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  • Neighboring fathers Amos Bellamy (Joel Grey) and Ben Hucklebee (Brad Sullivan) trick their children -- Luisa Bellamy (Jean Louisa Kelly) and Matt Hucklebee (Joey McIntyre) into falling in love by pretending to feud. When a roving sideshow comes to town, the conniving fathers hire proprieter El Gallo (Jonathon Morris) to stage a mock abduction of Luisa so that Matt can save her and the two fathers can end their 'feud.' However, just when it looks like the lovebirds are about to walk down the aisle, everything backfires. Edit

  • The Fantasticks is based on a 1960 musical play of the same name, written by American composers Tom Jones (lyrics) and Harvey Schmidt (music). The play itself was loosely based on an earlier play, 'Les Romanesques' (1894), by French dramatist Edmond Rostand. Jones and Schmidt also wrote the screenplay for the movie. Edit



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