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Anaconda (1997)
SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain22 January 2012
It's a stupid B-Movie with enough quality to fly by, and enough camp charm to get away with such cinematic crimes. The cast play it straight, apart from Voight. I'm pretty sure he was drunk during the shooting, coming out with an inexplicable accent and a look reminiscent of Hannibal Lecter. It's ridiculous fun, with hokey CGI and animatronics. The animatronics are great and make me miss the 90s. It's a big snake shaped tube and goes from slow robotic motions, to super fast CGI. Cube and Hyde manage some, at times, adorable dialogue. Voight's presence also unites the rest of the cast, and each character gets their own heroic captain moment. Fun filled and just plain bad. I loved it.
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An entertaining creature feature
kannibalcorpsegrinder15 June 2015
Heading into the Amazon, a documentary team studying a long-lost tribe runs afoul of a hunter searching for a legendary anaconda and are forced to help him track the deadly creature.

This was a decent and quite enjoyable creature feature. One of the better features here is the rather impressive pace that runs throughout here, as this one runs along pretty quickly with the introduction getting started immediately, picking up the hunter is right after that and the snake attacks carry the action throughout the rest of the film. Those action scenes are all quite fun, from the opening poacher attack, the search on the abandoned boat and the first battle with the creature as they try to wrangle the water-bound snake from their boat only for the resulting chaos it it's escape to set the stage for its' later scenes. That is the film's best part which is the final half hour as there's a large amount of ambushes and attacks here, from the trap at the waterfall where there's the fun water-chase with the creature coming after the swimmers in the water trying to dislodge the boat before finally getting to the spectacular waterfall confrontation catching the fleeing victim in mid-air before crashing into the boat below to the greater fun of the big chase through the abandoned warehouse. From the hunter's trap and eventual escape to running through the different levels with the creature continually crashing through the surroundings and finally getting rid of the massive snake in a fiery blast, this packs a large amount of action, suspense and rather impressive moments into it. Along with the enjoyable animatronic special effects for the snake, these are more than enough to hold off the few flaws in here. One of the bigger flaws is the fact that the first half here plays off as more of an adventure film about the exploration of the Amazon who stumbles upon a suspicious snake-hunter who alters their course for his own needs. None of this is handled with the sense of urgency in getting the snake out in a film about a giant killer snake as it moves the film along the needles detours simply to get the point across aren't all that tied into the exploits of a creature feature. There's also the films' tendency to go a little overboard with the special effects here as the use of the CGI snake isn't nearly as convincing as the puppets, act way too slick and have very little depth to it as the performed actions during these scenes give away its' origins. It's not enough to hold this one down, but the other problems here is where the flaws are.

Rated PG-13: Violence, Graphic Language and some mild animal deaths.
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Simply dumb fun, as only 1997 could have delivered.
Mr_Censored29 July 2009
Before there was "Snakes on a Plane," there was "Anaconda," a Hollywood B-movie from the late 90's that is as notorious for its mixed bag of actors as it is for the gruesome snakes that populate its plot. In the film, a group of documentary film-makers traveling through the Amazon jungle picks up a mysterious man who inadvertently becomes their tour-guide on an unexpected detour. It seems the man is totally crazy and intends to capture one of the Amazon's most notorious and deadliest inhabitants: The Anaconda.

Despite some bad looking CGI-snakes (not bad in a good way) and a horribly mis-matched cast (J-Lo and Eric Stolz? Really?) "Anaconda" is simply a good, dumb time. Without a doubt, it's an utterly ridiculous film that can be insulting to your intelligence, but thankfully it knows not to overstay its welcome and the 90 minutes it takes up makes for a harmless and amusing ride. Ice Cube plays Ice Cube as he always does, while J-Lo turns in one of her more likable roles. You'll also catch Owen Wilson in one of his earliest roles, and John Voight is a pleasure to watch as he eats up the scenery. But face it, this movie is about snakes, and the titular character is the true star here. Surely, the actors on hand have done much worse, and as far as horror/b-movies about snakes, you could pick up much worse yourself. If you enjoy watching giant snakes (who inexplicably scream) stalk rappers, pop-stars and Angelina Jolie's dad, this is the flick for you. Those seeking genuine thrills, however, may find the film coming up a bit short.
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Brilliant Saturday Matinee Classic
squill7 February 2000
Growing up in the 50's gave me the privilege of being one the last generations of filmgoers to enjoy the Saturday afternoon double-feature matinee experience at the neighborhood theatre. These double-features were primarily low budget sci-fi/horror epics with slender threads of plot, lovely damsels in distress (Beverly Garland, Barbara Rush), square-jawed heroes (Peter Graves, Richard Carlson) and budget monsters from Mars, the grave, melted icebergs, mad scientist's labs or atomic fallout. Well not really. The monsters were usually guys in rubber suits (Creature From The Black Lagoon, This Island Earth), or cheap trick photography (Tarantula, Attack of the 50 Ft Woman), or `Mask and Glove' illusions (I Was A Teenage Werewolf/Frankenstein, Monster On The Campus), or, if we were really lucky, a Ray Harryhausen stop motion creation.

Needless to say this wasn't great cinema, but what it WAS, was great fun. Were you scared? Not really. Did you have the need for everything to be fact-based and believable? Of course not! You went to be entertained, to let your imagination merge with the sounds and images and have a good time, laughing or screaming. Could anyone really take the monster from `It Conquered The World' seriously, or wonder whether `The Creature From The Black Lagoon' was biologically possible or if it could anatomically deflower Julie Adams? Didn't matter. Instead, you let yourself meld into the film's world and travel along for the ride.

Thus whether you were on the obviously and badly animated `Angry Red Planet', or trapped with James Best on the island of dogs in make-up which were trying to pass for `The Killer Shrews', you surrendered to the magic.

My heart weeps for the post `Star Wars' filmgoers, these people weaned on special effects, the MTVers and video viewers who've had their imaginations and attention spans kidnapped and are told what to see and how to interpret it. I truly am sorry. You people missed a modern day, Grade B double feature, sci-fi/horror classic called `Anaconda'. And we hadn't seen one this good since `Alien'.

Being an intelligent man, I realize the futility of convincing the non-believers who can't draw from the needed background reservoir to understand, so I won't bother preaching this film's virtues or try to win you over by fact and argument. This, however, is what I will say………

This is a brilliant re-creation of the lost art of the 1950's double-feature horror genre; not really a homage to, more the real thing. It's `Creature From The Black Lagoon', with a really cheesy computer animated snake in place of a guy in a really cheesy rubber suit. It's a Saturday afternoon classic for people who remember and understand them. Story is great, script is great, cinematography is great, direction is great, acting is great, the women beautiful and endangered, the heroes machismo and handsome, the monster phantasmagorical, and we get a bonus surprise by one of the greatest American actors, Jon Voight, doing a magnificent over-the-top, slimy, nasty, reprehensibly heartless villain, complete with a sly wink to the audience. His performance is the key to the film. He understood the film's intent and translated it to the screen for you. If it's in your realm of understanding and experience, you get it and are able to partake in this little slice of cinema heaven.

In 20 years, they'll be calling this a classic. I'm calling it one now.
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Two ways of judging this movie.
RElKO25 July 2000
There are two ways to see this film and rate it.

1: As a movie that turned out to be much worse than it intended to be. In which case it's obvious that an actor like Jon Voight would overact to try and make it look like it was intended to be "bad". The special f/x, intended or not, are done with computer animation and are, in that category, the worst i've seen yet. A snake that moves like a cartoon. If it was the movieproducers' intention to make a "bad" movie, they would have done better to use the old fashioned special f/x, with a rubber prop.

2:As a movie that was, indeed, intended to be a b-movie. However, since the director Luis Llosa previously only made "serious" action movies like "the Specialist" and "Sniper", i have to seriously doubt it was his intension to make a "tongue-in-cheek" movie. If it WAS his intention, he nearly succeeded in making a fun "bad" movie.

Personally, there were only two things in this movie i enjoyed: The voluptuous Jennifer Lopez, and the magnificently "bad" performance of Jon Voight, who with just the facial expressions brings a smile to your face.
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Monster movie with action, suspense and adventures on the Amazon
ma-cortes12 October 2007
This stirring picture concerns about a documentary film crew from National Geographic constituted by a motley group: Jennifer Lopez Ice Cube, Eric Stolz, Jonathan Hyde, Owen Wilson, Kari Wuhrer traveling the Amazon river looking for a legendary Indian tribe and guided by Jon Voigh, playing a nutty, snake-obsessed hunter.But a great creature terrorizing the river, it turns to be a very large Anaconda with more 50-foot long. Meanwhile the bunch relationship each other till appearance the enormous snake. A poisonous and giant snake,attack at random and slither down the river, forest, jungle and slither around the boat ready to attack anyone on its path.

The picture provides stirring and exciting amusement with hair-raising chills and creepy scares. The Anacandas, themselves , of course, are the real star stars and they are astounding terrifyingly and almost totally convincing.The snakes are made by animatronics and computer generator, as usual. Middling performances though the players reacting appropriately to becoming snake food. Rather sympathetic and exaggerated acting by Jon Voight as crazy and nasty snakes hunter. The picture displays atmospheric music score by Randy Edelman and colorful cinematography by Bill Butler, cameraman of ¨Jaws¨film. The movie is professionally directed by Luis Llosa, an expert action movies director (The sniper, The specialist) and habitual shooting on river Amazonas(Fire on the Amazon, eight hundred leagues down the Amazon). It's followed by inferior sequel : The hunt for the blood orchid(2004) by Dwight H. Little and created an authentic exploitation snakes sub-genre, such as : ¨Python I and II, Boa, Rattler, King Cobra , among others.
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Little consistency
likeitorloatheit12 April 2001
This is not as bad as some people say it is. Generally, it's pretty formulaic, but there are a few alterations on the monster movie format.

A crew making a documentary set sail down a tropical river, on their way losing their fuel and, you guessed it, bumping into a big snake. There are all the usual characters here: beautiful girl, villain, posh English bloke (there's always one!), working-class hero, etc. They gradually get picked off one-by-one - although guessing the next "victim" is so easy, it takes the fun out of it all.

There are a few oddities in the consistency of the plot. Most of the killing happen in the second half of the film with the first half devoted to boring sub-plots. Curiously, the customary "introduction shock" is not a snake death, but a suicide. We never really find out why this has happened - after all, there is still a lot of Jennifer Lopez to be shown - and this, I think, is one of the main problems with the film. Story lines are attempted but never completed and so the audience will never gain true satisfaction from the film.

Another interesting factor is Terri's boyfriend and his contribution to the story line. During a dive, he gets bitten and the crew manage to recover him. They save his life but he is still unconscious and remains so throughout most of the movie.

However, the weakest character of all is the snake. Sure, it's pretty ugly, but it will never be truly terrifying as the director doesn't play on our sense of fear. We may be surprised when the snake attacks but never truly shocked.

As I said before, this isn't too bad a movie (I've seen worse) - there are some moments of tension, the actors do their jobs and the special effects are far from laughable. You might want to watch this if it's shown of TV, but I wouldn't pay money to see it.
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No thought power required
hellholehorror1 October 2017
This is a mind-numbing but entertaining monster snake movie. It is a quite exciting adventure but the depth is non-existent and there is no humour. It's all totally ridiculous. It isn't especially violent and there is no nudity but Jennifer is looking mighty fine so it is all good. I quite enjoyed it as there is no thought power required. One of the best giant snake movies and with that title comes pure cheesiness.
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A Secret Favorite
HomeinIndiana3 August 2014
Secret, because who would otherwise admit to liking this guilty pleasure? It is closest to Creature from the Black Lagoon in its structure: a trip down the Amazon of an ill-assorted group, a search for an elusive creature, or in this case, at first at least, the People of the Mist; some red shirt people; and Jon Voight playing the Nestor Paiva sort of role of the guy who's been on the river too long--and a would-be priest, no less. The virtues of the film include, most importantly, Voight's funny and outrageous performance (do Paraguayans sound like that?!). The beautiful Jennifer Lopez is eye candy. There is also the stuffy English narrator of the documentary they are making and Owen Wilson in his usual feckless character mode. And of course there is the titular character and star of the show. Altogether it's fun and moves along briskly.
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A Scary Pop Out Snake Movie!
WolfPup13 August 1999
This Movie The Snake Graphics Looked So Good! I Thought That The Snake Was Real! I Give It A 10/10! This Movie Was Great! I'll Give The Actors A Bravo! And The Computer Graphics People A Bravo Too! This Movie Was Awesome!
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fantastic movie Warning: Spoilers
Anaconda is a wonderful movie. These people travel through the waters of the Amazon Rainforest looking for a tribe to make a documentary about them. They run into a man who they rescue and he turns out to be a maniac who wants to catch an anaconda alive. The movie has great scenes that are very creepy and scary. The big anacondas in this are bigger, faster, and more aggressive than real green anacondas but that was necessary to make a good horror movie. Some of the great scenes are when you see the shape of a man inside a snake that ate him. And when you see a snake swallowing a man from inside the snake. It's as if the camera is inside the snake and you see it's mouth or throat open and the man go inside it. And when a baby anaconda wraps around a mans finger and tries to eat it.
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Great movie! Jon Voight is excellent!
Movie Nuttball11 October 2004
This film, Anaconda is a very good film in My opinion. The cast is different and they all acted well which this cast includes Jon Voight, Eric Stoltz, Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Jonathan Hyde, Owen Wilson, and Kari Wuhrer. As I said all of the actors are good but Voight's Paul Sarone is one of the coolest and meanest I have ever seen and he is one of My favorite villains in a movie. Those looks he gets on his face are something else! He is enough to scare a super hero! I think that this is Voight's best role! The music by Randy Edelman is in My opinion one of the best musical scores for a movie. The snakes look very realistic and the directing by Luis Llosa is very good. I have always like this film because of its great acting by Jon Voight, the special effects, great musical score, and lots of excitement! If you like Jon Voight, J. Lo, giant snake movies then I strongly recommend Anaconda!
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Fun Creature Feature
moviesleuth25 July 2009
"Anaconda" is one of those movies that is more fun than it has a right to be. The storyline is absurd, the acting is adequate at best, and the direction repeatedly rips off of other movies. But "Anaconda" is an entertaining ride if you can get past the deficiencies.

In a way, "Anaconda" is like a slasher movie. The movies starts out with a relatively numerous cast, gets them to strut their stuff while making them appear as beautiful as possible, and then have the killer/monster pick them off one by one. However, instead of a masked knife-wielding psychopath, we have a few very big snakes.

A film crew is going on location to film a documentary about the mysterious Shirishama tribe of the Amazon. Led by the director Terri Flores (Jennifer Lopez) and the anthropologist, Dr. Steven Cale (Eric Stolz), the trip seems to be going fine. Then they rescue a stranded man named Paul Sarone (Jon Voight), and things start to go bad...REALLY bad.

In a movie like this, it's not important (nor necessarily expected) to have good performances. However, the audience has to care about whether they live or die. Save for Terri and Danny (Ice Cube), that doesn't really happen. Still, "Anaconda" boasts one great performance: Voight. Sarone is creepy in the true jungle adventure way. Vile, disgusting, psychotic, or any other number of malevolent adjectives could describe Sarone. The rest of the cast doesn't fare better. Lopez is pretty to look at, but there's no spark or energy in her performance. Ice Cube has plenty of attitude, but still manages to be likable. Jonathan Hyde broadens his range, albeit slightly. He's still a pompous British snob, but he's not a one-note character. Owen Wilson (an actor whom I never liked) is miscast, and Kari Wuhrer is awful.

The best thing about "Anaconda" is the atmosphere. The jungle is gorgeous, but ominous. Luis Llosa knows how to capture it just so; you can feel the heat and humidity, but he knows this is a action/horror movie, not a National Geographic feature, so he makes it a creepy place when it needs to be. He repeatedly steals from other movies, specifically, "Jaws," but the techniques still work. It also helps that for the most part, the special effects work.

"Anaconda" is a lot of fun (why it has such a notorious reputation is beyond me). "Take her for a spin!"
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A very underrated film
TheHorrorFreak18 December 2008
When a documentary crew traveling through the Amazon jungle, picks up a stranded man, they are unaware of the trouble that will occur. This stranger's hobby is to capture the giant Anaconda snake, and plans to continue targeting it on their boat, by any means necessary.

Positives: - The acting was very good but that of course was no surprise when you look at the names of the actors. - I really liked the start with the guy fleeing from the anaconda and we do not see it to keep the suspense. - The anaconda looked scary although the effects were quite bad. - The end was quite something you would not expect and i really liked it. - The best thing about anaconda is that it creates a suspenseful atmosphere that not many creature film has done also.

Negatives: - The anaconda effects are at times bad, but this barely changes my opinion about the movie. - You could expect what was going to happen in the next scene almost all the time in the film.

Overall: 8,5/10
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Forces One To Root For The Snake
ccthemovieman-120 June 2006
Except for Jon Voight's character, I didn't find any of the actors/characters in this film likable, just annoying. Voight was hardly a role model, either. I wound up rooting for the anaconda. Ice Cube, Jonathan Hyde, Jennifer Lopez...all playing people with chips on their shoulders. Sorry, but rappers with attitudes or snobby Englishmen aren't entertaining to me.

In here, too, is the all-too-familiar cheap shot against Christians in which they show the worst, most despicable person in the story and then zoom in several times to show you the cross that sleazebag is wearing. They always want to make that association and they make it obvious every time.

What makes the movie tolerable at all is the great Brazlian swamp scenery and good special effects with the giant snake. Yeah, sometimes the snake scenes look a bit computer-generated but more than not, they are just plain scary. A few of them are downright jaw-dropping as when it flies through the air, swallows human beings or swims while on fire. This is nice on DVD with rich visuals and very good surround sound.

If only the people in the movie were half as good as the scenery.
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Snake lovers beware
snakeguy7626 October 2005
Erik Stolz must have owed someone a favor. But he was lucky; he was unconscious for most of the movie. I wish I was! The scene that made me cringe the most was the "snake fishing" scene where Jon Voigt has the "Jaws" moment. I know it was put in on purpose but it just comes off stupid.

And it doesn't matter too much that there was a lot of snake fact errors (like the speedy snake chase - you can walk faster than any anaconda can slither). Jaws had it share if inaccuracies but it was still a gripping movie.

This movie just fell into the big monster is chased by the hunter. Throw in a little J-Lo to spice it up.

Note to IMDb - the sequel took place in Borneo not the first one. And the cat in the opening scene was a black jaguar, not a tiger.
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Excellent horror/adventure/thriller with a fantastic performance from Jon Voight
BrandtSponseller27 February 2005
Dr. Steven Cale (Eric Stoltz) is leading a documentary film crew deep into the Amazon to film the infamous, rarely observed Shirishama Indian tribe. On the way, they run into a shipwrecked Paul Sarone (Jon Voight), a bizarre character who claims to be an Paraguayan priest-in-training turned snake hunter. Although oddly captivating, there's something fishy about Sarone, who claims to have first-hand knowledge of the Shirishama. Is he helping them out or leading them into danger?

Although much maligned by some genre fans, Anaconda deserves accolades. While those looking for strict realism might be disappointed, Anaconda is a brilliant, genre-bending film, with just the right blend of beautiful cinematography, excellent but quirky performances, well directed and edited suspense and action scenes, and compelling monsters--both serpentine and human.

The construction of the film is relatively simple--it is basically a Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)-styled horror/thriller/adventure film. Director Luis Llosa is a Roger Corman alumnus; the depth of Anaconda's characterizations and structure may seem surprising in light of its pulpy exterior.

The ensemble cast is fantastic, and I especially love Jon Voight's performance, which to me is Oscar-caliber. Voight turns out to be a snake of a man, and he's just as much if not more the villain of the film. Everything about him is enigmatic, charismatic and threatening--all at the same time, even including his mannerisms and strange accent, which belies his cover story.

Keeping with snakes as a theme, Llosa structured the film so that it begins with wide Amazonian vistas but gradually narrows its scope—visually/environmentally and with classic horror-styled Ten Little Indians knockoffs--becoming tight, claustrophobic, and horrifically constricting.

But of course there are "real" snakes in the film, by way of an effective combination of animatronics, CGI and live, smaller snakes. Two animatronic snakes were made, costing millions--one 25 feet long, one 40 feet long, and each weighing at least 1000 pounds. Animatronics and CGI might not sound like something that would come across as provoking compelling thrills for an audience, but thanks to the deftness of the effects crew and the skill of the actors, the attack scenes are tense and enthralling. Unlike many modern films, Llosa keeps the action crisp, well choreographed, continuous and well lit. Of course, the performances were aided by the fact that the snakes, although animatronic, really were dangerous to the actors--a wrong move (or one electronics glitch--the mechanical beasties had at least a hundred mechanisms a piece, controlled by computers) could result in being crushed by what amounted to a medium-sized truck.

If that wasn't exotic and dangerous enough, Llosa had the cast and a crew of 200 flown down to the Amazon for a five-week shoot. There are scenes in which tens of real snakes were used, many of which subsequently got lost in the set, to the dismay of some snake-fearing cast members. This aided in depicting the increasing emotional tension throughout the film that is its driving force. The Amazon shoot also provided frequently beautiful cinematographic backgrounds.

Although superficially, Anaconda seems to be a thin, effects-heavy monster movie, Llosa and crew made an excellent film by sticking to the basics--telling a great story with great actors who have chemistry together, and showing them working through a series of conflicts and manipulations with often-tragic results. Don't let the naysayers put you off of this one.
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This movie actually inspired me to go to the rain forest!
hjosephmac22 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
No lie, I actually went on a vacation to Costa Rica almost solely because this movie made the rain forest seem so kick ass. This could possibly be my favorite movie for many reasons. Let's talk about the characters.

Paul Sarone: He could possibly be my favorite character in any movie. This guy speaks with the sweetest accent. He catches fish "river style." He kills people with his legs WHILE TIED UP! He gets with J LO besides being about 30 years older. And, he gets eaten by and anaconda, spit up, and lives. I have no doubt Paul Sarone is still out there in the Anaconda universe waiting for A3! Terri Flores: Absoletuly my favorite one of J LO's roles. She's the world's hottest director out to film the Shirashama while making sure not to upset "the ecological balance of the river" by letting Sarone use his dynamite. In my opinion, only her Sarone and Ice Cube should have been left alive in the end (though it would have been a hoot trying to see the Anaconda swallow that ass).

Ice Cube: I think Ice Cube is freaking sweet in this movie. He gets stabbed in the leg but keeps on trucking and makes sure to make a witty comment while killing snakes. "Bitch"--priceless.

Hole In Neck Man: "Anaconda"'s only lowlight is that this idiot lives. I think he should have been stabbed in the neck with his own dart in that one scene and then suffocated painfully in front of all.

Baby Bird: I must thank her for giving me one of the best moments in cinematic history, her death while being strangled by Sarone's legs. Brilliant! Owen Wilson: I'm so glad that hippie gets it good.

Westridge: I'm so glad that dude gets killed so uselessly and painfully. He earned it.

Mateo: Was he even in this movie. Oh yeah, he gets eaten after about 15 minutes, almost as useless a character as the poacher.

Anaconda: He is one bad ass monster. He gets shot, and lives. He gets blown up, and lives. He gets light on fire, and lives. How does he die? Only one way. By hearing the word "Bitch" obviously. But of course he's back in the sequel.

Overall, this movie rocks. It is unmissable and one of the best movies ever made. Come quickly A3 and bring Sarone with you.
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An Oscar Worthy Performance By Suzie
Chrysanthepop9 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Llosa's 'Anaconda' is one of the most artistically crafted films of recent times (NOT!). The story is beautifully subtle. Basically, it's about a group of filmmakers or whatever trying to make a film in the fake rainforest but they encounter an unexpected visitor who takes them towards danger (how shocking!). Of course it's nice to see a snake movie that's carried by a heroine and a villainess (played by a snake). Moreover it's the voluptuous Jennifer Lopez! It's obvious that she's very happy to play the heroine and very excited to battle a snake. The 'hero' played by Eric Stoltz, spends most of his screen time sleeping. He only takes a momentary break from his REM sleep when the heroine is in trouble for one minute, otherwise she can handle herself. Ice Cube plays the cool black guy which seems to be a necessary ingredient in such movies. Of course he doesn't die because he's too cool. Thankfully Owen Wilson does not get decapitated like what happened in 'The Haunting'. Instead, he ends up getting gobbled up. Kari Wuhrer is the potential lonely hot chick who allows the camera to focus on her endowments (which, to one's disappointment, she doesn't fully show) and of course she's killed off. Then there's John Voight as typical greedy villain, the unexpected visitor. While all the actors give almost Oscar worthy performance, it is Suzie (I hope I got the name correct) the digital snake that steals the show. This actress (assuming that it's a female since she so lustfully gobbled up Owen Wilson and throws up John Voight because he's comparatively old and unattractive) gives one of the most nuanced performances. She downplays her part so well that one really has to look hard to find a registered expression on her face and the talented Suzie just gets it all right by hissing, slithering, showing off her tongue, throwing up and lustfully swallowing just on time. Lopez could have learned a thing or two about method acting and staying in character from her mega-talented co-star. It's sad that Suzie dies in the movie because I actually wanted her to win (sorry JLo). It's also a pity that Oscars don't award digital actresses because Suzie truly gave one of the finest performances. Shame on the Oscars for not noticing this gem! People should have spoken up for her. Anyway, to sum it up, 'Anaconda' is a cheeesy (unintentional comedic) horror/thriller wannabe. Yeah, it's a crappy movie.
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An insult to anacondas...
Matrixgirl04K104 November 2001
Warning: Spoilers
Now, I am a snake lover. I love snakes of all kinds, even when they are in my house. It pains me to kill them or see them killed. And when I heard this movie would be out, I thought "Uh oh." But I watched it anyway. Please beat me. Allow me to point out everything that went wrong with this tripe. And these are spoilers, by the way.

1) Anacondas have never gotten any bigger than 40 feet on record. How big was this one?

2) An anaconda is a very muscular predator. It can kill a crocodile by SUFFOCATION NOT BONE CRUSHING. Any snake, as a matter of fact, does not have the power to crush bones or pop veins. They just don't. They just suffocate their prey by compressing their lungs and windpipe.

3) Although they are very stong, it is impossible for the snake to pick up a human being, lift it up, and swallow it upright. They can't. It has to do with physics and biology.

4) It takes a snake a very long time to swallow its dinner. It can take up to an hour for it to swallow a crocodile. And that means that it would take nearly 3/4 of an hour to swallow these people. If it felt compelled to go after them, first of all.

5) A SNAKE IS NOT A FISH. It cannot stay under water for that long, and it does not go after the smell of blood. A snake hunts by sight and the smell of the animal. They made this snake out to be a shark. And even if they did go after blood, that monkey was dead. They go after movement.

6) A snake will vomit its food if it feels threatened. It serves a confusion tactic for enemies. Did this snake feel threatened? No. And when they do vomit, it does not fly out like that guy did.

7) Do you know how long it takes a snake to digest a meal? When a python eats a boar, it goes without food for almost a year. That means that that anaconda would be pretty well-fed after the first victim.

8) An anaconda does not kill for the fun of it. They leave that to humans.

9) An anaconda will not let go of its current prey, which is still alive, and go after something dead. They know better.

10) An anaconda can climb trees and move very quickly. They do not fly up pipes.

11) And, lastly, an anaconda is not invincible. I think shooting it in the head will do it in. You will not need to torch it and take a pick-axe to its head.

This was tripe, as I said before. Do not watch this. Just to tell you how bad it is, I think that it was pretty worthy of the MST3K bunch.
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As inept a piece of film-making as I have ever seen
Spleen16 February 2000
I wouldn't have wasted my time commenting on this one if it weren't for the people (not just the ones on this site) willing to speak out in its defence. Well, sort of. Instead of a DEFENCE, exactly, you're more likely to hear remarks like, `Of course it's bad - that's why I like it!' (okaaay ...); and, `It's bad, but if you'd had a different upbringing, you would have liked it' ... which can be truly said of every bad film ever made, so it's not saying much.

I'll just concentrate on the long concluding sequence, with snake after snake ... or was it just one snake? This is a film with deathless, invulnerable, heroes and villains, so I'm not entirely convinced that anyone or anything in it was ever killed. But anyway: talk about one-note! The film's `conclusion' was the dramatic equivalent of some guy on a bagpipe droning out a low G for twenty minutes and calling it a tune. Constant screaming, constant movement, constant boredom. Even I, I who loathe computer graphics, especially when they're as bad as this (although there were some animatronic snake effects as well, and these were passable), could not have cared less about the special effects - I was too busy marvelling at the lack of creativity, how the director never once so much as lifted a finger to make his footage suspenseful or moving or fun to watch. Has anyone experienced sleep paralysis? That's what the conclusion of `Anaconda' felt like. I could probably have turned it off during the dull first half, but then sleep paralysis set in and my muscles refused to obey my desires.

That'll teach me to watch something just because it's bad.

Fans of Jennifer Lopez might like looking at her. I didn't. Don't take this the wrong way - I'm sure she's supremely gorgeous in real life, but on screen, or at least on THIS screen, she comes across as the product of the same Hollywood cloning factory that produced - you know - what's her name.
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videorama-759-85939111 June 2014
Anaconda comes off better than just an action horror film. Yes it's a horror, pick one by one off victim affair, but it actually comes off better than others of it's type. It's very suspenseful, and doesn't go straight into the kill. No we're left in great suspense, where at the start, a suicide of a familiar ugly Mexican dude holds us over, prefore to the movie's story. A doco crew led by Stoltz, again miscast, are out to catch the largest Anaconda, and film it. Good luck with that, as they never anticipated the monstrosity of the one, lurking around the rivers of the Amazon. Owen Wilson, before becoming known, plays a serious role here too, and Jon Voight shows great menace as a rich snake hunter/cold blooded psychopath, in one shocking breakneck scene, ending one of the crew while J Lo as Stoltz's girlfriend, turns up the sexy heat. Watching this reptile go nuts is half the fun of the film, to see something this big is truly eye popping, Voight while being suffocated by it, actually winks before he expires. Yes it is a bit far fetched, but you go into these movies to be scared a thrilled, and the films succeeds in both, as to that awful Snakes On A Plane. Truly a worthwhile view if not having seen this original, which in almost nearly every case, you can't beat.
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pedrokamata14 February 2008
Nothing to do, I do not agree with the opinions expressed in narrowing site. It 'a film sympathetic, good but not a masterpiece. His focus is on the destructive power of this snake, apparently not convinced victor films. It 'a movie I saw a lot as a child together with a poltergeist trip to the borders of reality is unpleasant, it may be fine even if the special effects were those who were. The first episode is mythical, the film has its charm. It reminds me of the very films that do not know the stories of the crypt films are sympathetic to laugh. It can be fine even though I saw some time ago, is not evil It is good if we reject this film should reject half of the American films including action,. The Votic 4 is too low, give them a chance as you are tough.
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Jennifer Lopez Tames a Snake?
whpratt113 August 2005
Being a big fan of Jennifer Lopez, "Angel Eyes",'01, I could not resist viewing this horror film and the horrors of a snake you have never seen before just hugging and hugging the entire cast to DEATH. Ice Cube, "Friday after Next",'02, was a great supporting actor who had a hard time trying to keep Jennifer Lopez out of harms way. Jon Voight,"Zoolander",'01, played a real real bad character who simply loved snakes and was a complete Snake himself through out the entire film. If you hate snakes in any way, this film will keep you on the edge of your seat in more ways than one. A great entertaining film because it has the charm of Jennifer Lopez, however, her charm does not seem to tame the Big SNAKE.
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Intentionally bad, or unintentionally successful?
StevePulaski16 October 2011
I didn't truly start enjoying Anaconda until the final forty minutes of the film. Then once I saw those minutes, I began to enjoy most of the film. It's difficult to do a creature feature well, and I think the film is being unintentionally funny a lot of the time. Especially when the actors it's boasting are Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube. There's almost more to laugh at than be scared of.

I have no problem at all with Lopez and Ice Cube. I haven't seen a lot of Jennifer Lopez's work, and I adore Ice Cube in pretty much everything he's in. He's one of those actors where if he's in a bad movie he himself isn't bad the movie, the directing, the screenplay, or whatever setback is bad. I'm just saying that when you see those two playing a couple in a horror film it's hard to take it seriously. Thankfully - they're not the reason this film isn't perfect.

The story revolves around a documentary crew, Terri (Lopez), Danny (Cube), Denise (Kari), Gary (Wilson), Warren (Hyde), and Steven (Stoltz), that venture out into the jungle hoping to garner footage of a rare tribe called "Shirishama." While traveling on the Amazon River, the crew finds a stranded boater named Sarone (Voight) who knows about the tribe, but acts very unsettling throughout most of the first half.

Turns out that Sarone is searching for an anaconda, and is hoping to catch one alive in order to obtain a very large sum of money. He gets the whole crew involved, and doesn't really care who lives or who dies. The thought of being out in the middle of the jungle is creepy - yet it proposes a good campy quality Anaconda hits a high note with.

Background scenery is pushed to the foreground here. We get beautiful shots of swamps (yes, swamps), incredible angles of trees, and even some very eerie and suspenseful underwater shots. Director Luis Llosa explores every possible angle of the setting so that not only is this a creepy B movie, but a stylish one as well.

When it comes to the snake - the film begins to lose some of its redeeming qualities. There is a scene where very many snakes flood the boat. Unable to distinguish real from fake due to the small stature of the beasts, my only guess is that they were in fact real. When the anaconda makes his first appearance, it looks undeniably animatronic and the CGI used when the beast swallows its first prey is pathetic. Anaconda was made with a budget over $40 million, so this snake's execution is one of two things (1) maybe the hefty budget didn't get them very far after all, or (2, the much plausible explanation) it was supposed to look cheap and fake to give a nod to old creature-features we would've seen Saturday at 10:30pm on Svengoolie.

Jon Voight is probably the highest point in the film. His unsettling approach to the crew rubs off on the audience almost making them a little scared as well. His face alone reminds me of Gary Busey on a bad day, or Nick Nolte after one too many. The other members of the documentary crew, like Ice Cube and Owen Wilson, are severely underused, and but their presence is enough for personal satisfaction.

The final scene where its two on one with the anaconda is great popcorn fun, and after the film you feel you've spent an hour and a half back in time. Unfortunately, Anaconda was blown out of proportion once the sequel came. After the first two theatrical films were released, the name and story became a Syfy franchise. Currently, in 2011, we have four Anaconda films including this one. I'm sure in five years we'll have two more to go along with it. The bad thing about a good B movie idea is it can be abused with a single sequel.

Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Jon Voight, Eric Stoltz, Owen Wilson, Jonathan Hyde, and Kari Wuhrer. Directed by: Luis Llosa.
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