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7 Jun. 1998
Whatever It Takes
[HBO] HD. 'Whatever It Takes.' (Season Three) Arliss helps a linebacker pass a steroids test while having another client hold out for a better deal.
14 Jun. 1998
My Job Is to Get Jobs
[HBO] HD. 'My Job Is to Get Jobs.' In the Season Three premiere, Arliss can't find a job for a quarterback who is rumored to be gay.
21 Jun. 1998
Fans First
[HBO] HD. 'Fans First.' (Season Three) A crazed fan stabs a client of Arliss's at AMM's annual Super Bowl party.
28 Jun. 1998
The Family Trust
[HBO] HD. 'The Family Trust.' (Season Three) Arliss must collect commissions from Kirby's deadbeat hockey client.
5 Jul. 1998
Where Do Clients Come From?
[HBO] HD. 'Where Do Clients Come From?' (Season Three) Arliss tries to recruit a suicidal NASCAR driver. Guests include Dale Earnhardt.
12 Jul. 1998
The Legacy
[HBO] HD. 'The Legacy.' (Season Three) An NCAA investigation jeopardizes a lucrative TV contract that Arliss has negotiated for a Jesuit university.
26 Jul. 1998
The Working Man's Friend
[HBO] HD. 'The Working Man's Friend.' (Season Three) Arliss finds himself alone in the office when a rainstorm hits.
2 Aug. 1998
Stanley Babson - Win, Place or Show
[HBO] HD. 'Stanley Babson, Win, Place or Show.' (Season Three) Arliss's purchase of a race horse with a client's money goes bad.
9 Aug. 1998
Behind Every Great Client...
[HBO] HD. 'Behind Every Great Client.' (Season Three) A baseball player client gets Arliss to ask his wife for a divorce, but it all goes awry.
16 Aug. 1998
The American Game
[HBO] HD. 'The American Game.' (Season Three) Arliss creates trouble when he considers representing a budding baseball star who was a strike scab.
23 Aug. 1998
What Would I Do Without Wu?
[HBO] HD. 'What I Do Without Wu?' (Season Three) Rita's decision to become an agent backfires when she must compromise her morals for a client.
30 Aug. 1998
His Name Is Arliss Michaels
[HBO] HD. 'His Name Is Arliss Michaels.' In the Season Three finale, a client sues Arliss triggering an avalanche of bad publicity.

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