Cats Don't Dance (1997) Poster

Betty Lou Gerson: Frances



  • Danny : Look, if you're going to accept what they think of you, then you can leave. I almost did.

    Cranston : Well, you should have. Life here for animals is the pits. We're always playing the scapegoat.

    Woolie Mammoth : Quickly forgotten.

    Frances : Working for scale.

    Danny : Then why are you still here? Because you can't get over that feeling, can you? That feeling you get when... when you two dance together. When you play. When you sing. They cursed you, humilliated you, even slammed the door on your face, but they haven't made you forget. Have they?

  • Cranston : Look who's back! I wish he had himself stuffed!

    Frances : I know a divine taxidermist, darling. Did my first husband.

  • Sawyer : Well, well. Run of the soundstage, use of Darla's ark, costumes... I don't know. Something seems fishy.

    Frances : I beg your pardon?

    Sawyer : Sorry. It's just that I smell a rat.

    Rat : Excuse me?

    Sawyer : Oh, never mind.

  • Tillie Hippo : Well, there's always Broadway. Yeah, Broadway. I hear hippos are very, very big on Broadway.

    Frances : They're big everywhere, Darling.

  • Danny : I hear Farley Wink gets good parts for animals.

    Frances : If you call hanging from a hook a good part.

  • Cranston : Look at them. I'm ashamed to be an animal.

    Frances : Oh, shut up, you old nanny, and show old Frannie what you got.

  • Sawyer : Sometimes I ask myself, "Why do I put up with this?"

    Frances : The glamour?

    Sawyer : What, this pig sty? No offense, Harry.

    Harry the Pig : None taken.

    Sawyer : Unless you're talking about the glamour of filing, the romance of typing.

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