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chthon228 July 2003
Ole is a blind ex-NFL star. Bern is a crippled dentist who tutored Ole in math. And together, they're going to go white water rafting. That's right. It sounds ridiculous as hell, but it's a hysterically funny movie.

How this didn't get wide release, i'll never know. If they had cut out the brief nudity in the beginning, which doesn't seem to jive with the rest of the film, this probably would have brought in families with young children. Compare this to the drek that passes as comedy in Hollywood, and it really doesn't make much sense. Hines and D'Onofrio work better together than most duos i've ever seen.
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An underrated, very entertaining film
kymmee4 August 2002
I don't think this movie has been given enough exposure. Not only is it the first movie that I remember seeing D'Onofrio in, but Gregory Hines turns out a wonderful performance, too. It isn't a deep movie- it is light entertainment- but it does that well. And the comedic acting is great- especially by D'Onofrio! The "physical" comedy alone, had me rolling the first time I saw it...and a small role by an old Barney Miller favorite, was an added plus. Give it a shot, on a night when you don't want to think too much, and just want to laugh.
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good film
mattkratz28 May 2001
This was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. Two men, both handicapped as the results of freak accidents, journey together to compete in a river rafting competition. It focuses more on their bonding than the race itself, and that is what makes the film good. Rent it if you get the chance.

*** out of ****
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Oh please change the title and re-release this!
skydragon6 November 2000
I have to say, this movie made me laugh out loud several times...something I seldom do. I was working on a film with Vincent D'Onofrio...and because, only because I was curious to see what else he'd done, did I rent the video. The women at the video store gave me a print-out of his previous work. "Good Luck", is not a title that would have interested me at all if I'd been browsing. The next day, on the set of Steal This Movie, I mentioned to Vincent that I'd seen the movie. He asked me what I thought and I told him...great film, the title sucks. He laughed. Now I see here, that they must be struggling with the same issue. Also called, "Ox and the Eye" and "Guys Like Us"...two other brilliant titles (tongue planted firmly in cheek!). I suggest that you see this movie...and I'd also suggest that they re-name and re-release. What a shame for such a nice piece of work to swirl down the toilet because the title is not only bad...but has little feel of the film's energy.
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Good,with reservations
wardicus200227 January 2004
GOOD LUCK is an entertaining, frequently very funny, and extremely well-acted film. Unfortunately, it can't quite make up its mind whether it wants to be a realistic depiction of the problems facing the disabled or a feel good film. The strong language and sexual situations make it the former--some of the more unrealistically upbeat scenes the latter. Still, it's a lot better than many films that get more publicity. And the acting is superb. Max Gail is wonderful in a small but crucial part. The late Gregory Hines is excellent, although there's something disconcerting about such a great dancer confined to a wheelchair (although that may have been the point of his casting). And look here--Vincent D'Onofrio in what probably is the most conventional starring role of his career. And he looks terrific, right from the film's start, when he's speeding along in a sports car. He's believable as a football star, and, as always, a terrific actor.

Can I recommend it? Definitely for D'Onofrio and Hines fans. It would also be a nice antidote to the usual sports film. It certainly deserves to be better known.

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Hines and D'Onofrio shine as a paraplegic and a blind in this enjoyable film but with gratuitous profanities
ma-cortes10 August 2007
Two disabled create an odd couple formed by a previous football star named Ole(Vincent D'Onofrio: Law and order)who was blinded in a sport accident and a paraplegic named Bern(Gregory Hines:Cotton club) wheelchair bounded.Both cripples decide participate in a popular rafting competition called ¨Gold City Regatta¨ on Oregon's Rogue River(The event is actually celebrated in Portland,Oregon).In the beginning the head-strong Ole refuses but is early convinced by Bern to compete in the contest defying all those who think that two handicapped can drive a raft along the river.

This independent film with good intentions mingles humorous dialogue with chuckles,giggles and drama-comedy ,besides of numerous sex jokes and profanities .This comedy and sometimes drama is quite grossed but has its good moments here and there.The film relies heavily on the continuous relationship between two friends but is plenty of pranks and sexual and scatological references like the continuous talking lustfully by the opposite sex and the description of bowel moment.The highlights film are the train scenes,the exciting football competition between OLe and Bern against the villagers and of course the final rafting with the sensational participation of our starring. Terrific performance by the protagonists, engaging acting by Gregory Hines(He was an accomplished tap dancer,born 1946, died 2003 by liver cancer)as an obstinate paralytic and top notch Vincent D'Onofrio as a stubborn blind.Plus appear as secondaries Max Gail,Sara Trigger and uncredited James Earl Jones as a sports commentator on the start film.The flick is written by Comfort with a feel-good script and direction by Richard Labrie is amateurish although sometimes gets depth, sensitivity and feeling good in its handling about blindness and paraplegia matter.This is his only film,he's usually editor for Playboy movies.Rating : Acceptable and entertaining with marvellous performance by the two stars.
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Pop some popcorn and pop this in the DVD player!
dtegtmeier5123 January 2007
This is a fabulous "feel good" movie. I've probably watched this a dozen times and it's still a favorite to pop in the DVD when company comes calling. This movie never got the publicity it deserved so it's pretty much a surprise when I play it for guests. Then, everyone wants a copy. I probably would never have heard of it myself if my mom hadn't been an extra in it and (unlike one of the previous comments) she loved every minute of the experience - as well as the finished product. Part of it was filmed in Winchester Bay, Oregon where my mom had a gift shop. I love hearing all the "inside" stories she tells such as when she was on the outside patio in direct line of sight of the scene being filmed in the bar. She was under a light which highlighted her flaming red hair and it stood out too much in the scene. The director yelled "cut", then "kill the red hair"! At first, she thought he said "kill the red-head"!
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A pretty good movie definitely worth checking out...
zero-1524 August 1999
Warning: Spoilers
POSSIBLE SPOILER!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! Take a down-and out football player (D'Onofrio) who through a cruel twist of fate loses his entire world through an accident. Put him with a wheelchair bound dentist (Hines) starving for adventure. Together they go on a road trip to prove to themselves and the world that they are not as useless as they think. Will they succeed? Watch and find out.
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People Need To See This Movie
Film Man-317 August 1999
Have People Ever Told You That Following Your Dreams Is A Waste Of Time, Or That Since You Have Major Set Backs In Your Life You Will Not Be Able To Amount To Anything. Well Good Luck Is Just The Movie To Prove People Who Misjudge How Wrong They Are.

I'm Not One To Give Away A Plot, So You All Will Just Have To Use A Little "Blind" Faith And Walk Or "Row" Yourself To Your Near By Video Rental Place And Rent Good Luck. It Is Well Worth The Rental Price.

And As LeVar Burton Puts It....But You Don't Have To Take My Word For It.
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littlejake46 November 1999
Recently I found this movie at the video store and being a Vincent D'Onofrio fan I decided to give it a chance. I found the movie very entertaining. The beginning is a little cheesy but I think it gets going fairly quickly. There was a scene or two that could have been chucked out the window. I thought Lem and Olee were two good characters and both actors portrait was excellent. A better job could have been made at hiding mikes and editing scenes. However, Vincent D'Onofrio was terrific and I also liked farmer John who played Wojo on Barney Miller.
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A Good Comedy
Kfirst31 August 2002
A very funny, laugh-out-loud movie. I checked Vincent D'Onofrio's credits after seeing this movie and realize I have seen him so many times in very good roles but this film really showcased his comedic talent. Good Luck told a good story about two totally different guys who really aren't so different after all. They captured the essence of how to give meaning back to your life, when you don't think things are going the way you thought they would. Don't miss this - it's one of the good ones out there! 3 out of 4.
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A wonderful happy and sad movie-heartwarming
bilborough6418 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I have a difficult time giving a summary because one can't summarize a good movie in a couple of words.

The first thing I want to warn sensitive people out there that there is a lot of crass male humor. I have 3 brothers so I know. Second, there is a lot of foul language. Sometimes it is a bit much, other times it fits in perfect.

The story is simple enough. Bernard Lemley(Gregory Hines) is a disabled man and he is angry. He is tired of being treated like half of a man just because he is in a wheel chair. He decides to enter a river rafting contest, but has no partner. That's when he meets Tony "Olee" Olezniak(Vincent D'Onofrio) who is angry as well. He is angry at the world because he is blind. Olee was just remanded to jail for destroying a man's car. He is also full of self-pity, what Lemley liked to call "pigs---". Olezniak was a pro running back for the Seattle Seahawks when a freak accident caused him to loose his sight. Lemley offers Olee the chance to participate in the race. Olee notes the fact that "I am blind, asshole." Lemley then attacks what is left of Olee's ego and Olee agrees to accompany Lemley on his journey in a specially fitted van. Thus the adventure begins.

This movie is really one-sided. It chronicles the return of Olee's self-esteem and confidence. It shows that Olee is really terrified of the world and the changes he can't see coming. Lemley tales Olee on the journey of his life by making and breaking plans on a moments notice. Lemley had decided that he wasn't going to be afraid of anything.

What can I say about these two actors. Hines and D'Onofrio had fantastic chemistry. The movie was a joy to watch. I do feel sorry for D'Onofrio for having to carry Hines everywhere. There is a third addition to their chemistry and was the character of "Farmer John" (Max Gail)John was an Oregan pot grower who with his sons were passionate about football. Though no one recognized Olee anymore John and his sons did.

This is an uplifting movie and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys good guy, feel good movies.

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A good chuckle, just enjoy don't analyze this one.
willow-5012 August 2000
I have aimlessly wandered past the walls of the latest releases at Block Buster looking for a good movie for years now. It seems for the last few years the choices have dwindled dramatically. So of late, I find myself looking at the independent film section. And I ask myself why I even bother to look anywhere else. This is where the good movies are.

This is about the forth "indie" film I have seen, and once again I have been charmed. This is just plain good story telling. I am now a fan of Vincent D'Onofrio's -what a great job he does here. And Gregory Hines is perfect.

I will say there is some brief nudity at the very beginning which always disappoints me, as does the swearing, and believe me I do not easily forgive things that disappoint me in movies. Therefore the infractions here are minor and the humor and clever story telling so strongly outweighed my momentary dissatisfactions that I gave the movie a chance and I was pleased - I enjoyed this movie. Some of the locker room humor, which I am not accustomed to, made me laugh because it was wonderfully common and real in a "nice way".

The story moves along at a comfortable pace. Listen closely to the sidebar conversations between the two main characters - they are very funny. I must say this movie is not all that predictable, it had some surprises, and I like that.

Most of all just rent the movie and enjoy it, don't analyze ... just enjoy.
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Comments about Good Luck/ with Gregory Hienes
ml_cann18 January 2006
When the movie company came to our town, requests where made for the people in our community to participate. I went to try out and they accepted me as an extra. It was a week of many hours and hard work. I learned that being in a movie was not all peaches and cream. But I earned some dollars and supplied my own clothes and make up. I was able to meet the stars and have some pictures taken with them. My husband and I decided to go and see "Good Luck"...The title had been changed from "The Ox and the Eye." We where the only people in the audience. I wanted to view it to see if our grand children could see it. I think it was a flop and there was bad language. Personally, I was very disappointed and we never did take our children to see it. The good part was that I saw myself walking with my little dog "Molly" who is now gone. Plus some other scenes. So it was an adventure and let me know I am glad I am not in the movies. So much for "Good Luck."
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