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Season 7

16 Jun. 2002
The Immortal
[HBO] HD. 'The Immortal.' In the Season Seven premiere, Arliss must deal with a baseball legend and his namesake daughter.
23 Jun. 2002
What You See Is What You Get
[HBO] HD. 'What You See Is What You Get.' (Season Seven) Rita guides a client's political passion, while Arliss helps a team member find her passion.
30 Jun. 2002
In with the New
[HBO] HD. 'In With the New.' (Season Seven) Arliss tries to make a dream come true for an NBA client, and Stanley mentors a student project.
7 Jul. 2002
There's No I in Team
[HBO] HD. 'There's No 'I' in Team.' (Season Seven) Arliss hires a protege, to Kirby's dismay, while Rita falls for a chef at Stanley's restaurant.
21 Jul. 2002
Playing It Safe
[HBO] HD. 'Playing It Safe.' (Season Seven) Arliss attempts to realize his gold-record dream while helping a baseball player make a tough decision.
28 Jul. 2002
Moments to Remember
[HBO] HD. 'Moments to Remember.' (Season Seven) Kirby begins dating a female bodybuilder, while Arliss motivates a traumatized NFL client.
4 Aug. 2002
It's All in the Game
[HBO] HD. 'It's All in the Game.' (Season Seven) Arliss and Kirby provide support for a former client's new political career.
11 Aug. 2002
Standards and Practices
[HBO] HD. 'Standards and Practices.' (Season Seven) Stanley provides college advice to his football-star nephew; Arliss helps a broadcasting client.
18 Aug. 2002
End Game
[HBO] HD. 'End Game.' (Season Seven) Arliss and Stanley attempt to lure a reclusive former chess champion back to the game.
1 Sep. 2002
Profiles in Agenting
[HBO] HD. 'Profiles in Agenting.' (Season Seven) Arliss becomes smitten with Rita's friend, an adventurous sports photographer.
8 Sep. 2002
All That Glitters
[HBO] HD. 'All That Glitters.' In the series finale, AMM is left in the hands of Rita, Kirby and Stanley while Arliss does some soul-searching.

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