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Season 4

10 Mar. 1999
Full Moon/Student Teacher
When the gang all decide that they are going to "moon" Principal Wartz, Arnold thinks that it's a bad idea, but ends up inadvertently getting caught and taking the blame./Olga comes to PS 118 to be a student teacher.
15 Mar. 1999
Big Gino/Jamie O in Love
Sid gets in over his head when doing business with the local kid loan shark, Big Gino./Gerald's big brother, Jamie O, falls for a girl and suddenly turns nice to his kid brother.
17 Mar. 1999
Eugene's Birthday/Stinky's Pumpkin
Arnold is the cause of two birthday party's for Eugene being a big flop./Stinky feels that he is a failure at everything he does until Arnold helps him discover that he is the best pumpkin grower in town.
29 Mar. 1999
The Beeper Queen/Oskar Can't Read?
When Arnold discovers that Oskar has been pretending to know how to read, Arnold confronts him./Big Bob pulls his back and cannot go to a very important meeting. Not knowing who else to send in his place, he asks Helga.
31 Mar. 1999
Dinner for Four/Phoebe Skips
After winning coupons to a fancy French restaurant, Helga attempts to prove to Arnold that she is more sophisticated than Lila. /Helga is devastated when her patsy, Phoebe, is skipped to the 6th grade.
5 Apr. 1999
Helga's Parrot/Chocolate Turtles
Big Bob gets a parrot which eventually gets on his nerves. He passes the bird on to Helga, who spills her emotions about Arnold to the bird./Arnold and Gerald decide to sell chocolate turtles to raise money for the club's ongoing go-cart project.
7 Apr. 1999
Love and Cheese/Weighing Harold
Arnold goes all out to win Lila's affection by taking her to the Annual Cheese Festival./Harold feels that he has gotten too fat, so he gets his parents to send him on a weight-off cruise.
11 Sep. 1999
Back to School/Egg Story
Grandpa returns back to grade school so he can finally fulfill his dream of graduating./Mr. Simmons gives the class an assignment to couple up and take care of an egg over the weekend to learn teamwork and responsibility.
18 Sep. 1999
It Girl/Deconstructing Arnold
Helga becomes the latest child fashion star and everyone loves her for her scowl and bad attitude./The gang finally gets sick of Arnold's never-ending good advice, so they all decide to stop listening to him all together.
25 Sep. 1999
Grudge Match/Polishing Rhonda
When Arnold and Grandpa get into a fender bender with Helga and Big Bob, the typical argument of who's at fault ensues./After a confrontation at PS 118 between Rhonda and Patty, they both end up at the same finishing school.
9 Oct. 1999
Weird Cousin/Baby Oskar
Arnold's weird cousin, Arnie, arrives for a visit and appears to be the biggest loser to everyone except Lila, the love of Arnold's life./Oskar's wife Susie agrees to watch her cousin's baby, also named Oskar.
16 Oct. 1999
Grandpa's Sister/Synchronized Swimming
Grandpa's sister, Mitzi, shows up out of the blue to grace the boarding house with her presence./When Coach Wittenberg needs to form a synchronized swim team to save his job, he recruits Arnold, Gerald and the rest of the gang to compete.
23 Oct. 1999
Helga Sleepwalks/Fighting Families
Helga begins to sleepwalk and ends up walking to Arnold's house. | The Fighting Families Contest has come to town and have selected two families: one from PS 118 and PS 119.
30 Oct. 1999
Headless Cabbie/Friday the 13th
At a sleepover, Arnold and the boys sit around and tell scary stories./Wolfgang dares Arnold and the gang to break superstitions, which causes a spate of bad luck to erupt.
6 Nov. 1999
Veterans Day
Arnold and Gerald, and Grandpa and Gerald's Dad visit a Veteran's memorial. Both older men tell "tall" tales about their military exploits, which the boys find hard to believe.
4 Dec. 1999
Helga on the Couch
Helga is recommended for counseling after Dr. Bliss observes her berating Arnold, arguing with her parents, etc. She then learns that unrequited love is very normal and that she's actually okay.
11 Dec. 1999
Dino Checks Out
Washed up balladeer Dino Spumoni fakes his own death in order to increase his record sales. Everyone believes he's dead and at the funeral, Grandpa and Arnold find out that Dino has left Arnold all his future record sales.

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