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Nick Nolte: Jake McKenna



  • Jake McKenna : You're a man without scruples. Oh, I can smell it on you.

    Jake McKenna : [Rubs his hand on Bobby's sweaty hair, then smells it]  Yeah, that's the sweat of a man that hasn't an honest bone in his body.

  • Jake McKenna : [having sex with Grace from behind]  Oh, fuck it away, fuck it away! But it ain't ever gonna go away!

  • Jake McKenna : I got a mind to put you over my knee right now and paddle your ass raw!

  • Jake McKenna : [walks in on Bobby and Grace kissing]  Grace!

    Grace : Jake! I thought you were in Phoenix.

    Jake McKenna : Who the hell is this?

    Bobby : Who the hell are you?

    Jake McKenna : I'm her husband!

    Bobby : Husband?

  • Bobby : You're a slimy bastard who'd have his wife killed to get his hands on some money.

    Jake McKenna : What does that make you?

    Bobby : The slimy bastard that's gonna' do it.

  • Jake McKenna : A man with no ethics is a free man. I don't envy you that.

  • Jake McKenna : [having sex with Grace from behind]  You've been a bad girl, Grace!

  • Jake McKenna : What brings you to Superior, Bobby?

    Bobby : Car overheated.

    Jake McKenna : Darrell taking good care of you, is he?

    Bobby : Darrell's dumb as a sack of hammers.

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