soon become a wraith like them.

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