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the show that made me watch TV again.
baumer21 June 1999
The thing about Dawson's Creek and it's borderline pretentious vocabulary is that the characters acknowledge that they are a bit too smart for the average teen. They know how silly they must sound at times. Remember the episode where Dawson had his birthday and Andee and him got drunk and he just leveled into everybody? Do you remember what he said to Joey? " Joey, the only fifteen year old I know that needs to find herself. "

To say these teens are precocious is to say that Star Wars has a large following. It's just not needed. We all know that, but what makes the show so good is the characters, the writing, the setting, the direction, the production values, oh hell, everything makes this show good. It really is one of a kind.

What I like best about it is that Dawson is a dreamer. He does not want to grow up to be " Joe " down the street. He wants to be Spielberg. And sometimes he takes flak for who he is. But how many of us have dreamed? How many of us have taken flak for it? So how many of us can relate to this in one way or another?

I do agree however with the general census that Joshua Jackson is the best part of the show. Pacey is down to earth and he is not as wordy as the other characters. But his relationship with Andee is so complex and so refreshing that you yearn for his screen time, you get anxious to see what he is going to do next, and I do think he has the greatest range on the show. In the final episode of the second year, when he finally made some sort of amends with his dad..... powerful stuff.

I do like Joey and I think Katie Holmes is a wonderful actor, as is Van Der Beek and Williams. All in all this show is a refreshing taste of what it was like to be a teen and I applaud them for having the guts to tackle such delicate subjects as homosexuality and the difficulty in believing in God. That takes guts and they handle it with integrity and class.

There isn't a better show on TV and I look forward to every Friday ( here in Ontario ) to see what is going to happen next. Just one complaint: When the hell are Dawson and Joey going to do it?

An excellent show!
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An Honest Opinion of this show
bonosancho13 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
when this show first aired, i was just graduating high school, making me a member of the target audience. That said, as a teenager/twenty-something, it didn't appeal to me. At the time, the market was starting to get flooded with teenage shows and movies. However, i was aware of it's presence on the pop culture scene. And most of my friends (mostly girls) watched this show. Fast forward 10 years and i'm at home watching TV late at night and i catch the pilot episode. It was probably one of the better pilot episodes i had ever seen. So i started watching the show. Through the years, i caught little bits and pieces of the story lines through TV commercials, friends conversations, message boards etc..so i was aware of how the show ended. I knew that pacey ends up with Joey and that the dad dies in one of the later seasons. Part of the reason i was intrigued after watching the pilot was that i wondered how they got to that point. The way the series began, it seemed to be a childhood sweetheart story. So i was very curious of how the show turned.

First, you have to know before you watch one episode that it's going to be really sappy. This comes with the territory. So if you don't like sappy, you're not going to like this show. I was aware of that. The IMDb rating is a pedestrian 6.8. Pretty average for a show with the hype it got. I wondered why the rating was so low. I know there are a bunch of haters of this show, so before i formed an opinion on it, i watched every single episode.

My opinion is an informed opinion. After watching all the episodes, i must agree that the rating is appropriate. This show is very average.

To start with, i'll tell you why this show is good. The music in every episode was well done. I'm a big fan of good soundtracks. Some of the songs helped bring a real sense of sentimentality. And being that this is a somewhat biography of kevin williamson, i thought that it was very effective. The show's pilot as i mentioned was very good. It introduced all the main characters and had three awesome plots with Joey and Dawson's relationship, Pacey and his teacher and dawson's parents marital issues. In between, there were some really good shows. One of my favorites was "The Long Goodbye". This episode was heartbreaking and realistic. Watching season 1's last episode, i understood why so many people liked this show. The episode "downtown crossing" was an excellent concept for a television show. The last episode was probably one of the best series ending episodes i've ever seen. It was climatic and had a good concept. I thought it would have been ridiculous to end the show when they are in their early 20s making lifetime decisions, but the idea of going into the future worked brilliantly.

Now, i'll tell you why this show could have been better. It starts and ends with the dialogue. I know from reading the various postings on this message board that this is a common to criticize. This was just not realistic. Walk into any high school in America and you won't hear too many kids talk that way. Even the smart kids don't talk like that. My second criticism of this show is that there aren't many likable characters. So many times i wanted to punch dawson. Joey spunk was overplayed. Jen was in need of slapping. Andie was so annoying. When they finally got it right and got rid of her, they replaced her with a more annoying and less redeemable blonde in Audrey Liddel. Pacey was the only one who i really sympathized with and celebrated with. Pacey's character was realistic. Teenage boys are sex crazed. thats what made dawson so unbelievable. He was constantly getting propositioned and never did he concede. I find that very unbelievable. Another problem i have with some of the characters was how they all seemed to bust on to the show real abrasively and then do a 180 to become lovable. (Was this intentional? showing that people are not always what they seem to be) For example, watch Jack's early episodes then watch him in seasons 3-5. He's a totally different character. Arthur Brooks character was that way to a much lesser extent. The worst case was Grams character. She started the show as a conservative Christian who was very judgmental and was even hinted to be a racist (maybe it was just joey herself being judgmental). By the end of series, she was living with a gay man and cool with the promiscuous lifestyles of her granddaughter and her friends. That was just ridiculous. I thought it was just a way to shoehorn her into the later episodes. Speaking of which....those later episodes were pure garbage. Season 5 started good and went downhill. Season 6 is just unwatchable. Overall, this is a decent show that could have been a lot better. Those are my opinions. i'd like to hear your opinions on the show and on my opinion.
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What TV should be.
Covey-324 May 2000
Dawson's Creek is by no means a realistic portrayal of teenage angst. I'll admit this. The power of the series and what, in my view, makes it far and away the best thing to happen to TV in a long, long time, is that is it a realistic portrayal of teenage emotions...

The characters in Dawson's Creek may only be 16, yet as Eve said to Dawson (early Season 3) they are all 'old souls'. The emotions in the series are real, the emotions felt by the characters are real, yet, the fact that Kevin Williamson has allowed the characters a vocal outlet for these emotions is the genius of the show. My So Called Life was a brave attempt to do this, but fell short through its pretensions of grandeur. Dawson's Creek embraces the fact that the vocabulary spoken is fake and because of this, is entirely forgiven. This is why we watch television, to feel and see emotions that we cannot or do not feel in our own lives.

As Dawson once said, "Movies (And TV) by definition are escapism, if you want reality look out of the window." Dawson's Creek knows what it is. A fictional television show about high school kids and the emotions they deal with. By admitting its falseness, yet retaining its warmth, humanity and heart, we are able to witness characters that we know aren't real, that we know in real life wouldn't have the vocabulary that these kids possess, but who we believe in and we root for.

Not only emotionally is Dawson's Creek superb, but technically, the series is faultless. Musically, artists like Sarah Mclachlan and Jewel fit snugly into the feel of the series, while artists like New Radicals and Semisonic serve to enhance emotions. The choice of song in Dawson's Creek is rarely wrong and often perfect. The music does not lead the scene into the direction of the song, but serves to reinforce and enhance the emotion that the scene portrays and requires.

Visually, the gorgeous backdrop of Wilmington, North Carolina is fitting as the small American village that is Capeside. The scenic beauty of the Creek, the coast, the woodland, the foliage. Everything visually about the show is in keeping with the emotional context of the show.

Camera work is also faultless. When presented with a difficult emotional scene, we usually pull away from the action at the end of the scene, not judging the characters for their mistakes and allowing them the right to deal with it on their own, without our interference. Only rarely do we judge the characters and when we do, the characters themselves have already beat us to it. (Dawson and Andie getting drunk)

I'd like to thank Kevin Williamson for allowing me the chance to fall in love with the town, the people and the life. These emotions are real. The vocabulary, is just a way of allowing the emotions to have a voice.
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Great Work!!
SajeevaS14 October 2004
From it's very first pilot episode, Dawson's Creek has been able to capture the hearts of every teenager. Ever since it's ending in 2003, I believe this TV series was one the best teen set drama. One thing that this show was able to maintain was it's cast. Dawson Leary played by James Van Der Beck, Pacey Witter played by Joshua Jackson, Jen Lindley played by Michelle Williams, and Joey Potter played by Katie Holmes have all been in every episode since season one- and hence everyone was able to follow the characters from beginning to end. Though some episodes were cliché, and were equipped with some cheesy lines, that did not stop it from one time being one of the most popular shows in th world. This show brought many stars to the lime light especially Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson.
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A superb character driven teenage drama program
jameslamont23 February 2005
Dawsons Creek was revolutionary as it was a show that really cared about its characters, the story lines and the audience. The characters in the show were very likable, honest people who the audience grew to love. The thing that puts this show above most of the other teenage shows is the strength of the acting, the character depth, the realism of the show and the way the show is written.

Dawsons Creek follows the trials and tribulations of a group of very close teenage friends who are growing up in the fictional seaside town of Capeside. James Van Der Beek plays the main character in the show, the honest, romantic and genuinely good-guy Dawson Leery. Katie Holmes soul mate Joey Potter and Joshua Jackson was the plays his life-long best friend and funny, naughty and charming other best friend Pacey Whitter. Kerr Smith and Michelle Williams does a good job as Jen Lindley and Jack McPhee who were the other main cast in the show and who were also friends with the other three characters.

The show is mainly about these teenagers growing up through their adolescent years and it shows all the problems that they encounter, and by having each other the characters so close to each other it means they all have people they can turn too when things go wrong. This show dealt with a massive amount of issues and themes whether it be: sexual encounters, affairs, deaths, gay characters, love triangles, fights, mental problems etc and at the heart of the show is the problems they all have with growing up into adults.

Many people complain about the way that these characters spoke in sophisticated vocabulary that was unrealistic to how teenagers would really speak and that may be true to a point that was one of the good things about the show. It did not stick by the conventional teenage drama mould that has been copied many times by other shows.

All the characters in the show are very complex and because they are all there from day one the viewer learns to love each character because we come to respect and understand them. The viewer can also learn to see things they like in each of the characters and because the show stays true to itself, the characters do not change they just evolve.

The writing in this show is generally of a very good standard, and particularly in the first three seasons the music score is also great. The best episode of the show is probably "The Longest Day" as this is just superbly directed and put together and will probably rank among the best for many fans of the show.

A big strength of this show is that it appeals to a large amount of people in the teenage age group and unlike most teenage shows, it appeals to both men and women. I think this is due to the fact that the characters are not just two-dimension Hollywood cutouts and they all have deep personalities. The audience can identify with the characters because they paint a realistic portrayal of teenage life.

I personally think the show went on for too long and it should have finished after the fourth season. This is due to the fact that in Season 5 most of the characters moved away to different parts of the country and the closeness of the characters we had become to love simply vanished. The new characters that were cast into the show did not really add much to the already established show.

Go and see this show 9/10
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Phenomenal show.
erick-alix19 September 2012
Dawson's Creek is an outstanding show and it has so many amazing aspects. The script is beautifully written and keeps the audience entertained with well developed dialogue. The cinematography is beautiful and consistent from episode to episode. The actors had a natural chemistry that made the show so much more enjoyable to watch. The show is extremely addicting and is relatable to the average everyday teen. Kevin Williams uses the cliff hanger strategy often and effectively to keep the audience thinking and guessing what'll happen next. Just a great show in general that has taught me some valuable lessons about friendship and love and family values. Many of the events that happen in the show I have personally experienced and i'm sure I am not the only one who can relate and that is what made the show so impactful with me.
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Good series, recommended watching.
Seersha114 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I haven't seen the first season for about 10 years. It was refreshing to see it again and fall in love again. The show isn't a masterpiece and there are bright spots and dull ones – like any show there are great episodse and sucky ones too. But this show is enjoyable entertainment, and for me it's like a guilty pleasure except I know too many people who love it to feel guilty.

The D/J romance is actually handled well in Season 1. I would have liked more Pacey, but it is also good to see the adults play a larger role earlier on. I find the Mitch/Gale relationship to be very real. Season 2 is an excellent season overall. I enjoyed watching Pacey's growth and change. He really shone (and Joshua Jackson is amazing). It was great to see the new characters, Jack and Andie. The only downside I would say is that the Dawson/Joey romance gets repedative. It was okay in the early episodes of the seasons, but boring when they had another go at it near the end.

Season 3 is my favourite season of Dawson's Creek, and the best. Why? Quite simply, because of Pacey and Joey. It is absolutely wonderful, enjoyable and satisfying to see their journey from reluctant friends, to closer friends to lovers. Much credit needs to go to Joshua Jackson for his portrayal of Pacey, as we go with him on his roller-coaster ride of emotions. He made the audience not only sympathize with Pacey's turmoil and pain of falling in love with his best friend's girl, but in being able to see Joey through his eyes… what it was about her that made him fall so madly in love. Katie Holmes steps up too, and has great chemistry with JJ. Unfortunately James Van Der Beek doesn't fare as well… Dawson often comes across as a petulant child.

Season 4 follows the kid's last year in high school. Gale and Mitch are now reunited, and Joey and Pacey continue their romance. There are bumps along the way, but P/J always light up the screen and Joshua Jackson once again brings his talent for all to see. Katie Holmes shines when she's with him, they have great chemistry.

Season 5 and 6 take a noticeable dive in quality with some not-so-believable plot lines, such as Pacey becoming a stockbroker. I think the writers really struggled with the move from high school to college and it shows, unfortunately.

The best episodes of the last two seasons are the final 2 from season 6 and the last episodes of the series. We jump 5 years ahead to see the DC kids more mature, and get a resolution to the D/J vs. P/J love triangle that has been so prominent since season 3. Once again though, the best parts are definitely the Pacey and Joey scenes. Michelle Williams acts her ass off and brings the heartbreak, but in the end it's a satisfying conclusion to one of my beloved shows.
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"Hang on Dawson it's gonna be a bumpy life"...
snugamug11 August 2004
"Hang on Dawson it's gonna be a bumpy life"... This quote basically describes the entire series. Through the good times and the bad times the four Capeside buddies, Joey, Dawson, Pacey and Jen stick together with some other characters thrown in for good measure... Although I am a die hard fan of the series I do at times find it tiring, with all the off and on again of the groups varied, hormonally charged relationships. Occasionally I find my self wondering why I spend so much of my time watching and re-watching seasons past on DVD but no matter how hard I try I cannot stop. So overall this series is well... interesting, fluff with a couple of dramatic moments to send the group crashing hard back to the reality of life.... but hey it's always more fun to see someone else's' life crashing than your own so set aside some time and watch away but don*t watch to long or you will get sucked into the whole teen angst ridden story.... :)
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Dawson's Creek is like a walk down memory lane.
kimmie_baever4 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Dawson's Creek is so different from all the other teen soaps, the characters have depth. When I first watched an episode, I was baffled and frightened. It came so close too some of the things in my own life. I've something in common with most of the main characters. I'm a film buff like Dawson Leery. My relationship with my mom is a lot like the relationship between Pacey and his dad. My family is the town gossip like Joey's family. As a teenager, my mom was a lot like Jen. I like football, like Jack(I only play on PlayStation).
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Dawson's Creek - what every teenager goes through
Ibuk6 November 2007
Dawson's Creek is my favourite American teenage drama. The story is written in a way that every teenager can relate to it. There has been lots of teenage dramas since, for instance The O.C. but they have lacked the brilliance of Dawson's Creek. What is so brilliant is how they dealt with real issues like divorce, mental illness etc.

The character I could most relate to was Joey Potter. The reason was her crush on Dawson Leary and him not realising how she felt. I am sure that every teenager knows how that feels. In fact when Dawson's Creek came out I had a thing for her.

To me it was always the Dawson Leary and Joey Potter show. Their on off relationship had me hooked. Their love story was so well written and so heartfelt.

I didn't actually watch it from the start. I caught it during the last season but I was lucky enough to catch the reruns. Dawson 's creek has been replicated but can never be matched.
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I fell in love.
spuffieschilde15 April 2009
I never watched the show while it was on TV, and the only reason why I bought the first season was because it was on sale for $13.00. And then I found myself buying the second season... third season... and now, fourth season. I am currently waiting for seasons 5 & 6 to go on sale (lol, sadly I can't afford them at the price they're at now) Anyways, back to the show. A lot of reviews on here say the show is unrealistic. That teenage kids don't talk like that or act like that. I say, so what? If you want complete accuracy, watch a documentary, or better yet, go back to highschool and sit there and watch the kids there. Dawson's Creek was meant to entertain, to bring everyday stuff teens do go through and adding a hefty dose of angst to it. Yes, the language in the show is quite sophisticated. That's the reason why I love it so much. It's smart. It's for lack of a better and cheesy word "deep." I don't know about the last two seasons, but I sure as hell enjoyed the first four. I recommend it for those who hate the stuff that's on TV nowadays.
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Life's unexpected journey.
PhillipMichaelH20 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Dawson's Creek may be the most under appreciated show in history. No offense to fans of Freaks and Geeks and My So-Called Life (I love those shows too) but DC never had respect from critics or most of the general public. Most have called it another take off of Beverly Hills 90210. I dare you to watch the first two episodes of the first season and say that again. Of course the show was not realistic but I think it was brave enough to not try and be (that awful word) realistic. The show was about dreams and fantasies that we all have when we are young and the show actually made us feel like our dreams had come true, even if it was only for 45 minutes an episode.

Dawson Leery is a young filmmaker who worships Steven Spielberg and is trying to cope with growing up (and people telling him to grow up). He brings a natural sensitivity that is rare in most characters in teen shows. He brings a kindness and innocence and of course, he's lost, tortured and uncertain about where he stands in a world that's unfair and cruel. "I'm going to be a filmmaker. It's my life's ambition, it always has been". This is his exact words in the pilot episode and by season 3, he is faced with harsh realities that he questions his passion and eventually, he gives up. Of course by the end of season 4, he finds inspiration again to work towards his dream from the help of a bitter old man who was once a filmmaker and gave up too. He also finds the subject for the film that eventually gets him recognition.

Of course, the show deals with love, loss, angst and sometimes it even gets to the point of absurdity but it never stays far from the truth of our own fears when we are that age. Some episodes could be ridiculous which is why most say that "Of all the shows that captured what being a teenager is really like, Dawson's Creek was not it". True, it did get a little over the top by season 3 but it always stayed true to its subjects and themes. That being young is hard and we never know what will happen to us in life. This is Dawson's journey and same with the other characters on the show. Hearts are broken, people lose trust in each other, we don't always win and even some people lose their lives. It may not portray it in the most, as you say, realistic way but it wasn't trying to be completely accurate, it was trying to inspire us to not give up on our dreams and passions.

As cheesy as my review may be, I feel that this an (and yes, I will use the word) "underrated" show.
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Reminder of my youth
kdd-7078412 August 2018
I watched this in high school until I graduated in 2001. I can't remember the ending so I believe that I stopped watching once I graduated. I rewatched it on Hulu and it's amazing how simple life was back then. No cell phones! We actually hung out with friends and talked to people IN PERSON. I love how PG this show is. So innocent. Sure there are hints of sex scenes but they cut from simply kissing to the aftermath of simply laying next to the person. The shows today are a little more risqué.

I enjoyed this show as a teen and I enjoyed rewatching it and remembering the "good ole days" of my youth.
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Those were the days.... One of the greatest shows, and soo true to life!
morbelle18 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this show when growing up as I was pretty much the same age as Dawson and Co, and do you know what? A lot of what they said really did happen in real life.

I always remember when they went to different Universities, and one of them said that life isn't easy at that point, your friends don't all go to the same place and you don't see each other every time. How true is that? Unlike Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which coped by having everyone goto Sunnydale UC that had suddenly appeared, the show was brave and did something else.

I didn't see the end of the show as its portrayal sadly did start to mirror my life too much, what with Dawson's Dad. Given the chance though, I would go back now and watch those episodes.

For me Dawson's Creek is getting home from school and watching the latest episodes that had been taped, or when you were "ill" watching them live, eating macaroni cheese and enjoying life. Dawson's Creek is all about "home", and whereas Friends was very funny, Dawson's Creek was real.

If you haven't seen the show, you need to! And if you have then I'm sure you will agree with me that it is, for my generation and nearly all 25 year olds, it was your life on TV. In a perfect place sure, but the situations were eerily similar, and the way the characters dealt with them must have been taken from you and your friends surely, they were so correct.

Wonderful, simply wonderful.
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One of the best shows on Television!
KW_1181 January 1999
I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!OK now that we've got that out of the way I'd like to tell you why.First of all Kevin W.'s witty and intelligent writing style give the characters a real sense of personality.Second the young actors and actresses are extremely talented(in fact Katie Holmes happens to be one of my favorite actresses:).Finally I would like to compliment the show's honesty.Instead of talking down to teens in a condescending manner this show's very upfront and direct.It's willing to say things that others might be afraid of saying.Dawson's Creek is one of the best shows to come along in awhile.I love it:)
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It was okay until it wasn't..
dzturbedne11 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The show should have ended when they graduated from high school.
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The Creek, Love, Pacey and Dreams
Buffy_Fan_Forever21 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This show is strictly a drama. With really funny parts and very quirky lines is what makes Dawson own the creek.

High school is the number one place scarier than Hell itself. All the popular, mean kids and the work load and the peer pressure; it is all so confusing. Dawson and company show how intimidating that place can be, and also how to embrace it and have fun. It shows the depths of how to get out of a small town, and it shows what not to do if you want to succeed.

Dawson and friends are so dynamic and full of life that the characters seem like your high school pals, going through the same things you did, or you will go through. Not only is D.C. a learning show on how to cope with adolescence, but how to deal with life's little problems as well. The characters are real, and it shows how insecure you can be and how to walk away from running, and stare that fear in the face. It shows what love can be, and what happens when it's abused. Dawson's Creek shows viewers how to cope with the morning after sex, and during sex too. This show shows how girls get in the middle of two best friends' relationship and shows how that same girl can be jealous of another who will later be a vital friend. D.C. tells what to do in jealousy, what to do in life, and what happens in life.

It sends the message follow your dreams. If your dream is going to Paris Joey Potter, then by George go! If your dream is to make films and movies, then by George do it Dawson Leary. If you want to get out and start a restaurant Pacey Witter, then do it!It sends the message follow your heart, have a family, never forget your friends, and do the right thing, and don't be afraid to make mistakes. Learn from them and challenge yourself. The show makes you want to follow your dreams, it makes you want to find love, and it makes you want to compare your situations and personal experiences with it's characters.

I love the love between Joey and Pacey, Pacey being one of my favorite characters! You follow Pacey and you'll never feel like the show is abandoning you!

All in all, Dawson's Creek is a classic that will be remembered for all the drama, all the love, and the message: never forget your friends while living the dream.
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Drama-filled show, the best one around before one tree hill
lucky_star_18 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Speaking as a committed Dawson-Joey shipper, if Joey had picked Dawson and not Pacey, I may have given it a 10! Well a 9, anyway My favourite character is Jack, who enters the show in the second season with his sister, Andie. He's most remembered as the guy who turned out to be gay after stealing Joey from Dawson! Kerr Smith is one of the show's most strongest actors and shows real emotions playing this character, particularly in seasons 2 and 3 The show centres on a group of friends, but at the heart of the show is two lifelong friends/soulmates who live down the Creek from each other who have a very complicated relationship after developing feelings for each other in their teens Pacey is the funniest character, although is much more serious in the later seasons as he gets involved in serious romances. He's Dawson's best friend and is good to have around to make the worst situations rather humorous. Season 3 is the first big dramatic season as a pivotal love triangle develops between the main characters Dawson as the main character is the dreamer, although he really proves himself in the later seasons and ends up fulfilling his dream. The one thing that doesn't work out for him is his romance with his true love, who ends the series staying the closest of friends This show was brilliant, although in my opinion, the first two seasons were the best as I didn't like the relationship alterations after that. I'd recommend it to teens especially
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Who Got The Girl?
whatsmylineagain27 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
The series finale of Dawson's Cree took an interesting turn as Joey had to decide for the last time as to who gets the girl. Either her soul mate Dawson or Pacey. I thought that she made the right choice choosing Pacey as they are more suited for each other than Dawson and Joey. When Dawson and Joey were together they was too much teen angst and analysing and basically making each other more and more depressed. Dawson was also too selfish and only cared about his films. This evidently got in the way of true happiness. Joey was much happier when she was with Pacey as he didn't have anything else to care about as he had nothing else in his life to care about. They are much better together and they deserve each other. The right guy got the girl in the end.
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Excellent Teen Show About The Simplicities Of Life...
BlueMoon893 March 2009
I used to think that Friends was as good as a show could get. That was until I bought my season 1 DVD of Dawson's Creek. The journey that all of the different characters take you on is amazing and you end up knowing that this was not a typical "teen drama" like Gossip Girl, or The OC...no,it was a show made by people who really cared for their characters.

Dawson is a dreamer, Joey is the stubborn next door neighbour who has been friends with Dawson since they were kids. Dawson wants to be Spielberg and is obsessed with movies - often confusing them with reality. Pacey is the sidekick - kind of a Seth Cohen-type character with witty one-liners and a heart of gold (even if he is misunderstood by many). Finally there's Jen who comes out of the wild city of New York and is forced to change her lifestyle not only for the others around her, but her own benefit as well.

Later on we are introduced to many characters that make a huge impact on the show - each memorable as the next.

That's why I love this show - each character has you caring and empathising with them. Even if they are only featured for an episode or two.

God Bless Kevin Williamson for the greatest Teen Drama ever!!!
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The Best TV Series Ever Made
claire_0730 June 2004
The first time I heard about Dawson's Creek, I wasn't really allured into watching the show. It was only during the time I actually watched it when I got hooked immediately. Four teenagers portrayed characters that are quite realistic. The story evolved up until their growing up years wherein they experienced trials and problems about love, school and life. In my opinion,this clicks with the viewers specifically their target viewers, the teenagers, because it is closely attached to reality. Also, the catchy music help depict the story even more. For instance, the country songs lament the small town setting in which the characters are based before they went to college. The actors themselves were very impressive. They do not sound too hyper or exaggerated; well except for Busy Phillips whose character really entails the exaggerated type. Another thing is the storyline. I love the storyline. It seems to me that every scene was well-thought of, not to mention, imaginative and well-written. I learned a lot from every episode that they have shown and it would not be complete without the tears falling from my eyes before the show finishes to an end.
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Very good serie
diegom-4896221 April 2019
I liked all the 6 seasons of this show. It covers the life of some friends from high school to university, to the first work experience.
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Good until season 5
cathylr2 August 2018
I read a few critics here and, as I don´t know how old the people who left their comments are, I feel like some objectivity would be welcome. I watched this show as teenager and loved it immediately as I felt very close to the characters. The actors are obviously good and have the carreer we now know but, objectively, from season 5, it is no longer the same series. Seasons 1 to 4 are a great effort of expressing how teenagers can feel and the vocabulary that seems unrealistic is actually the only way for real teenagers who often don´t know how to voice them to recognize themselves. However, as in other successful shows, it was pushed to a season 5 and then 6 that, even I who was hooked, found completely inconsistent and watched only to see how the series would end (by the way, the end is very disappointing). I don´t really know which teenage shows are tuned now so it may still be better than others.
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The one show that made me want to watch The WB, along with Buffy.
justin-fencsak24 April 2018
When this show debuted 20 years ago last month, it changed the face of the WB, a tiny network with a fledgling lineup with such hits like Buffy, Sister Sister, and 7th Heaven. I had a crush on the females such as Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams, two actresses who would go on to date and marry men like Heath Ledger (rip) and Tom Cruise and have kids. The main theme song, "I Don't Want to Wait", by Paula Cole, is a timeless classic. Every girl that i met in high school was a fan of the show. It did last 5 seasons and ended three years before The WB became the CW after merging with UPN.
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I was hooked!
kgoncalves1234 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I think that Dawson's Creek was an amazing show. Even though the storyline was a little exaggerated for how much the average teen goes through, it shows how teens could react to situations like these in a very sophisticated way. The series revolves around four friends and how they deal with adolescence and with all the things that come along with growing up. Dawson and Joey's relationship shows how hard it is for them to grow up because they are stuck in the past where they are comfortable. To them it's always been Dawson and Joey and growing up causes changes to that scene making adjusting difficult. I think that by tying in Dawson's perception of reality gives the show a lot more dimension. He sees the world as it is in movies so he is much more vulnerable to situations thus, more sensitive. Along with the main conflict of learning to deal with maturing and growing up many other separate dramas happen within the show. For example, throughout season's 3-6 Joey deals with having to choose between Dawson and Pacy. In between she's sees other men but always goes back to the same issue. Does she pick Dawson, her soul mate, the one who truly knows her as a person? Or does she choose Pacy, the boy who balances her out completely without any problems. In the end, she does wind up choosing Pacy. Personally, I would of rather had her pick Dawson, but honestly Pacy is a better choice because Joey and Dawson always found a way to hurt each other even though they loved each other. They will always have a special bond that could never be broken and their childhood connects them in a way that is so special. Adding the character of Jen Lindley also brings the show to life. She is the character that is troubled. She came from New York and her parents sent her away to live with her Grandmother. She had a troubled past and throughout the show she becomes such a great person. She was the one thing that made Joey realize her true feelings for Dawson in season 1. This show has many twists and turns and it's very entertaining. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. A pleasure to watch!
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