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Warren Keith: Reilly Diefenbach


  • Reilly Diefenbach : [voice]  Mr. Lundegaard? This is Reilly Diefenbach from GMAC. How are you this morning?

    Jerry Lundegaard : [into the phone]  Real good. How are you?

    Reilly Diefenbach : [voice]  Pretty good, Mr. Lundegaard. I must say, you are damn hard to get a hold of over the phone.

    Jerry Lundegaard : Well, we're pretty darn busy here, but that's the way we like it.

    Reilly Diefenbach : [voice]  Well, that's for sure. The reason why I've been trying to reach you is that these last financing documents that you sent over to us... I can't read the serial numbers of the vehicles...

    Jerry Lundegaard : [getting nervous]  Yah, well I already got the money. The loans are in place. I already got the...

    Reilly Diefenbach : [voice]  Yah, the 320 thousand... you got the money last month from us.

    Jerry Lundegaard : So, we're all set then.

    Reilly Diefenbach : [voice]  Yah, but the vehicles that you're borrowing on, I just can't read the serial numbers on your application. Maybe if you could just read...

    Jerry Lundegaard : Yah, but the deal's already done. I've already got the money.

    Reilly Diefenbach : [voice]  Yah, but we have an audit here and I just have to know that these vehicles that your financing with this money that they really exist.

    Jerry Lundegaard : [getting more nervous]  Well... they exist all right.

    Reilly Diefenbach : [voice]  Well, I'm pretty sure they do, but I can't read the serial numbers here. Maybe if you could read the numbers to me on the first...

    Jerry Lundegaard : Yah... well... see... I don't have them in front of me. Why don't I just fax you over a copy?

    Reilly Diefenbach : [voice]  No, no, a fax is no good. That's what I have here and I can't read the darn thing.

    Jerry Lundegaard : Yah, I'll have my girl sent you a copy.

    Reilly Diefenbach : [voice]  Okay, that's good. But I need to tell you that if I can't correlate these numbers with those specific vehicles, then I'm gonna have to call back all that money.

    Jerry Lundegaard : How much money did you say that was?

    Reilly Diefenbach : [voice]  $320,000. I have to correlate that money with the cars that it's being lent on.

    Jerry Lundegaard : Okay, no problem. I'll just fax...

    Reilly Diefenbach : [voice]  No, no...

    Jerry Lundegaard : I mean send it right over. I'll shoot it right over. Good bye.

    [hangs up] 

  • Jerry Lundegaard : [Jerry just got off the phone with a furious Carl who demanded the entire $80,000 instead of the $40,000 that was promised after him and Gaear killed three people in Brainerd when the phone goes again]  Yah!

    Reilly Diefenbach : [over the phone]  Jerome Lundegaard?

    Jerry Lundegaard : [slightly friendlier]  Yah.

    Reilly Diefenbach : [over the phone]  This is Reilly Diefenbach from GMAC. Sir, I've not received those vehicle ID's you promised.

    Jerry Lundegaard : Yah, I... those are in the mail.

    Reilly Diefenbach : [over the phone]  That very well may be. I must inform you, however, that absent the receipt of those numbers by tomorrow afternoon I will have to refer this matter to our legal department.

    Jerry Lundegaard : Yah.

    Reilly Diefenbach : [over the phone]  My patience is at an end.

    Jerry Lundegaard : Yah.

    Reilly Diefenbach : [over the phone]  Good day, Sir.

    Jerry Lundegaard : Yah.

    [Jerry hangs up the phone and then suddenly throws things off his desk in a fit of rage] 

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