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Great movie!
luigi70017 November 2015
This was a movie I really enjoyed, great story and good acting have breathed life into these characters in the film. Anil Kapoor shows off both his comedic timing and great dramatic chops when the time is right. The music was pretty good for most of the film,but it wasn't my favourite soundtrack. Usually David Dhawan is known for his comedy films, but here he shows he can make an excellent serious movie with bits of comedy here and there. There was another review who mentioned the main character as being named loafer, but actually the character's name Ravi. Anyways I thought the film was great and it was very enjoyable.
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Uneven Bollywood slapstick action
oraklon17 April 2009
Seriously, who could resist a hero named Loafer!? The DVD almost begs to be played... Anyway, the film starts off really good which some extremely silly, but fun, slapstick of the kind you should really be ashamed you like. It's about a young, hairy good-for-nothing and his cousin (a catch-phrase mumbling idiot in rockabilly-due who gives comedians like Jimmy Il Fenomena a run for their money for the most annoying-but you can't hate them- slapstick act) and their quest for babes, steady jobs and their parents respect. Problem starts when the ruthless mayor and his henchmen starts to terrorize the town for protection money and Loafer is the only one with the shoes to stand up to him... Unfortunely the less humorous second part of the film, where Loafer gets wrongly accused for murder and runs for mayor really drags compared to the energetic first half and you can't help to get a little bored near the end. Also with a really kitschy love story and lots of song and dance numbers, of course.
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Anil Kapoor becomes a MLA
gurdeepmann5923 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
David Dhawan was known for his comedy films like AANKHEN (1993)

LOAFER was one of his more serious films It was tight, clichéd and filmy

The first half is the usual hero-heroine singing and dancing Though it is different and not like the usual college campus thing that was in the 90s

The second half took the film to a new level where Anil Kapoor becomes a politician His speech with Pramod Moutho was brilliant

Anil Kapoor excels in the role thanks to his tapori role Juhi Chawla is average Gulshan Grover is menacing Mukesh Rishi is OK Kulbacshan Kharbanda is alright Farida Jalal is OK Shakti Kapoor repeats his sidekick act
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