Cats Don't Dance (1997) Poster

Scott Bakula: Danny



  • Danny : Look, if you're going to accept what they think of you, then you can leave. I almost did.

    Cranston : Well, you should have. Life here for animals is the pits. We're always playing the scapegoat.

    Woolie Mammoth : Quickly forgotten.

    Frances : Working for scale.

    Danny : Then why are you still here? Because you can't get over that feeling, can you? That feeling you get when... when you two dance together. When you play. When you sing. They cursed you, humilliated you, even slammed the door on your face, but they haven't made you forget. Have they?

  • Max : [clenching Danny in his grip]  How does the kitty cat go?

    Danny : Meow?

    Max : Very Gooood.

  • Sawyer : Look, tiger. This town has rules. Around here cats say, "Meow."

    Danny : But that's so old hat. I'm sure no one would mind if I jazzed this up a bit.

    Sawyer : Okay, learn it the hard way.

    Danny : [dramiatic reading]  Meow!

    [as Gabby Hayes] 

    Danny : Meow! Dagnabit, meow!

    [as Edward G. Robinson] 

    Danny : Meow, see? Yeah, that's it. Meow! Meow!

  • Danny : If we all work together, we can make our dreams come true. Let's show the world what we can do.

  • Darla Dimple : [singing]  I've seen 'em come and I've seen 'em go / There's one thing that I know / You gotta give the people what they want / Or you'll wind up back in Kokomo, Nebraska.

    Danny : Uh, Indiana, Ms. Dimple.

    Darla Dimple : ...Whatever.

  • Danny : Looks like we'll be the only two cats on the ark. Isn't that great?

    Sawyer : So much for preserving the species!

  • Danny : But I thought Hollywood was always looking for new talent.

    Woolie Mammoth : Ah, ah, talented *people*, not animals.


    Woolie Mammoth : You see, the spotlight will never be on fellows like you and me, and it's foolish to think otherwise, Danny.

  • Danny : What if I could get you an audition with L.B. Mammoth?

    Sawyer : L.B. Mammoth? Head of Mammoth Studios?

    Danny : I'm sure he'd appreciate good talent.

    Cranston : After nothing but Darla, he's gotta be starving for it!

  • Danny : Look at you standing there with the long, long face.

    Horse : [to another horse]  Hey, he must be talking to you.

  • Danny : I hear Farley Wink gets good parts for animals.

    Frances : If you call hanging from a hook a good part.

  • Danny : Wow! My own dream come true.

    Farley Wink : Yeah, yeah. But remember: 10% of that dream is mine.

  • Danny : Say, what happened back there?

    Sawyer : Look, I...

    Danny : Did I hit a sour note? Because if I hit a sour note, I can go back and... I can fix it.

    Sawyer : Danny, they don't care! Don't you get it? What's the matter with you? Why are you so determined on making a fool of yourself?

    Danny : What do you mean? All I want to do is the thing I love. Doesn't everyone?

    Sawyer : It's not that simple.

    Danny : It is in Kokomo.

    Sawyer : Then... maybe that's where you should have stayed.

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