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Good Luck Getting Your New Moon Tickets

The new Twilight movie doesn't open for two more months. Oh, did we make that sound like a long time? What we meant was, "New Moon opens Nov. 20—Get Your Tickets Now!! Hurry!! Hurry!! Aaaggghhh!!" Not to cause a panic, but advance-ticket sellers are already reporting sold-out screenings for the obsessed-over sequel. says more than a dozen of its show times have been picked clean. Fandango reports 50—50!—sell-outs, and says New Moon is its top-seller heading into this weekend. (E! Entertainment and Fandango are both owned by Comcast.) Sorry to worry you if you don't have your tickets yet. We just thought you should know. So you can...
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Paula Abdul to Ellen -- 'Good Luck'

  • TMZ
Paula Abdul has finally broken her silence about American Idol's decision to replace her with Ellen DeGeneres -- releasing the following statement: "American Idol is a fantastic show that offers an invaluable platform to young talent. Ellen DeGeneres is wildly funny and talented in her own right. I wish her and the show only the best of luck."Earlier today, DeGeneres told Ryan Seacrest she hoped "Paula is Ok" with the decision. Sounds like
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Good Luck, Newspaper Business!

  • The Wrap
By Mark Lynch

What was once a trump card for U.S. newspapers has become an Achilles heel, namely geography.


Apart from Canada and Australia, Western newspapers are fiercely competitive nationals. American proprietors had the luxury of 3 million square miles and four main times zones in which local newspapers could form an organic monopoly.


Even modest U.S. metro areas offered captive advertising markets that could support papers with mammoth weekend advertising, usually a city listings/features magazine and often free sheets too.


The topograp...
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Is Kate Hudson A-Rod's Good Luck Charm?

With Kate Hudson cheering boyfriend Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez in the stands, the New York Yankees slugger has been hitting the ball out of the park. "Sitting on the front row, Kate goes nuts when she watches him play," says a source who has seen her at Yankees games this summer. "Her excitement and cheering are infectious." And it shows: The Yanks beat the Toronto Blue Jays 7-5 Tuesday night, their eighth win in nine games. Last weekend in New York, Rodriguez, 34, hit two home runs in three games against arch rival Boston Red Sox, including a two-run beauty in the
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Hudson Is A Good Luck Charm

Hudson Is A Good Luck Charm
Kate Hudson is proving a good luck charm for her baseball star beau Alex Rodriguez - she has inspired his team to embark on a winning streak.

Hudson has followed Madonna's ex as he tours the U.S. with the New York Yankees, watching enthusiastically from the sidelines in Dallas, Miami and New York.

And her support has coincided with the Yankees' improved fortunes - they have turned around their season and now top their division.

Hudson was last in her seat on Monday to watch the team record their sixth straight win.

Jessica Simpson didn't enjoy the same kind of good fortune when she dated American footballer Tony Romo - fans begged her to stay away from his games with the Dallas Cowboys after she was blamed for their bad performances.

Good Luck Filling These Shoes, Conan

On last night's Jay Leno Tonight Show farewell, incoming host Conan O'Brien joked about how he keeps hearing he's got big shoes to fill. Better make that bigger shoes to fill. The end-of-an-era episode scored Tonight's biggest overnight Friday ratings of Leno's 17-year run, NBC said today. The show would have really been a Nielsen history-maker for Leno—were it not for President Barack Obama. Obama's March 19 appearance on Tonight helped Leno to his biggest late-night audience since 1998: 14.6 million viewers. While total-viewer numbers were not in yet for last night's show, its overnight rating was not bigger than the Obama episode's. Not...
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Which Celeb Thinks 13 Brings Good Luck?

Most people think 13 is an unlucky number...not this celebrity! This young singer actually paints the number on her hand before every show because she thinks it's lucky. Not only is her birthday on the 13th, but good things seem to happen to the songbird when the number is involved. "My first No. 1 song had a 13-second intro, and every time I win an award I'm always seated in either the 13th seat, 13th row or the 13th section," she explains. Find out who the unsuperstitous star is after the jump... It's country cutie Taylor Swift, who gave herself the temporary tattoo before her show in London. Although with the way Tay's career is going lately, does she...
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WonderCon 09 Report: Common Wishes Good Luck to Future Green Lantern Movie

  • IESB
Although the Green Lantern/John Stewart in Justice League: Mortal is in a state of uncertainty latelyÂ.the Green Lantern/Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern movie is still a go. 

{sidebar id=1}Â.ItÂ.s going to be really cool,Â. said Common. Common was rumored to be Green Lantern/John Stewart for the Justice League movie.

IESB asked Common about his feelings on the Green Lantern movie during the media roundtable discussion for Terminator Salvation.

Â.I wish they were doing the John Stewart character,Â. said Common. Â.They paying respects to where Green Lantern came from--which is Hal Jordan. Hal is the first Green Lantern.Â.

Martin Campbell (director of Casino Royale) will direct the Green Lantern movie with the screenplay by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Micahel Green.

Previously, IESB reported that Anton Yelchin, who is also in Terminator Salvation, denied he will b e
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Good Luck, Cherrybomb!

Today, the Award Ceremony of the Berlin Film Festival will take place! As we reported some time ago, Rupert Grint's film Cherrybomb is nominated for the Crystal Bear in the Generation section, category K 14plus, as well as for the First Time Feature Award, as it is Glenn Leyburn's and Lisa Barros D'Sa's first feature movie. For everyone who wants to watch the Awards Ceremony, watch the Live Stream here at Berlinale website, starting at 12.45 Pm Est. You will be able to see the Red Carpet, the Ceremony and the Award Winner's Press Conference. We wish the Cherrybomb team the best of luck and hope that those Awards go to you!
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Good Luck Rupert!

Can you guys believe that Rupert Grint's movie Cherrybomb will have its world premiere in two days?! Icm staffers Jo and Karo and our resident sidekick Aj are already busy packing their suitcases for Berlin, and we suppose the Grints are getting ready for the Berlin premiere too! Thus, it is only appropriate to wish Rupert good luck before his big day! Thanks to our lovely Sam who wrote the letter, and feel free to leave your own messages for Rupert in the comments! Here we go: "Dear Rupert, You can't imagine the excitement we felt for you when we first heard that you were filming Cherrybomb. Once we got a hold of some more information, we all made quick work of researching your directors, co-stars, and other aspects of the production. We were pleased to see you had chosen such a talented group of people to tackle a
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Good Night, and Good Luck.

Not the movie, just the well wishing as you head into Slumberland. What a looooong day it's been. I hope to sleep like a baby. Not a wrinkled old man baby abandoned on the step of old folks home. Like a regular sleeping baby. Let my dreams be unburdened by shiny statues and Springsteen snubbings.

All the Oscar pages are updated if a bit sparse. More info to come everywhere. Tomorrow I'll announce the winners in the Actress Psychic Contest and if you're just joining us for awards season please note that this place is hopping all year long and we don't always talk about that naked gold man. Just a healthy amount of th...well yeah, Ok, we talk about him too much. But there's general movie stuff, too. Stick around. Lots of fun to come as we head toward Oscar Night and beyond.

Soon: More episodes of the podcasting,
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David Beckham Is the Lakers' Staple Good Luck Charm

Celebrity fans come and go from the Lakers games, but David Beckham has become a permanent fixture at the Staples center. Last night Becks's favorite team continued their undefeated streak, beating the Houston Rockets at a home game filled with a star-studded audience once again. Brooklyn accompanied his father courtside as the two shared laughs and a candy apple. Now that Victoria is back from London, the whole family can get back to spending time together before David is off to Milan while she stays in La with the boys this winter. To see more photos of the Beckham boys, Denzel Washington, Noah Wyle, Sylvester Stallone, and others just read more. Images include: Noah Wyle, David Beckham, Denzel Washington, Simon Baker, Sylvester Stallone, Rebecca Rigg, Brooklyn Beckham, Maria Shriver Source and Splash News Online
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Chenoweth Sends Kidman Good Luck

Chenoweth Sends Kidman Good Luck
Actress Kristin Chenoweth has sent her Bewitched co-star Nicole Kidman warm wishes ahead of the birth of her first child.

Chenoweth - who starred alongside Kidman in the 2005 movie - says her actress pal is excited about the arrival of her first biological child with husband Keith Urban.

She tells "I want her to have an easy delivery (and) a healthy baby.

"I know she's so excited about this pregnancy. So good, warm wishes."

Kidman has two adopted children with ex-husband Tom Cruise: Isabella, 16 and 13-year-old Connor.

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