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18 Sep. 1996
Babies Having Babies
Kevin is afraid Sarah wants to have a baby. Jamie has to juggle doing a favor for the hot new neighbor with a job interview.
25 Sep. 1996
Jamie has thrown himself in front of a race car to get a date with two tire models. Kevin agrees to be his wingman when he finds out Sarah was seeing other men when they broke up for a while.
2 Oct. 1996
The Bed
Sarah insists Kevin gets a new bed and offers to pay for half of it. Jamie pretends to have lost his mother to get a date with Cherie.
23 Oct. 1996
Hot Parkas
Kevin decides he has to give Sarah the best date of her life to make up for their first one. Jamie sees more opportunities in photographing crime scenes instead of children's parties.
30 Oct. 1996
Getting the Bugs Out
Sarah moves in for 3 days while her house is being fumigated. This threatens to cause a rift between Kevin in Jamie on Xena knight.
6 Nov. 1996
Jamie's in Love
Jamie falls head over heels for the new maid, Esperanza, and wants to propose to her. Kevin tries to stop him, especially since he's already married to a native American woman.
13 Nov. 1996
Drunken Proposal
Drunk Kevin proposes to Sarah and panics the next day. Sarah plans to make him squirm for a while. Meanwhile Jamie is doing charity work to impress Brenda.
20 Nov. 1996
Sarah's Vestigial Organ
Sarah has had her appendix out, and Kevin promises to look after her while she recuperates. But the tasks turns out to be a giant bore, especially with the fair in town...
11 Dec. 1996
Road Trip
Jamie gets a job to photographing an ad in Chicago and asks Kevin to come along and help him keep the models wet.
18 Dec. 1996
Sarah agrees to take Jamie along to her family for Christmas when his own traditional Vegas celebration is called off. It turns out her family likes Jamie a lot more than Kevin.
8 Jan. 1997
Wet Nurse
Sarah can't stand her new boss Lana. When Lana forces Kevin to fix her a date with one of his friends, she and Jamie start a relationship based purely on sex.
15 Jan. 1997
The Odds Couple
When Brenda moves in next door, Jamie wonders if she might be a lesbian. Meanwhile Kevin thinks he's on a lucky streak and bets all of his and Sarah's savings on a game.
5 Feb. 1997
Jamie Needs a Kid
Jamie meets a single mom at the video store while trying to steal Ace Ventura 2 from her son. He convinces her that he's a single dad so she will come over to watch the film. Then he goes out looking for a seven year old kid.
12 Feb. 1997
Playing Doctor
Sarah is being sexually harassed by a co-worker, but thanks to Jamie, Kevin thinks she is having an affair at work.
19 Feb. 1997
Brenda Is Moved
Brenda wants to move out after Jamie walks in on her while she was naked. Claudia wants to quit her job because Kevin gives her an important message 6 months too late.
2 Apr. 1997
I Am What I Am
Jaime enters a photo to a contest, unaware its for women, and when he wins, he decides not to accept the award. But Kevin convinces him to go. He decides to go in drag.
9 Apr. 1997
The Party Favor
When Kevin throws Sarah a surprise birthday party, he invites all the wrong people. Having already found out about the surprise, Sarah begs Brenda to ask out Jamie so he won't ruin the her big night.
16 Apr. 1997
Getting Rid of Harry
Harry has been sleeping at the office after an argument with his wife, so Kevin offers him a place to stay. At first the guys are awed by the older man's wisdom, but soon they find they can't get rid of him.
7 May 1997
After Midnight
Sarah can't sleep because of the dinner Kevin made her. Kevin can't sleep because he's horny. Brenda can't sleep because of the satellite dish sloppily installed by Jamie. So, Jamie ends up hanging off the side of the building trying to fix the dish.
14 May 1997
Testing, Testing
Kevin is determined to prove he's smarter than Sarah. Jaime is jealous of Brenda's posh date Simon, so he bugs her apartment with a walkie talkie.
21 May 1997
It's Good to Be Dead
When Kevin's nasty client Phil Gruber has a fatal heart attack during diner, Kevin and Jamie take over his expensive hotel room and party the night away.
4 Jun. 1997
The Box
Having gotten great seats to a big game thanks to Kevin's boss Bob Halverson, Kevin ends up pretending the man's mistress is his girlfriend. He and Jamie end up trying to reunite Bob with is wife Dorothy.

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