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Nick Brimble: Dekker Massey



  • Dekker Massey : You guys married?

    Gus Green : Uh, yeah, yeah.

    Dekker Massey : Children?

    Joe Waters : No, they're our age.

  • Dekker Massey : I'd spent 20 years behind a desk.

    Gus Green : That's a long time to be sitting.

  • Dekker Massey : I was wondering if you still honoring these?

    [shows him pamphlet] 

    Glenn : What the hell is it with these damn coupons?

    Dekker Massey : Why, somebody else been in here with one?

    Glenn : Yep. Two fellas come in here last night.

    Dekker Massey : They still here?

    Glenn : No. They gone this morning.

    Dekker Massey : Do you know where they've gone?

    Glenn : They asked me where they could buy a boat.

    Dekker Massey : And did you suggest a place?

    Glenn : Yep.

    Dekker Massey : Which place?

    Glenn : Phil Beasley's.

  • Dekker Massey : These two guys are a two-man disaster area. They just bought a boat and destroyed it in less than an hour. Look, these idiots won't get very far. Now they've got my map. It might take me another day to find them. But I will find them. Don't worry. And when I'm finished with them, I'll know where the money is.

  • Joe Waters : [looking at stolen valuables in suitcase]  Holy smokes! Look at that, Gus.

    Gus Green : We did it Joe.

    Joe Waters : Yeah.

    Gus Green : Yeah.

    Joe Waters : You know, Gus, there's a lot of family heirlooms here. Those poor people. That's not nice.

    Gus Green : Yeah, a lot of "hairlooms" in there. Yeah.

    Joe Waters : Yeah. W-We're gonna get a lot of reward money, anyway.

    Gus Green : We're gonna be rich.

    Joe Waters : Yeah, and famous.

    Dekker Massey : [sneaks up]  Oh, really?

    [holds gun at them] 

    Dekker Massey : Now, move! Move!

    [Joe and Gus move slowly as Dekker goes up to the suitcase and picks up a wad of money and feels it] 

  • Dekker Massey : So you just sit there and think about me going off to a life of wealth and luxury while you've only got your dreary little poverty-stricken lives to go back to. But I'm sure you'll enjoy spending Thanksgiving here together.

    [Joe and Gus register horrified looks] 

    Dekker Massey : [cruel]  Oh, what? Have I ruined your plans for the holidays? Oh, I am so sorry.

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