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Season 1

6 Jan. 1997
The Confident Man
Jack is a con man that can talk himself out of anything. All his skills are needed when his liquor store is held up.
4 Jan. 1998
Dancing Partners
Two children are torn between separated parents, one of whom has a secret.
20 Jan. 1997
Borrowing Bazza
An artist's subject for a portrait dies before it is completed. He comes up with an unusual plan so that he can complete the painting.
16 Dec. 1996
Bonus Mileage
A bad-tempered businessman meets a mysterious fellow traveller on an aeroplane flight. After he hits his head during turbulence he suddenly finds his life completely changed.
11 Jan. 1998
The Test
A man is dominated by his interfering mother. He has a new girlfriend but is reluctant to introduce her to his mother. So his mother takes it upon herself to find out about her.
1 Feb. 1998
The Crossing
A driver hits and kills a pedestrian on a crossing. She panics and runs, and then does her best to cover up the crime.
9 Dec. 1996
Third Party
A man goes to a dating agency to find a woman. After viewing her introduction, he goes on a date with a woman he fancies. However, there is a surprise ending to the evening.
2 Dec. 1996
Cold Revenge
A woman hires a hit man to kill her brother. Things go wrong on their way to the killing and he finds out that it is not the simple job he thought it was.
23 Dec. 1996
Night of the Monster
A young girl witnessed the murder of her mother and the thought of it is coming back to haunt her an fueling her imagination. The terror increases when the murderer escapes keen on revenge.
13 Jan. 1997
One Way Ticket
The story of what happens when an escaped lunatic meets one who hasn't been caught yet...
30 Dec. 1996
Directly from My Heart to You
An amoral femme fatale is employed to kill a number of people. It is only when she meets her employer that she finds out why and what is going on.
25 Jan. 1998
A Sure Thing
A reformed gambler meets up with a man after a gambler's anonymous meeting. He finds himself being drawn back into the gambling lifestyle.

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