Sudden Death (1995) Poster


Jean-Claude Van Damme: Darren McCord



  • Emily McCord : [on phone]  Hello? Hello?

    Darren McCord : Emily. Don't let him know it's me. I'll get you out. I'll take you home, I promise. Look around and tell me how many people are there.

    Emily McCord : Twelve.

    Joshua Foss : [takes phone from Emily]  Well, wasn't that sweet? She included me, Tom. Now, you tell me what an AOP is or I'm gonna shoot this cute little pumpkin.

    Darren McCord : Listen to me, listen good. If you touch her, you look at her cross-eyed, you lose.

    Joshua Foss : [laughs]  How do you figure that, fireman?

    Darren McCord : Okay, here's the game and here are the rules. You've got your hostages and you've got your bombs, so you can get your money. I'm gonna try to stop you, but I don't want anyone to get hurt. You stop me, you win. I get your bombs, I win. That's the game I'm gonna play, you piece of shit. Now, if you touch her, the game's off. Then I'll come after you. You'll have to kill me in front of everybody in this arena. There will be panic and the Secret Service, SWAT, the fucking navy will have to come in here, then you don't get your money. You lose, pal.

    Joshua Foss : Well, that's not bad for a civil servant. Oh, by the way, in the Secret Service, AOP is Assault on Principal. In this case, our esteemed Vice President.

    Darren McCord : I don't give a shit.

    Joshua Foss : Ohh, now Tom, come on. If we're gonna play, you got to play nice. So you go run your little ass off. I know where the bombs are so I know where you're going.

    Darren McCord : Then come and get me.

    [hangs up] 

  • Darren McCord : I'm having a bad day.

  • Darren McCord : Ça va?

    Luc Robitaille : Bonjour!

    Darren McCord : [in French]  How are you going to do tonight?

    Luc Robitaille : [in French]  We're going to fuck them up.

    Tyler McCord : Dad, what did he say?

    Darren McCord : He thinks, uh... they're gonna win.

  • Darren McCord : [to Tyler]  Don't move. If the building is falling down around you, you don't move!

  • McCord : [their last conversation, until the end of the movie]  ... Don't you move. If you need to piss, you sit here and go in your pants; it'll serve you right. But, if the dome is falling down around your ass, *Don't move*! Understand?

    Tyler : Sure, I'll remember.

  • Hallmark : Have you had any contact with the aggressors?

    Darren McCord : I killed two. Is that contact?

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