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Season 4

1 Feb. 1999
Sentinel Too: Part 2
Alexis attempted to kill Sandburg before escaping. Ellison arrives and tries to revive his friend. Then they head to Peru in pursuit of Alexis.
8 Feb. 1999
Murder 101
When a top cyber security expert for hire is murdered and all his files stolen, Jim discovers that he'd been working for two rival high tech corporations. But what does that have to do with the troublesome student in Blair's class?
15 Feb. 1999
Four Point Shot
McBride has escaped - again. This time his target is the Cascade sports arena: his plan, to force the Jaguars' sponsor into handing over $150 million. But Blair, and Simon and his son Daryl, being in the audience complicates matters.
22 Feb. 1999
Dead End on Blank Street
Cocaine from a drug bust has gone missing - and Jim is the suspect. A complex tale of betrayal and broken dreams unfolds.
1 Mar. 1999
The Waiting Room
A present day murder leads to a revelation that may be able to finally clear up a 45 year old murder, and vindicate the victim and the boy (now a troubled, haunted man) who saw it happen. And Jim discovers a new ability.
10 May 1999
The Real Deal
Vince Deal, washed-up actor and occasional (usually mistaken) informant for Cascade PD, is sure he has a genuine case this time. Jim goes undercover to investigate - but finds Vince in his way at every turn.
17 May 1999
Most Wanted
Professional thief Harry wants to see his daughter and grandson one last time, but his position on the FBI's Most Wanted list makes that difficult - especially when another thief is using his MO and has killed two cops during a job.
24 May 1999
The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg
Blair's mother tries to help him out by giving his dissertation to a friend whose a publisher, so he can proof read it. He wants to publish it, soon everyone knows Jim's secret. The courts want to review all his cases, Jim is now plagued by people who want to meet the Sentinel, which causes problems as he tries to track down an assassin. Blair must decide whether which is more important his friendship with Jim, or his paper.

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