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11 Feb. 1996
Trying to Connect You
Father Peter Clifford arrives at his new church in Ballykissangel, a town filled with extravagant confessionals, bartenders who loathe organized religion and many more colorful characters he'll soon to get to know.
18 Feb. 1996
The Things We Do for Love
While trying to save a caravan family from losing their home, Peter is greeted by a young woman from his past and rumors begin to circle when the two are seen together.
25 Feb. 1996
Live in My Heart and Pay No Rent
After a near miss from a falling statue of a saint, Ambrose feels he has a vocation, being pulled towards the priesthood. However doing so means ending his engagement to Niamh.
3 Mar. 1996
Fallen Angel
Ballykissangel gets their very own radio show, with a mystery host that Ambrose is determined to find. In the meantime, Father Clifford takes driving lessons with Asumpta in order to prepare for his upcoming test.
10 Mar. 1996
The Power and the Gory
Following the death of a local politician, Brian Quigley begins campaigning for the vacant position and along the way digs up some startling material.
17 Mar. 1996
Missing You Already
Brian Quigley brings a fair to the town, along with his own bar and grill, putting Asumpta out of business for the weekend. But while Assumpta contemplates the possibility that she might lose her business, Father Clifford must accept his possible departure from BallyK.

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