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Season 3

19 Sep. 1998
Where There's Smoke
While hunting the pyrokinetic supervillainess Volcana, Superman learns of a mysterious organization seeking her as well.
10 Oct. 1998
Knight Time
When Batman goes missing, Superman takes up the mantle of the Dark Knight to keep Gotham City's supervillains from running amok.
31 Oct. 1998
New Kids in Town
Three members of the Legion of Super-Heroes from the 30th century travel back in time to stop Brainiac from killing Clark Kent in his youth.
14 Nov. 1998
A mysterious fashion model is stalked by an obsessed supervillian smitten with her.
21 Nov. 1998
Little Big Head Man
In an attempt to sidestep his agreement to stay away from the third dimension, Mr. Mxyzptlk convinces Bizarro to return to Earth and attack Superman.
16 Jan. 1999
Absolute Power
Superman comes to a planet under the control of the Phantom Zone prisoners Jax-Ur and Mala, but feels he cannot interfere.
6 Feb. 1999
In Brightest Day...
When Green Lantern Abin Sur fatally crash lands on Earth, his power ring selects a young artist as a replacement.
20 Feb. 1999
Superman's Pal
Jimmy Olsen finds his life complicated when his friendship with Superman publicly blows out of proportion.
8 May 1999
A Fish Story
Lois and Jimmy investigate a series of bizarre marine animal attacks.
15 May 1999
Upon returning from Metropolis, Kara finds the Kents, and most of the population of Smallville as well, under the thrall of a strange itinerant preacher.
18 Sep. 1999
The Demon Reborn
A desperate Ra's Al Ghul comes to Metropolis with designs on Superman and only Batman can help.
5 Feb. 2000
Superman is brainwashed to believe he is the adopted son of Darkseid and now has orders to conquer Earth.
12 Feb. 2000
Legacy: Part II
Now free of Darkseid's influence, but in US military custody after being subdued; Superman breaks free to retaliate against the New God despot.

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