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Wasn't given a chance.
DragonMasterHiro15 July 2003
I love Wing Commander and was very excited when the cartoon made its debut. Not only did you have the big name characters from the game, but you also had the voices of the actors who played them! Mark Hamill, Tom Wilson AND Malcom McDowell who make a great cast once again. The animation was crisp and held true to many aspects of the Wing Commander universe which was great to see. For WC fans, it enhances a lot of the game plots instead of ruining them plus there are some new characters and completely new stories. Unfortunately, they only got to make thirteen episodes. It was a high quality cartoon that really had the potential to be a great series. Hopefully it'll get picked up again because it deserves to be worked with.
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Not too bad for American animation.
KNathrak24 October 2002
The animation was okay for an American series and it had plenty of potential. Unfortunately it was only given one season and they never had a chance to fine tune the show. It was also nice to have the cast from the games doing the voice work. Could have been an epic cartoon series but wasn't given the time or resources to meet it's full potential.
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A series with much potential, but never had enough time.
bulik_kobe26 September 2017
I personally loved this series, as it was one of my favorite series to watch as a kid. Even I watched it today and i can say that it never got a chance to really prove itself. It was canceled after 1 season and I'm willing to say this could have been a very memorable cartoon had it not been for it being dropped after only 1 season. So much could have been improved but it never did. The video game of this was amazing (the 1990's one is the best). Not to mention that the game had one of the best intros of any video game. Maybe we will get a reboot of it in the future (unlikely, but hey a man can dream).
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